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Imagine your child galloping to the next house on Halloween. Or rocketing into space at playtime. Dancing along to their favorite movie in the outfit they put on themselves. And feeling comfortable in their super suit all day. With our selection of inclusive Halloween costumes and universal wheelchair costumes, it’s possible! Shop with us and discover Halloween costumes for wheelchair users and adaptive costumes for everyone!
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Spaceship Wagon Costume
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PJ Masks Catboy Adaptive Costume
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Kids Adaptive Wonder Woman Costume
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Jurassic World T-Rex Adaptive Costume
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Child Adaptive Superman
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Cinderella Adaptive Costume
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Child Adaptive Back Panther Costume
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Child Adaptive Darth Vader Costume
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Child Adaptive SpiderMan Costume
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Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Adaptive Costume
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Batman Adaptive Costume
Sale - 33%
Frozen Elsa Adaptive Costume
Sale - 25%
Incredibles Dash Adaptive Costume
Sale - 33%
Child Mickey Mouse Adaptive Costume
Sale - 22%
Army Tank Wagon Cover
Sale - 40%
SWAT Wagon Cover
Sale - 50%
Castle Wagon Cover
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Rainbow Wagon Cover
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Child Adaptive Darth Vader Wheelchair Accessory UPD
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Circus Cage Wagon Cover
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Fighter Jet Wagon Caver
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Pirate Ship Wagon Cover
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Batman Adaptive Wheelchair Cover Costume-1
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Costumes are super fun for everyone, though not all costumes are easy to wear all the time! In fact, sometimes it seems like they were made by villains given how tough those zippers can be or how itchy fabric can feel. The itch of seams on sensitive skin can be irritating to anyone. Metal snaps aren’t always easy for little fingers to secure. Fitting an arm cast into sleeves is a master feat. Having access to medical devices while dressed to the nines is beyond important. And feeling included in the world around you is something everyone deserves. This is why universal Halloween costume options exist.

Our goal is to bring the fun of Halloween to all, though, and that means some creative adaptations! You may be heading out for a night of trick-or-treating with the kids or maybe the ride on the school bus needs an awesome upgrade. Either way, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the fun of costumes. That’s why we’re excited to offer some great accessible costume options from some of your favorite themes.

Whether you or a loved one is of differing ability or your rambunctious toddler took a tumble that ended with a walking cast, our selection of adaptive costumes is here to help ensure everyone has access to a comfortable outfit. You’ll find a growing collection of options suited for children and adults.

Inclusive clothing is intended to make getting dressed and feeling comfortable in those clothes easier for everyone. Hook and loop fastening strips close without fuss and look similar to standard zippers on a garment. That can make them ideal for children learning to dress themselves as well as caregivers assisting in the process. Prefer zippers still? Look for options that feature larger pull tabs that make zipping up easy to manage.

You’ll see some of the jumpsuits in our collection are exclusively fastened with hook and loop closures. Along leg seams, arms, and back, making them easy for kids to put on and adults to help with. And, with their easy to open and close construction, this style of costume may be the perfect option for individuals using wheelchairs or anyone that may need extra room in their pant legs or sleeves for medical equipment.

Concerned about sensory sensitivities? These universal costume options keep those needs in mind with softer fabric, fewer interior seams, and linings when necessary. These thoughtful additions, and in some respects, subtractions, offer plenty of benefits. When your toddler steps out of their room dressed comfortably as their favorite character and having done it all on their own, you know everyone’s in for a great time!

Not finding the look you or your kiddo has been dreaming of? We’re always working on expanding our selection. So, check back with us often to discover the costumes and accessories that suit your wants and needs! How To

Wheelchair Costumes

Wheelchair covers are a perfect way to upgrade a costume experience. They’re made of stiff, decorated fabric so they are durable when you’re on the go but they can also transform your wheelchair into a vehicle! That means you can stay comfy in your regular mode of transportation while incorporating it into your look. You’re actually elevating the costume to the next tier. Who wouldn’t want to rush their way into the fun by riding in style with a matching car, ship, or even an animal? It might seem intimidating to put together, but they’re easy, adaptive costume covers thanks to plastic piping and simple-to-follow instructions. Take a look at a few of our wheelchair costume options!

Cinderella Wheelchair Halloween Carriage

Cinderella Wheelchair Halloween Costume Carriage

When the Fairy Godmother shows up to help Disney’s Cinderella head off to the ball, she doesn’t just send her on her own! Of course, a beautiful dress helps, but riding in style is what really makes a gal feel great! A little magic offers up a beautiful coach that makes any girl feel fully blessed! With a Disney Cinderella Wheelchair Coach costume, your princess has the same magical night.

Disney & Pixar Buzz Lightyear Wheelchair Cover

Buzz Lightyear Wheelchair Cover Costume

The classic claim from Buzz Lightyear doesn’t say ‘to the end of the walk and no further.’ No! We’re talking about seeing everything in the stars! How is a Space Ranger going to tackle exploring the galaxy and encountering all sorts of alien toys if they aren’t blasting off into space? When your little Lightyear hops into a Disney and Pixar Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Wheelchair costume, they can!

Disney & Pixar The Incredibles Wheelchair Cover

The Incredibles Wheelchair Adaptive Costume

Supers might be able to fly, skate, or even teleport from one place to another. But that doesn’t stop them from all wanting to have the coolest transportation. Every team has some kind of vehicle that bears their team insignia and the Incredibles are no different! Dash off to adventure in a Disney and Pixar The Incredibles Wheelchair Cover costume for the next super mission!

Batmobile Wheelchair Costume

Batmobile Wheelchair Costume

Nobody can even think about Batman without considering all of his amazing utilities. Just like a knight has their shining steed, you can be sure that the world’s greatest detective always has the Batmobile nearby! When your genius of the Justice League is off to solve the case, be sure they have their Batmobile Wheelchair costume to stay ahead of the baddies!

Trolls Wheelchair Decoration

Trolls Wheelchair Decoration

Does your tyke ever feel as peppy as Poppy? Do they want to head on a great adventure to every corner of the world to discover the best music they could ever hear? Well, that kind of World Tour is going to require a pretty stellar mode of travel! Help your princess of pop feel on top of the world with Poppy’s Air Balloon Wheelchair costume and you’ll be Number One!

Adaptive Costume FAQ

The word "adaptive" isn't always the most obvious term! Figuring out what it means and, more importantly, how it makes a costume accessible shouldn't be tough. That's why we're trying to answer a few questions straight away so you know what to expect from these costumes, can find the right costume for everyone, and know how to get in and out of them, too! Check out these FAQs so you're starting out ahead of the accessible costume game!

What are some wheelchair costume ideas?

Wheelchair costumes can turn a wheelchair into a vehicle. It can be a perfect fit for a character known for zooming down the road. Combining a costume with a superhero wheelchair costume is more than just accessible—it completes the character!

How to make a wheelchair costume:

Wheelchair costumes are made with stiff felt and supportive plastic piping. Dowels connect together and the heavy-duty fabric fastens with hook and loop strips or fabric ties. That keeps all the wheelchair mechanisms accessible while transforming the appearance in a snap.

What are universal and adaptive Halloween costumes?

Accessible costumes are designed to make wearing a costume easy and fun for everyone. This includes people in wheelchairs, folks with sensitive skin, or those with medical devices that need to be easily accessed. They have many adaptive features other costumes may lack.

They may feature overlapping fabric or magnets instead of zippers. They can have generous cuts so you can wear your more familiar street clothes underneath or have soft linings to ensure comfort. Open backs and midsection pockets can make it easy to help someone else in or out of a costume while also providing covert and accessibility options for medical equipment!

How to make custom Halloween costumes with a walker:

The key to accessible costumes for people in leg braces are flexible openings! Costume pants may feature larger leg bottoms with hook and loop straps or overlapping fabric so a brace fits comfortably under the costume. This prevents a constricting feel and can even allow a costume to be put on with the leg brace already in place.

Sensory-Friendly Costumes

Costumes are incredibly fun, but they can be a bit of a drag if they don’t fit right, don’t feel that comfortable, or if you have to fuss and fumble to get them on in the first place. The key is accessibility! Our adaptive costumes are designed to be easy and fun to wear at every stage of the day or night. Your kiddo can hardly feel like you’re living out your Disney dream if the costume is distracting you from the fun. Inner linings can make costumes easy on sensitive skin (and just feel cool in general either way). Plus, covert pockets and adaptable design at the midsection and cuffs can make sure you never have to worry about whether the costumes will get in the way of your daily needs! If you’re looking to give a kid a really fun time, diving into Disney and Pixar Toy Story adventures or even feeling like a speedster, these accessible Halloween costumes can be the perfect answer for everyone.

Disney and Pixar Dash Universal Costume

Sensory-Friendly Costume

Every kid can feel like a super when they’ve got the freedom to soar. Dash might have been forced to keep his speed under wraps for a while, but when it is mission time, he’s finally able to put the oo in zoom. If you’re looking for an Incredible time for your tyke, we're happy to help get them in dashing style with this Disney and Pixar Dash Adaptive costume.

Disney Elsa Adaptive Costume

Elsa Adaptive Costume

If you’re worrying about how you can help your kiddo take on the role of a lifetime, trust us. Anyone who loves Arendelle is ready to rise to the occasion! Elsa is already a natural in her flowing dress so it is a perfect fit to offer up your little queen an Adaptive Elsa costume from Disney’s Frozen 2. We’re still working on all the cool ice powers. (That’s a trick that even accessible costume options can’t include quite yet!)

Disney and Pixar Toy Story Adaptive Costume

Toy Story Adaptive Costume

No matter how many stories we hear about those adorable toys from the chest, we always want more. But we just can’t wait for Pixar to put them together. That’s why we’ve got to adapt! How? Well, let’s just tell the tales ourselves. Your kiddo certainly has some great ideas, so an Adaptive Disney and Pixar Toy Story costume is the perfect way to make any and every story shine.

Transformers Adaptive Costume

Transformers Adaptive Costume

We always find it tough to talk about costumes without talking about the transformative power they have. And who can talk about that kind of adaptability without referencing the icons of shapeshifting, themselves? The Transformers! Your kiddo is going to feel natural as can bee when they head off to save the galaxy in a Transformers Bumblebee Adaptive costume.

Batman Adaptive Costume

Batman Adaptive Costume

All the heroes of the Justice League are pretty impressive... but they aren’t always so great at thinking outside the box. Wonder Woman has her divine powers and the Flash rushes ahead to speed to the first solution. But only Batman manages to adapt to any situation. (Really, that’s his greatest power!) Naturally, he’s the perfect character for an accessible and adaptive costume!

Trolls Universal Costume

Trolls Universal Costume

If we all learned anything from the Trolls, it is that it is critical to let your true colors shine through. And if there is a second thing we learned, it is that bringing everyone together to join in the music is even better. Naturally, Poppy is at the lead of inclusivity and that’s why she’s the perfect queen to complete our collection with a Trolls Adaptive costume. Monster