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Mean Girls Costumes

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On Wednesdays, we may wear pink. But, on Halloween, we are all looking for Mean Girls costume ideas! Shock everyone at the party when you show up in a Regina George bunny costume and steal all of her thunder. (You can let her off the hook with a different Mean Girls outfit, like a sexy mouse or cat.) Either way, we are sure to have the Mean Girls costume you're looking for to bring your favorite scenes to life. Take a look and make the book!
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Mean Girls Christmas Costume Update
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Mean Girls Regina George Halloween Costume
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Mean Girls Karen Smith I'm a Mouse, Duh!
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Burn Book Sandwich Board Costume
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Mean Girls Gretchen Wieners Cat Halloween Costume
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Mean Girl's Regina George Costume
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Mouse Ears Headband & Tail Kit
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Black Flapper Costume Gloves
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Patent White Platform Gogo Boots Single UPD
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Opaque White Thigh High Tights
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Adult Black Fishnet Stockings
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Womens White Mule Disco Sandal Shoes
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Deluxe Fuchsia Gogo Boots Single UPD
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Womens Patent Faux Leather Mary Jane Shoes
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Cell Phone Costume Companion
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Long Black Eyelashes
Goth Mary Jane Shoes
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Mean Girls Burn Book Stretchy Book Cover
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Pastease White X Pasties
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Adult Back Brace Regina George Costume
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Nude Spandex Sheer Pantyhose
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Fever Nicole Brown Wig
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Moving Bunny Ears Accessory
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These costumes are totally fetch! If you know the whole Mean Girls script because you've watched the movie at least 100 times, then you'll love our officially licensed Mean Girls costumes. You'll look exactly like the Queen Bee, Regina George when you wear our exclusive costume. It comes with a pink pleated mini skirt and even a stretchy Burn Book cover so you can turn any one of your textbooks into a Burn Book. We even sell Regina George's Jingle Bell Rock ensemble, so just get the Christmas costume and perform for your whole school. You're bound to be the most popular girl by morning! How To

Mean Girls Halloween Costumes

There are a few things that are always going to be true. They aren't especially complicated rules, but there are several of them. One gal with a truly radiant personality managed to put them all down in a book. This was meant to help guide all other schoolgirls through their day-to-day struggles during high school. Whether hunting down their favorite guy for prom, sorting through the animal pack that was the lunchroom jungle, or figuring out the perfect way to get revenge on the villain that made a fool of you…they say that guidance could be found in the Burn Book.

Okay, perhaps we shouldn’t be taking too much advice from a handful of teens, but at least the epic comedy movie Mean Girls can offer us a couple things. First, a ton of amazing quotable lines! And second, a handful of fantastic Mean Girls costumes to help us live out our every comedic moment. With a cast of shining stars (including a handful from SNL), this is where we learned that on Wednesdays, we wear pink. We also know that the second most important day in October is the 3rd and that a little bit of ESPN can make for an amazing superpower. So let's crack open that Burn Book's cover and see what amazing Mean Girls costumes we can find to make your season fetch!

Whether you want to own all of Halloween on your own or conquer it as a group, you can be sure that we have a variety of Mean Girls costume ideas that are sure to make you fit in…or stand out! Each of the main characters has one or more looks that can be recognized by any fan of this cult classic film. And don't worry: you won't have to dig through a giant head of hair to discover the secrets Gretchen hides on how to join up with the Plastics and take command of your school. All you need to do is take a quick scroll through our selection of officially licensed Mean Girls costumes to win this popularity contest!

Regina George Costume

Regina George Costume

Leading the teen royalty at high school isn't as easy as it might seem. How is a true queen bee to impress her hive and keep the rest of the school trembling with fear and awe wherever you walk? Well, when you show that you have Regina George's self-confidence by wearing a costume that shows she has nothing to hide, there's no question about who's in charge! After all, when life gives you a prank, Regina just makes a fashion statement.

Regina Bunny Halloween Costume

Regina George Halloween Costume

When you're the most popular gal in the whole darn high school, your Halloween parties have to be the biggest event of the year. (How do you think you got that popular in the first place?!) Of course, with all your focus on the party that you're putting together, making your own costume might be too much work! Take a page out of Regina's book—but not that book—and transform into Regina George’s bunny costume for Plastic party perfection!

Gretchen Wieners Costume

Gretchen Wieners Costume

Gretchen might be known for gathering up every secret in the city and (apparently) storing them in her larger-than-life hairstyle. But how do you think she hears those mysteries to begin with? We're not saying that her feline disguise is certainly connected to the Fetch Network…but we must imagine her shiny cat costume and fun headband at least make her more approachable. A Gretchen Wiener’s Halloween costume is totally fetch for that reason alone!

Karen Mean Girls Costume

Karen Mean Girls Costume

For one of the Plastics, Karen has a way of being meek as a mouse. She's the nice one of the group, if only because she doesn't always understand what's happening. But, when it comes to putting together a sexy Halloween costume, she manages to combine cute and comfy with ease! If you're looking to wear a classic costume that cuts out the fuss, an adorable Mean Girls mouse costume is the ultimate way to bring Karen Smith to life!

Mean Girls Jingle Bell Rock Costume

Mean Girls Christmas Costume

Sometimes you may be looking for a costume that is perfect for more than just one holiday. Well, Mean Girls is ready to provide! Reenact the classic musical scene when you belt out your favorite lyrics from “Jingle Bell Rock” all while you’re dressed up in a Mean Girls Santa’s Helpers costume. Just make sure you know if you're supposed to be in the middle or on the left of the stage, or you might mess up that complicated choreography!

Mean Girls Christmas Costume

Mean Girls Santa Costume

Just because the Plastics all work to look identical doesn't mean that you have to dress exactly the same way. A flirty Santa costume is a great way to bring a little individuality to a Mean Girls group costume. There are several styles available that will help you really stand out! Try a pair of red slacks, a corset, bright tights, or an off-the-shoulder dress, and you'll be able to give Santa's Helpers a modern upgrade to their look.

Mean Girls Accessories

Mean Girls Burn Book

Mean Girls Burn Book

When living in the world of the Plastics, there's always the worry that you'll lose some of your individuality. You don't want to look too much like the rest, after all! That's why you can use some of our accessories to give you that extra oomph for your Mean Girls group costume. Add these classic Mean Girls icons to alternative costumes for a comedic twist, and you can be sure that everyone else will be obsessed with you!

There are plenty of ways that you can bring the fun of Mean Girls to life without depending on one of the officially licensed costumes! If you wear your very own style of outfits, you can still be part of the Plastics (or bring them all down) when you carry a Burn Book accessory at your side. Call your very own special session and unite with every Mean Girls fan in the world when you show that you, too, have been personally victimized by Regina George!

DIY Mean Girls Bunny Costume

How do you imagine Regina George would upgrade her Halloween costume in the coming years? Change to an entirely different animal? Perhaps. But, if we're being honest, a bunny costume is about the cutest thing you can get! (It's no wonder she chooses it!) Of course, with a unique bunny headband accessory, you can give your Regina George bunny costume an animated twist. In fact, with a moving bunny ears headband, it’s no work at all! Monster