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When it’s time to get some laughs, there’s no better way to do it than to dress as one of your favorite Saturday Night Live characters. Check out our collection for some SNL costume ideas so you can keep your friends chuckling at your antics. Whether you decide on an SNL cheerleader costume or a form-fitting jumpsuit, you’re sure to have a laugh!
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Adult SNL Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Ace Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
SNL TV Funhouse Gary Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Male Dancer Kit
Made By Us
SNL Garth Algar Wig
Adult SNL Mary Katherine Gallagher Wig
Made By Us Exclusive
SNL Hans and Franz Wig Update Main
Made By Us Exclusive
Tooth Wax
SNL David S. Pumpkins Wig
SNL Wayne Wig
Plus Size Spartan Cheerleader Costume
Sold Out
Hans and Franz Costume Update Main
Sold Out
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Superhero Boots
Sold Out
Adult Beat Boy Skeleton Wig1
Sold Out

Think you got the humor and the wit to be the newest cast member on Saturday Night Live? Are you ready to blow the socks off Lorne Michaels and the rest of the NBC execs and join the likes of  comedic geniuses such as Mike Myers, Billy Murray, and Will Farrel? That's quite a lot to live up to, and we at really do belive in you, but we also think you should really practice, practice, practice!

Maybe picking up an SNL Wayne Wig and rehearsing the lines "schwing!" and "party on!" would be in your best interest. Also start hitting your high notes because you never know when you'll be called in to replace J.T. in that infamous holiday skit that will be making people laugh even in years to come. We sell that costume too, so you can stand in front of the mirror and practice your best "it's a d*ck in a box" impression. The ladies will really swoon.

Or you could get in touch with your school spirit with one of our Spartan cheerleader costumes for both males and females.  In the mood to get a little...queer? No need to worry, the ambiguously gay duo costumes are here, and Ace and Gary would like nothing more than to dress you and then maybe coif your hair later.  The bottom line is, you can't just walk into your SNL audition unprepared, you need to learn from the greats and our costumes are the best way to get into character. Your audience will be chuckling before you can even say "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"