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Calling all luchadores! If you've always wanted to try your hand at lucha libre, we can help you out. All you need is one of Nacho Libre costumes! Our child and adult Nacho Libre costumes are officially licensed to let you live out your favorite moments from the cult classic movie.
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Adult Nacho Libre Costume Update1
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Adult Traditional Nun Costume
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Plus Size Nacho Libre Costume Update1
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Nacho Libre Leisure Costume Adult
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Nacho Libre Leisure Costume Plus Size
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Kid's Nacho Libre Costume
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Adult Brown Monk Robe-1
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Adult Nacho Libre Wig & Mustache
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Adult White 70's Boots
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Child Nacho Libre Wig and Mustache
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Monk Cross
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We happen to be big-time movie fans here at So, when we add new styles to our exclusive Made By Us costume line, designing costumes from our favorite movies is always at the front of mind. Comedies are probably at the top of our list for movie costumes, for their unforgettable moments of hilarity and the quotable quotes that never stop. So, we were beyond pleased to team up with Paramount Pictures to produce officially licensed Nacho Libre costumes!

We studied the movie and worked with the studio to get all of the details right on our Nacho Libre Halloween costumes, and it shows. Fans of the cult classic comedy will love the replica design of our exclusive Nacho Libre costume that recreates Ignacio's luchador outfit. Based on popular demand, we've also added a Nacho Libre recreational clothes outfit to recreate one of the character's hilarious moments with Sister Encarnacion. After all, underneath the robe, you find a man. Underneath the man, you find his nucleus!

If you've decided on your Nacho Libre costume and have a gal pal that wants to play the part of Sister Encarnacion, we have an outfit that works great. Our traditional nun costume is an outstanding style to recreate the look of the nuns at Ignacio's monastery. And speaking of the monastery, if you need a costume to imitate the look of Ignacio when he's working as a cook, all you need is our Made By Us Monk Costume. Its brown robe has the perfect design to recreate scenes from the movie!

It shouldn't come as any surprise, though, that our lucha libre costume is the most popular outfit from Nacho Libre. And when you take a close look at its design and attention to detail, you'll see why it’s the top choice of fans for cosplaying as their comedic hero. It's styled based on the wrestling outfit worn by Jack Black in the movie, which was designed just like the traditional outfits worn by Mexican lucha libre wrestlers. With gold tassels on the cape and an authentic Nacho Libre luchador mask, you'll love looking just like the hilarious character for Halloween!

There's no doubt about it, the Nacho Libre wrestling costume is a top-selling favorite among our customers. In fact, it was so popular with movie fans that we even created a Nacho Libre kids costume so that little ones can get into the wacky wrestling fun! Our Nacho Libre Costume toddler outfit is a downsized version of our adult costume. It's a great way for the whole family to go in a family costume theme for Halloween. We're sure you and yours dressed as the hilarious characters from the movie will be quite the sight! How To

Nacho Libre Costume & Accessories

So, you've decided on a Nacho Libre costume for Halloween. That means you're about to dip your toes into the world of lucha libre wrestling. And, as Ignacio finds out in the movie, becoming a luchador takes a lot of work. As your favorite costume experts on the web, we've gone ahead and taken care of the hard part. Because we've crafted our Nacho Libre costumes for adults as officially licensed outfits from the movie! They're exclusively Made By Us, a collaboration of our expert team of costume designers and Paramount Pictures.

The cult classic movie has legions of fans around the world, and we've already gotten a massive response from its fans who have let us know that our Nacho Libre outfits are the real deal. So, we're pretty confident in saying that choosing a Nacho Libre costume for men is a great idea! We want to make sure you have all the info you need to make your purchase and that you get the most out of your costume outfit.

So, we put together this How-To for Nacho Libre Halloween Costumes. Whether you're looking for more info on the design and details of our Nacho Libre Luchador costume or are looking for tips and tricks to recreate the antics of Jack Black in the role, we've got you covered. Just read on to learn more about these epic movie costumes!

Our Nacho Libre Halloween costume is set to help you relive the zaniest moments from the 2006 movie. Officially licensed by Paramount Pictures, we painstakingly studied the outfit worn in the movie to recreate the lucha libre style of Ignacio's alter ego. We're sure you'll love that our costume's style is true to the movie!

Nacho Libre Costume

Exclusively Made By Us

If you've heard the word of mouth around the web, then you already know. Our Made By Us costumes are some of the leading Halloween costumes in the industry! We control the creative design and manufacturing process from start to finish. And that means they have exceptional designs and quality that's just not found on single-use costumes available elsewhere. We also focus on the customer experience, and our customers have let us know that our Nacho Libre wrestling costume has hit the mark. Almost as if we hit it with a flying elbow!

Nacho Libre Mask

Lucha libre, the form of professional wrestling native to Mexico, has many colorful aspects that make it stand out from other forms of wrestling worldwide. And no aspect of lucha libre is as important or as well-known as the famous masks worn by luchadores. Of course, Jack Black's character Ignacio donned a mask to become Nacho Libre in the movie. And we've recreated the Nacho Libre mask with a level of detail that true fans will appreciate! The mask that comes with our adult costume covers the whole head and features foam-backed fabric and red vinyl trim to recreate the look from the movie outfit.

Nacho Libre Cape

The colorful attire of Luchadore wrestlers plays an important part in each wrestler's ring persona. In Nacho Libre, Ignacio knows some over-the-top styling will be essential for his character gimmick, and he adds some extravagant style to his wrestling getup thanks to red velvet and gold tassels taken from the monastery. We've worked to recreate that luxurious look for the cape that comes with our Nacho Libre costume! The rich red cape features gold trim with fabric tassels to make our costume look like it came right off of the movie set.

Nacho Libre Boots

A word to the wise before you step into our Nacho Libre costume and hop into the ring: boots are not included. But if you want the look of authentic wrestling boots instead of sneakers, we do have a perfect pair to complete the outfit. Our exclusive men's red wrestling boots copy the style of wrestling footwear worn by lucha libre wrestlers and professional grapplers all over the world. They have a brilliant glossy red finish and a side zipper so that they're easy to get on and off. Use this pair of red boots for your Nacho Libre cosplay, and you'll look just like a real luchador!

Nacho Libre Halloween Costume Ideas

If you're going as Nacho Libre for Halloween, there are many ways to get the most out of your faux wrestling fun. From recreating your favorite movie moments to a Nacho Libre couples costume and even Nacho Libre kids costumes, we've got all the outfits you need. Check out these ideas for the best Halloween outfits and then shop the costumes. It's for fun!

Nacho Libre Blue Outfit

Nacho Libre Blue Outfit

Aside from the amazing lucha libre costume Ignacio wears when in the ring, there's another hilarious outfit that's featured for some of the movie's funniest moments. That is, of course, when he slips into his "recreation clothes" to impress Sister Encarnación. So, you can be sure we have a Nacho Libre recreational clothes! Our costume recreates the look of his mockneck shirt and v-neck sweater and includes wide-leg pants so you can make a big impression at your next costume party!

Nacho Libre Kid's Costume

Nacho Libre Kid's Costume

Kids always love zany character costumes for Halloween, so we're sure any kiddo would love to suit up as the wacky wrestler Nacho Libre. Our Nacho Libre toddler costume is a pint-sized version of our adult costume. It features pants with attached briefs and a flesh-toned t-shirt, making it an easy and comfortable costume for your kiddo to wear. It even comes with a Nacho Libre wig and mustache, since we're guessing your little guy doesn't have a stache of his own yet!

Nacho Libre and Nun Costume

Nacho Libre and Nun Costume

Ignacio has got a bit of a thing for Sister Encarnación. So, if you're set to be Nacho Libre and have a gal pal who wants to team up, there's an easy way to get her into the fun. She just needs our Nun Costume! Our nun outfit is a close match to the movie for an accurate Nacho Libre and Encarnación costume. Both the Lucha libre wrestling outfit and the Nacho Libre recreational clothes costume work great with the Nun costume. Either combo is sure to be a fan favorite at your costume party!

Nacho Libre Wig and Mustache Kit

Nacho Libre Wig and Mustache Kit

Jack Black has sported lots of long hair and beards over the years. But he's rarely sported a look as preened as the carefully coiffed perm and mustache he wears as Ignacio in Nacho Libre. If you're not much of a self-stylist, there's no need to worry about whether or not your hairdo and facial hair will fit your Nacho Libre costume. Just get our Nacho Libre mustache and wig set! An officially licensed set to recreate Black's look in the movie, it's a needed add-on for any adult Nacho Libre costume. Monster