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Dinosaur Costumes

If you're a fan of dinosaur Halloween costumes, you're going to love our huge selection of prehistoric critters. Do you want to wear a mighty t-rex costume? Is a triceratops costume more your style? What about something weird and wacky like a dilophosaurus costume? We might not be able to help you make up your mind, but you can find the best dinosaur costumes for your entire family!
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Dinosaurs roamed the Earth millions of years ago. They were the kings of the land. No one told them to go to bed, or be nice to their sister or to have that report done by Friday afternoon. Just imagine your boss telling a Tyrannosaurus Rex that he's not going to pay him overtime! That's probably why everyone, from the tiniest toddler to the most serious of adults, keeps a soft spot in their heart for those giant lizards who once dominated the food chain. That's also probably the reason why dinosaur costumes are one of the coolest things you can wear for Halloween, play time, or goofing around. That's right, a dinosaur costume is still at the top of the Halloween chain.

Now that you remember just how awesome those prehistoric titans are, it's time to get you, or your child, geared up in one of our dinosaur costumes. We got all the big name dinosaurs, like stegosaurus, t-rex, raptor and triceratops. All it really takes is one of these dinosaur outfits, a primal attitude, and some imagination, and you can party like it's 199 million B.C. (In other words, party hard, like fossil hard!)

And don't forget Fido! Even your dog secretly wishes that he was born a vicious prehistoric beast and we have dog dinosaur costumes, too. Check them all out and get your whole family doing a dino dance this Halloween. How To
Dinosaur Costumes

Dinosaur Costumes

The easiest (and most fun) part of our job is curating the world's largest collection of Halloween costumes. But what's the point of picking out the perfect look if you're not prepared for the ultimate costume experience? You can trust that we're not content to sell our styles without making sure that you're 100% ready for success with your costume. And that's why we go all-out and include our How-To—because we want you to get the most out of your costume experience!

Dinosaurs are likely the most ferocious animals to have ever walked the Earth, so we think they're the perfect way to have some costume fun. We put together this How-To as the ultimate guide on being Jurassically cool, and we've included extra info on our top Made by Us dinosaur costumes as well as all of our other favorite dinosaur costume styles, too. We've got tips and tricks on getting the most out of your prehistoric costume, and on how to share it with the world through all of your social networks. So, peruse below, and make your costume selections wisely. Because dinosaurs are going to roam the earth again when you go in one of these dinosaur costumes, and they've left some big shoes to fill!

Made By Us Dinosaur Costumes

Dinosaur Outfits

Ready to roar? Of course you are, and we've got your back right here at As experts on all things costume related, we know full well that dinosaur costumes are one of the most popular selections, year in and year out. And that's exactly why we started crafting our own dinosaur costumes, expertly made by our own team of artists, designers, and developers. We went all-out on our exclusive line of dinosaur costume designs, starting with our in-house team of graphic designers. We used their artistic talents to create hyper-realistic prints, and then used our exclusive manufacturing process to put the designs down on fabric! The results are fantastic, and our customers have agreed—these are the coolest dinosaur costumes available.

Exclusive Dinosaur Costumes

Dinosaur Halloween Costumes

We're sure you'll find that our exclusive dinosaur costumes feature quality that's just not found on any competing styles. The proof is in the pudding, as you can see with a couple of our coolest styles worn here by our models! Our Kid's Ravenous Raptor Costume looks impressive with its cool purple hues and oversized plush hands. And our women's Deadly Dinosaur T-Rex Costume looks pretty boss, too! The detailed print has an absolutely lethal look, and with a plush hood and tail, you'll have no trouble convincing your fellow party goers that you are, in fact, an apex predator!

Dinosaur Costume Ideas

Dinosaur Costume Ideas

We really pushed the design envelope with our newest batch of Made By Us dinosaur costumes, and one of our favorite new styles is our Velociraptor Costume. The hyper-detailed print and oversized claws on the hands and feet are sure to help you have a ferocious Halloween. Our Kid's Spinosaurus Costume is an amazing option for the little ones if they'd like to have huge dino frill on the back for extra effect. With our exclusive dinosaur costumes, we're sure you'll have fun taking the whole gang out for fierce dinosaur themed trick-or-treating. Happy hunting!

Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes

The hottest trend in the costume industry is inflatable costumes. They've been around for years, but in 2015 they totally blew up! That was, of course, due to viral videos that featured a few pranksters suited up in inflatable Jurassic World T-Rex Costumes. They uploaded their mayhem to YouTube and a costume phenomenon was born! Still a great choice today, the line of inflatable dinosaur costumes has expanded to include other dino species, and we've got 'em all right here at Check out some of these top options to see if they're just what you're looking for!

Inflatable T-Rex Costume

Inflatable T-Rex Costume

It's the costume that started it all. The Inflatable T-Rex from Jurassic World made a splash in the world of viral videos, and it remains a perennially popular costume choice. We've got it available right here, in adult, plus size, kids, and teen sizes. Try one on for some Halloween fun or to make your own YouTube prank video. With or without the camera rolling, it's sure to be a huge hit!

Inflatable Velociraptor Costume

Inflatable Velociraptor Costume

Thanks to the viral success of the Inflatable T-Rex Costume, you can now get several other dinosaurs in inflatable versions, too. The most famous of those would have to be Blue, the leader of the velociraptor pack in Jurassic World. Now you can become Blue with the Jurassic World Inflatable Velociraptor Costume. Officially licensed from the newest installments of the Jurassic Park saga, we're sure you'll be a very ferocious raptor when you go in this costume.

Triceratops Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Triceratops Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Another famous dinosaur from the park, although slightly more docile, would be the Triceratops. Everyone remembers the scene with Ellie Sattler in the original Jurassic Park, and there are still plenty of Triceratops in Jurassic World as well. So you know what to do. You've got to suit up in a triceratops costume! We've got the officially licensed Jurassic World Triceratops available right here. It's the perfect way to recreate your favorite movie moments.

Inflatable Brontosaurus Costume

Inflatable Brontosaurus Costume

We have plenty of other blow-up dinosaur costume styles too, including our Giant Brontosaurus Costume. Brontosauruses were massive plant eaters that ate from the tallest trees, but you can be a down-to-earth party animal when you suit up in this inflatable costume! It'll give you an extra set of legs, and a massively tall head, so that no matter where you go in this costume you're going to be a very large and in charge dino.

T-Rex Costume Ideas

T-Rex Costume Ideas

When it comes to picking a dinosaur species for a costume, it goes without saying that one choice is always a favorite. And that'd be the famous T-Rex, of course! We've got tons of T-Rex costumes for adults and kids. Try our Made By Us Prehistoric T-Rex for a suit with realistic printing, or look to Jurassic World to be one of their mighty Rexes. We've got awesome styles for the classic Jurassic World T-Rex as well as the new (and very scary!) Indominus Rex. Of course, going as a T-Rex doesn't have to be fierce and ferocious. You could just slip into our Yumio Dinosaur Pajamas to be a soft and cuddly version of the T-Rex!

Kids' Dinosaur Costumes

Here at HalloweenCostumes we are serious about all things costume, so loving your look is a mantra that we don't just preach, we practice it! We're all about supplying one-of-a-kind looks to customers around the world, but if all we did was ship you the package, we'd be negligent in our solemn duty to enhance the costume experience in any way possible. Whenever we can go the extra mile, we can and will, so we rounded up some of our favorite kids for an epic and fun afternoon in the park to celebrate one of our favorite things—dinosaurs. Check out these dinosaur costume highlights from one of our all-time favorite photo sessions. A few signature touches added to our delightful kids' dinosaur costumes are sure to create instant memories, and when you enhance their looks with a little love and attention to detail, you'll be able to create moments that won't just be captured on film but are sure to become cherished memories for all.

T-Rex Costume for Kids

T-Rex Surveying the Land

So he's all set up as a ferocious tyrannosaurus rex. But is he ready to survey the Cretaceous scene as a terrifying predator? He's sure to have a hunger for some fresh prey, or at the very least some chocolate candy bars, so you're going to want to make sure he's ready to succeed in the wild (or on the trick-or-treat path). A light application of yellow and red make-up perfectly accents the rust and gold colors of this plush t-rex costume, and if we may say so, he'll look quite dashing when he uses his human eyes to hunt for prey beneath his plush T-Rex head. Whatever prey he has his sights set on, we're sure he'll be ready to devour them whole (preferably without the candy wrapper still on)!

T-Rex Halloween Costume

T-Rex Goes A-Huntin'

Once he's all set up in his toddler t-rex costume, we're sure he'll be ready to find a prime spot to watch his other dino friends revel and play while he sizes up the situation. Whether in the park for a prehistoric recess, the playground for a dinosaur show-down, or even your living room for a Jurassic World viewing on the couch, he's sure to love his dino style with this adorable t-rex costume. The soft plush costume headpiece will let him feel like an apex predator, whether he's proudly showing his felt fangs or even if he'd rather show off his human smile. Pose him on a perch for some great Instagram shots. He can be the stoic predator who's ready to pounce!



So, they're suited up in their favorite dinosaur costumes. Plush fabrics and vibrant colors are sure to have your children standing out on the Jurassic scene, but are they ready to get into character? They're going to have to ramp up their personas to turn into the fierce jungle dwellers of lore, so you're going to want to have them practice their roars for their big costume event. Whether enhancing their looks with makeup or just letting them enjoy the plush headpieces of a prehistoric mega brawler, when your little ones let out a bellow or a howl in their dino costumes, we're sure that they're going to feel like they're going to be able to bring these ancient species out of extinction!

Dinosaurs Love to Play

Dinosaurs Love to Play

Playtime in dino costumes might be on the playground or in the living room, but when they're ready to go on a Jurassic hunt, there's no place like the forest. Even a pink T-Rex is sure to be ready to pounce when they overlook the Jurassic valley! They can practice their poses on a rock outcropping, and give their siblings a head start down the hill. But when it's time to hunt, we're sure your little one will be ready to pounce and chase after with their plush horns and claws flailing. We're thinking the sight of a child in a pink dinosaur costume for girls careening down a park hill might just raise a few eyebrows... but totally in the best way possible!

Children's Dinosaur Costumes

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Playtime in your own wooded jungle just wouldn't be quite right without a prehistoric pack, so make sure your child's group has the chops to take some great snapshots before they head out to the party or start to make the trick-or-treating rounds. With siblings or best friends, each child is sure to have their own interpretation of dinosaur style, but you can let them play off each other in their child dino costumes to produce some pics poised for all kinds of Facebook likes! "Claws" up and facing outward can let any dinokiddo show off their fearsome stuff, and a ferocious growl can be a stow-shopper... but a coy smile doesn't really ruin the costume effect all that much anyways. Get plenty of shots while they're playing, and when playtime is over, there's sure to be plenty of Jurassic memories stored for both them and you!

Triceratops Close-Up

Triceratops Close-Up

Don't let all of that makeup detail go unnoticed in your photography! You might have provided a touch of face paint to complement your kid's dinosaur costume, or even gone all-out with a YouTube inspired design, but either way, a soft shot of your little one will be the perfect way to capture those Halloween memories forever. Let him make a little face, or give off a fearsome smile. With a plush headpiece accenting their favorite dinosaur costume, they can raise their dino claw hands and take a terrific shot that will have everyone nearby smiling.

Kids' Triceratops Costume

A Triceratops Stop

Force and power are the ways that the Tyrannosaurus Rex succeeds on the prehistoric battlefield, but for other species, it's all about tactics and stealth. When your little one has this ferocious Triceratops costume, we're sure you'll be able to grab a candid shot while they're sneaking up on their friends. Let them slip out of the woodline of the forested "jungle" and they'll be able to slip into the tall grass where the other dinos won't be able to see their horns. They might be wearing a serious look on their face, because when you're on the hunt as a dinosaur, it's business that's best taken seriously! Take your favorite picture before he or she rejoins the group for play time.

Boys' Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur Sneakers, the Latest Cretaceous Trend

Downtime during a dino play session doesn't mean that you should stop the photo reel or video recording. Sometimes an innocent moment can be captured and create a cherished memory. In this photo, we're not sure if little Ethan is sizing up a prehistoric bug for a quick Jurassic snack or even if he's just checking to see if his laces are still tied. (Yes, it's okay if your little dinosaurs have shoes!) Capture your children in some innocent moment to create treasured costume memories.

More Dinosaur Costume Styles

It's a well-established fact that kids of all ages love dinosaurs, so naturally one of the perennial go-to favorites for a dinosaur costume is a tried and true jumpsuit look. But that's not to say that adults can't get in on the Jurassic action either! Whether you’re all grown up and still harboring an interest in paleontology, looking to complete a family Dino group theme, or just young-at-heart and still perpetually obsessed with the Jurassic Park movies, we have dinosaur costumes for men and women, and children of all ages. Here are some of our favorite roar-tastic dino costumes that we've curated as top sellers and fan favorites. Whether you're just suiting up your children or you’re looking to go Cretaceous crazy yourself, these dino costumes will have you feeling like ancient mega fauna!

Adult T-Rex Costume

Adult T-Rex Costume

Just because you're all grown up doesn't mean that your adult Dinosaur costume necessarily has to be fierce on T-Rex Tuesdays! This adult costume will let any man or woman become a plush prehistoric predator. This corduroy style jumpsuit costume features a soft sculpted headpiece and fleece scales, so we don't think your children or significant other will mind snuggling up with you one bit. Coordinate your look with your child’s dinosaur costume to be the ultimate dino-chaperone, or with your partner for some soft and snuggly dinosaur fun for grown-ups. With these plush adult dinosaur costumes, you don't even need to practice your roar!

Toddler Dinosaur Costume

Infant / Toddler Triceratops Costume

Triceratops have to be one of the most popular four-legged dinosaurs, and with their signature triple spiked face, we can't really blame their admirers all that much! Of course, these plant eaters were more about using their horns for defense, but when your little one is suited up in a delightful baby triceratops costume, they'll have plush soft sculpted horns that will mean that they're still going to be eminently huggable! Suit your infant or toddler up in this cozy infant dinosaur costume, and they'll still be able to show off their smile, even though their head will have the fierce face of a dinosaur topping it off. We're sure when your tot lets their toothy grin shine, all will know that your little extinct one is going to grow up to be a party animal!

Kids' Dinosaur Fossil Costume

Child T-Rex Fossil Costume

Just because we only get to experience dinosaurs today as fossils, doesn't mean that those old bones can't see a new life! These charming dinosaur skeleton costumes imagine just what would happen if those museum bones took on a whole new life! Suit your child up as a T-Rex skeleton dinosaur or even as set of Pterodactyl or Triceratops fossil creatures that are ready to rule the earth again! The perfect Halloween theme, these soft sculpted dino fossil costumes will have any little boy or girl ready to dust off some dirt and start roaming the planet!

Kids' Dinosaur Train Costumes

Kids Tiny Dinosaur Costume

Of course, TV shows with dinosaurs are always hot properties, and if you have a little boy or girl who is into Dinosaur Train, we're sure that they'll love suiting up as a Tiny Pteranodon! Learning will be fun with your child as Tiny, and when that train starts roaring down the tracks straight from PBS, your little one will be ready to learn and to have some costume playtime fun. Coordinate their look with their BFF or sibling as Buddy, and you'll have a team of preschool aged characters ready to engage themselves in natural science and history!

Dinosaur Accessories to Step Up your Jurassic Game

So, you have your costume picked, and you're ready to hit the Halloween scene as a Cretaceous creature. But have you done everything you can to make sure your dino game is in tip top form? Our dinosaur accessories can amp up the fear factor with fearsome teeth, or transform a plush dinosaur costume into the ultimate cute and cuddly dino look. And, of course, we have dinosaur pet costumes that will transform your pooch into a prehistoric predator! Check out these best-of accessories to complete your costume ensemble.

Dinosaur Mask

Deluxe Dinosaur Latex Mask

When you break into the control room to feast on some tasty humans, we're not sure you're going to make the best impression with face paint and some fake teeth. So when you're looking to take your velociraptor game to the next level, you're definitely going to want a dinosaur latex mask. Molded teeth and latex scales are sure to strike fear in your victims, or at the very least, get you to the front of the line at the bar!

Dinsosaur Hands and Feet

Kids Dinosaur Hands and Feet

Give your child's look a cozy upgrade when you complete their costume look with this plush fleece slipper and mittens set. They'll love having a touch of authenticity, even if the claws are all felt! (And we're sure you'll love not getting your face scratched when you go in for the hug). Complete their detailed dino costume with this exclusive set for the perfect touch.

T-Rex Hat

Padded T-Rex Hat

Sometimes, going in a head-to-toe dino costume just isn't appropriate for every situation. In that scenario, let us suggest just giving your head a Jurassic treatment by topping your dome with this padded t-rex hat! You can rock this fun style with your favorite party outfit, and everyone's going to know that you're a Tyrannosaurus who is ready to party hard. Our fun plush hats work with jumpsuits or with a t-shirt and jeans for when you feel like putting in minimal effort!

Dinosaur Raptor Dog Costume

Pet Raptor Costume

Do not — we repeat — do not let your pets miss out on all of the dinosaur action! We have dinosaur costumes for dogs that will let any four legged friend get in on the Cretaceous showdown. Whether you've got a few pooches that you're ready to transform into a fearsome velociraptor pack, or you just want to turn your beloved pug into a triceratops, these fun dinosaur costumes for pets are the perfect way to complete your family's group theme. These pet dinosaur costumes are specially designed to be easy to wear, which is important because when you've got a pint sized dinosaur ready to rumble in your home, you might just be in for a prehistoric tussle over that steak bone!