5 Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

by |June 29, 2015
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Funny Halloween Costumes


Every year there seems to be someone who shows up to the Halloween party wearing a costume that has all the guests talking and laughing for the rest of the night. Do you want to be remembered for your funny Halloween costume? You can be! It's easy! Whether you’re looking to get some good, clean laughs with a goofy pun, or to flat out shock people with something hilarious yet sliiiiightly inappropriate, we have has some great costume ideas for the person who wants to be the life and laugh of the party.



1. Punny Halloween Costumes

Funny Pun Halloween Costumes

Tough S#!t Costume - Shop      Mail Order Bride Costume - Shop

Chick Magnet Costume - Shop      Party Animal Costume - Shop


Everyone loves a good pun! Well, almost everyone. These unique costumes are sure to provide a good smile, laugh, or disapproving headshake. You can also use your costume as a way to figure out who is clever enough to understand the pun and who already had too much to drink. Most people would appreciate your goofy sense of humor if you were to dress as a party animal or mail order bride, but if they don't, you could dress in the "tough s#!t" costume to send a message.



2. Trophy Head Halloween Costumes

Funny Trophy Head Halloween Costumes

Deer Trophy Head - Shop      Unicorn Trophy Head - Shop

Bass Trophy Head - Shop      Bear Trophy Head - Shop


Do you love to hunt? No? Would you rather be hunted? Maybe? You’ll make a fine trophy to go up on someone’s wall with a funny Halloween costume like these trophy head animals. You can choose from a deer, bear, bass, or the ever-elusive unicorn. These costumes can be easily removed, so you can take a break from wearing it if you need to. You can even mount it up on the wall for a fun decorative prop!



3. Funny Food Costumes

Funny Food Halloween Costumes

Deviled Egg Costume - Shop      Couch Potato Costume - Shop      Corn Stalker Costume - Shop

Bacon Strip Costume - Shop      Banana Costume - Shop


The expression “Don’t play with your food!” doesn’t apply to these fun Halloween costumes. If you're feeling like wearing a costume that matches your personality, go with the couch potato or deviled egg costume. Plus, they both can help you hit your pun quota for the night. However, a giant banana or strip of bacon can induce just as many laughs. Seriously, who's not going to crack a smile seeing a giant strip of bacon?! Mmmmm.



4. Adult Humor Costumes

Funny Adult Humor Halloween Costumes

One Night Stand Costume - Shop      Longuini & Meatballs Costume - Shop

Cock Block Costume - Shop      Pregnant Nun Costume - Shop


While some people like to dress in a funny costume to get people talking, others like to dress in a slightly less appropriate costume to get jaws to drop. These particular ideas offer up some clever, albeit not so subtle, adult humor that’s sure to get people to chuckle. Whether or not they approve of the costume is a completely different conversation.



5. Funny Prop Costumes

Funny Prop Costumes

Gorilla with Cage Costume - Shop      Bull Riding Costume - Shop      Shower Costume - Shop

Double Occupancy Costume - Shop      Mom Carrying Baby Costume - Shop


Maybe you'd like a costume that has an extra component to it. Something funny that pulls the attention away from yourself and more towards the spectacle you're carrying around. With a hilarious prop costume, you'll not only have a great conversation piece, you'll get an extra workout lugging your costume around all night. But hey, it's worth it for those few extra laughs, right?


With a wide selection of funny Halloween costumes to match your unique sense of humor, we definitely have something that'll get the laugh you're going for. Have you ever dressed as something that had people ROTFL-ing all night? What kind of costumes do you find most funny? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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