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Star Wars Pet Supplies

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If you're a pet owner and a Star Wars superfan, you're going to love our selection of Star Wars dog collars and accessories! We offer several Star Wars dog collar and cat collar options based on your favorite characters from the galaxy far, far away. We also sell matching leashes so you can show off the force whenever you take your pet for a walk!
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Star Wars R2-D2 Plastic Clip Dog Collar
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Star Wars Death Star Pet Carrier
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Star Wars Darth Vader Utility Belt Dog Leash
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Do you want your 4-legged friend to experience the magic of the galaxy far, far away? If you want to share your love of Star Wars with your furry pal, we have pet collars and accessories that will make it happen! We offer Star Wars dog collars and cat collars based on your favorite characters like Boba Fett, C3PO and R2D2, and Chewbacca. We also sell a leash that matches each collar.

A Boba Fett pet collar is perfect for any fan of the infamous bounty hunter! This collar is based on Boba Fett's classic uniform and is made with durable materials to ensure your pet's safety. The vibrant colors and graphics will make your pet look just like the notorious Fett. Available in sizes and styles for dogs and cats, you'll definitely be able to find a Boba Fett collar that's sized just right for your furry friend.

Looking for a more cuddly style? Check out our R2D2 pet collars! These sweet collars are based on everyone's favorite droid, R2D2. They're perfect for any droid fan, and are available in sizes small, medium, and large for dogs as well as one standard size for cats. When you clip on the matching leash, sold separately, you're going to start to feel like your pet is a sassy astromech droid whenever go for walk!

Chewbacca is the most famous furry guy from Star Wars, so a Chewbacca collar might be great for the furball you live with! Your pet's bark might not be as ferocious as a wookie roar, but with our Chewbacca dog collar, your pooch will look great riding around town as your copilot. Hit the gas, tell your doggo to "Punch it, Chewie" and your car is going to feel just like the Millenium Falcon!

Maybe you even picture your dog or cat as a Star Wars villain. When you think about a dog as a sith lord, it's easy to imagine the power and strength they would possess. Dogs are already known for being loyal and protective, so with a little bit of training, they could become the ultimate sith lord! With a powerful collar like the Darth Vader collar and leash set (each sold separately), your dog will definitely be the talk of the town.

And, to emulate one of the most popular Star Wars characters, we even have accessories that will have your pet looking like Baby Yoda! The Mandalorian pet collar features adorable imagery of The Child. That means your fur baby can be just like Grogu and you can feel like the famed bounty hunter Din Djarin whenever you spend some loving time together. Baby Yoda is just so darn cute, and now your pet can be too!

All of our Star Wars pet supplies are made with high-quality materials, so you can rest assured that your pet is safe and stylish. They're also Star Wars officially licensed, so you can proudly show off your love of Star Wars while you also show off how much you love your four-legged companion. Give your furry friend the gift of the galaxy today with any of our Star Wars dog collars and accessories!