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Walt Disney created characters that we loved and cherished in our childhood. Today, our kids also love Disney, so we've been dragged to watch all the new Disney movies and find ourselves singing along, too. Here at Halloween Costumes, we want to give you the option to dress up as those beloved characters we all love. Find below your favorite Disney character costumes and you'll be right on your way to have the time of your life!
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Disney Aladdin Jafar Men's Costume
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Child Mrs/Mr Potato Head Costume

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Mrs / Mr Potato Head Costume

Mrs / Mr Potato Head Costume

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Who was the visionary genius who created whole new worlds and made them the happiest places on earth? Walt Disney. He brought to life characters that are now American icons, and retold traditional fairy tales for new generations. Disney was a pioneer in film animation. His 1928 Mickey Mouse film Steamboat Willie was the first cartoon to have a synchronized soundtrack. His 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first feature-length animated movie. It was also the first to use what was then the most advanced Technicolor film process. While it was in production, Disney's rivals called Snow White "Disney's Folly." Walt's wife, Lillian, and brother, Roy, both tried to talk him out of doing it. But Walt had the last laugh, the first of many more he would have over the years.  

Snow White. Cinderella. Belle. Aladdin. Ariel. Mike and Sulley. Tinker Bell. These are only a few of the many, many beloved characters from Disney movies. We have Disney Halloween costumes that let you become any of them, in sizes for kids and adults. Brave heroes, plucky heroines, clever friends, evil villains; all are represented in our collection of Disney character costumes. Whether you're looking for Disney costumes for adults or kids, choose one character for yourself, or a whole group for friends or family.

Characters and songs from Disney films have become part of everyone's life. So the next time you "Whistle While You Work" or add a pinch of "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo" to a project, remember the Magic Kingdom they came from and bring your own magic home with these Disney Halloween costumes! How To

Disney Costumes

For nearly a century, Walt Disney movies have charmed audiences with the heartwarming tales of valiant heroes and adventurous princesses, so it's really no surprise that everyone wants to put on a Disney costume and take on the role of their favorite characters. The good news is we have a vast selection of Disney costumes for adults and way more than one Disney costume for kids, not to mention a handy guide to help you maximize your costume experience. We've got inspiration to help you become your favorite characters and create the ultimate picture for social media as you strut your stuff in one of our Disney Halloween costumes. Are you headed to a Disney Park and need some tips for a character-themed look that won't get you kicked out? We've got some great ideas of how to blend Disney themes into normal wear for some epic Disneybounding outfits! Add a little lore to your experience and conquer your Disney trivia nights with our infographics that will shed some light on the history of a truly epic character.

Disney Halloween Costumes

The best way to feel part of a whole new world of Disney is with a Disney costume. All the joy you feel while watching a Disney film (or watching someone else who is watching your favorite for the first time) can hardly compare to the feeling of stretching your limbs out and looking into the mirror and seeing your favorite character smile back at you. (Unless, of course, you invite all your friends over to watch that movie while all dressed in Disney group costumes.) You've already got the lines you love memorized and you know the songs they sing by heart. It's time to let that character living in you out so you can truly look the part!

Kronk Costume

Kronk Costume

Disney characters are always an interesting mix of good and naughty. Villains often have a sorta decent excuse for why they've gone the way of the baddie. Heroes usually make a few questionable or selfish choices before they rise to the challenge. That's what makes a Kronk costume such a cool Halloween outfit. He starts out as a bad guy but knows there's a line he just can't cross…until he crosses to the hero side, anyway!

Megara Costume

Megara Costume

If you want to talk about a character that has her toes into both the hero and the villain pool, let’s look at Megara. Here's a gal who'd easily have her own movie if not for getting stuck in a tough spot between a flaming god of the underworld and the kiddo of the biggest name in Olympus! When you're wearing a Megara costume, you need a confident voice and sarcastic wit. It's the only way to win with those odds!

Toy Story Rex Costume

Toy Story Rex Costume

Folks are always talking about Woody and Buzz when it comes to Toy Story characters. That's totally fair, but don't you think that Rex is really the character who best represents the spirit of the toys? He's a bit anxious but also curious. He's always friendly to everyone and is pretty vocal about being poor at any confrontation. If you're up for someone a little slow-witted but sweet as a toy can be, a Rex costume is your cup of tea!

Mary Poppins Costume

Mary Poppins Costume

We all know that Disney is magical, but Mickey's attempts at sorcery in 1940 were nothing compared to the curious powers that Mary Poppins brought to the screen. Whether you plan on convincing tykes that life is what you make of it or want to visit friends for ceiling tea parties or dance in a park complete with worlds of animated curiosities, a Mary Poppins costume is exactly what you're looking for.

Mr. Incredible Costume

Mr. Incredible Costume

Disney isn't all princesses and paupers, curses and critters. We've got full blown superheroes that have the guts to go the distance and tackle an assortment of villains that range the whole cartoony spectrum! At the front of the line, every time, is Mr. Incredible, Disney's answer to the strongman leader to the superhero team. Bold, brave, and eager to save the day…and he's an incredibly loving dad to boot! You'll love saving the day for your family in this Mr. Incredibles costume.

Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume

Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume

Even when you do go the route of the princess look, Disney has a way of making their little monarchs dodge the dresses! While Merida bursts at the seams, Vanellope literally teleports out of the dress as soon as she can hit the track! If you're going to wear a Vanellope costume, as the 'President' of Sugar Rush, you'll want a sarcastic sense of humor and endless energy. (We're not sure if that's due to her youth or all the sweets.)

Disney Princess Costumes

Being a princess in the wide world of Disney isn't as easy as it's cracked up to be! It sounds grand being the young heir of a kingdom, but villains plot against you at every corner and everyone else is looking up to you. Plus, it isn't always that easy to even know if you are a Disney Princess! There are some official princesses that don't have any royal blood and a few others who do that don't count! (Pro tip: it is pretty much all about having an iconic dress style and an animal companion.) Still, many think that there are plenty of others who should qualify for some official princess titles! If you think you've got the stuff to join the ranks, you need to be clever enough to outwit the bad guys, virtuous enough to be an icon to your people, and also make sure you've got the Disney Princess costume to earn your animal companion!

Snow White Costume

Snow White Costume

When the Evil Queen asks her magic mirror who the fairest of them all might be, she could have been more careful with her words. Because Snow White isn’t just beautiful, she's sweet and caring. That's why she fits the bill for a true Disney Princess and can charm all the woodland critters—even the tough-to-befriend Grumpy Dwarf! When you wear a Snow White costume, you have all the best friends!

Mulan Costume

Mulan Costume

There are a lot of different characteristics of a Disney princess. One that gets a little overlooked is a strong sense of honor. Nobody can even come close to Mulan when it comes to that noblest of traits. Plus, she gets multiple outfits! We think of her as just as much a Disney princess when she is in her warrior garb or her elegant gown. (Of course, when she's got a sword in hand, we and China both love her!) Dress your little one like her favorite princess in this Disney Mulan costume for girls.

Belle Costume

Belle Costume

Every princess has something different to offer the Disney universe. Belle might have a name that suggests a quiet, demure lady, but this gal has a quick wit and a sharp tongue if anyone crosses her! Able to tame the savage beast while educating all in a simple provincial town, Belle is one who pretty much can do it all. No wonder she was able to bring out the true heart of the Beast and end a mighty curse. Your little bookworm will love exploring new worlds in her princess Belle costume.

Disney Moana Costume

Disney Moana Costume

If we're talking about recognizable style and the best animal companion out there, it is hard not to pay attention to the gal who has the entire ocean on her side! Who else can learn how to Wayfind and go to the ends of the world with a rather challenged Heihei, the rooster? Only Moana can be trusted to save the entire world. At this point, she's basically the chief of everything. Time for getting out your Disney Princess Moana costume!

Disney Villain Costumes

There are few arenas where you can see villains that are even better crafted than the good guys. And, since we're talking about dressing up as fun characters…you know what you're going to be treated with from Disney villains: costumes! These are the characters who are so dark and jealous that they're willing to upend all of existence to achieve their goals…and they want to look awesome while doing it! Still, the best part of a good Disney villain is that you can kind of understand where they're coming from. How many of them are stuck in caves or shadowy lands when all they want is a little political power or to get the most interesting gal in town to give him the time of day? Give the good guys a reason to even be known when you dress up in one of our villainous Disney Halloween costumes for adults and kids!

Gaston Costume

Gaston Costume

Let's look at the Beauty and the Beast baddy for a second. Sure, Gaston might be full of himself. He's violent and gross and assumes being handsome should earn him everything. But, let's be honest—the Beast was no better, and he got a second chance to reveal his true self. Maybe this lunkhead just doesn't know how to talk to a real woman. Perhaps watching true love will push him over the edge. Time to see with this great Gaston costume!

Yzma Costume

Yzma Costume

Just how often is an advisor forced to watch the lazy guy in charge make mistakes. Well, Yzma had it even worse! Raise a kid emperor all on your own only to get fired and chucked to the dust? She was just trying to help the country by turning him into a llama. Honest! Maybe a little revenge and power. (Still! They deserved it!) Plus, who wouldn’t want this beautiful genius alchemist for an Empress anyway? Take matters into your own hands with this Disney Yzma costume. (If you ever figure out the llama formula, make sure you share it with us.)

Evil Queen Costume

Evil Queen Costume

So, we can't find much defense for sending a hunter to go murder a young girl just because she's taking the 'pretty trophy.' But what is an Evil Queen supposed to do? The expectations for a queen are really high. They expect you to be the fairest in the world. Plus, they literally named you 'Evil Queen!' What did they expect? Hugs and cuddles? You're only living up to your name with this Evil Queen costume. Evil sorcery is literally your job!

Jafar Costume

Jafar Costume

Now, here's the case for the most reasonable villain out there. Just look at that Sultan. He's got no idea what he's doing. Even his smart and capable daughter has zero idea about the free market of Agrabah. Under your command, folks would have a real chance to live out their dreams thanks to being led by a sorcerer who can enact lasting change! Jafar for Sultan! (Just lay off the mind control and bad wishes while wearing this Jafar costume!)

History of Mickey Mouse

Now that we've covered some of your favorite folks from Disney, how about we talk about the greatest world icon of them all, Mickey Mouse! That little mouse has had a long history of cartoons since his inception and if you want to impress people with your vast knowledge of the mouse when you're dressed up like him, then take a look at all of his looks from the past (complete with fun facts to fuel your inquisitive nature.)

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Plane Crazy, and The Gallopin' Gaucho

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Many might be surprised to hear that Mickey Mouse wasn't Walt Disney's first foray into the animated world. Oswald was originally created in 1927 for Universal Studios and this bunny bears a slight resemblance to Walt's later mousey masterpiece.

Plane Crazy

Mickey's first incarnation came sans his classic shorts and gloves in 1928 with Plane Crazy. Unfortunately, no distributors picked up the cartoon, so it never saw wide release until 1929 when Steamboat Willie saw success and people needed more!

The Gallopin' Gaucho

Technically made before Steamboat Willie, this silent cartoon was held back until the release of Steamboat Willie so they could add sound. Mickey's sporting a slightly different look than his previous cartoon with bolder black eyes and a more mischievous grin.

Steamboat Willie, The Karnival Kid, and The Band Concert

Steamboat Willie

This cartoon, released on November 18, 1928, marks the true birth of Mickey as we know him! It was also the first cartoon ever made that was synchronized with sound. This date is even considered to be the little mouse's official birthday.

The Karnival Kid

Mickey finally gained a voice in this classic cartoon! And what, you may ask, were his first words? "Hot dogs!" Well, his first words may not have been anything too profound, but he'd go on to say plenty more in the rest of his cartoons.

The Band Concert

We finally got to see Mickey in full color in this cartoon! The Band Concert marks his first appearance in color. Goofy also got his first color appearance. It also continued Mickey's long history of being an accomplished musical mouse!

The Brave Little Tailor, The Pointer, and Fantasia

The Brave Little Tailor

This cartoon brought the fairy tale Das Tapfere Schneiderlein to life, with Mickey playing the lead role. The story follows his quest to fell a giant that's causing serious trouble in the kingdom, despite being nothing more than a humble tailor who got lucky swatting flies!

The Pointer

Pluto and Mickey took center stage in this hunting themed cartoon! It received an Academy Award in 1940 and was the second short to feature Mickey’s modern design. (Mickey's Surprise Party was the first short to move from the original black-and-white coloring.)

Fantasia: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Despite being considered a classic now, the initial release garnered mixed critical responses. It was the first appearance of Mickey wearing his sorcerer robes and Yen Sid's hat. It ended up being part of a risky experiment: merging a bunch of unrelated cartoons into one epic film.

The Little Whirlwind, Fun and Fancy Free, and Mickey Mouse

The Little Whirlwind

Mickey got a short-lived makeover in this cartoon that had him looking like other animator's styles. He had a slimmer body and larger head, hands and feet. Good thing this redesign didn't last very long, though. Mickey started looking like his old self before the end of World War II.

Fun and Fancy Free: Mickey and the Beanstalk

This was Walt's last time voicing Mickey Mouse, which featured him retelling the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. Donald was none too pleased when Mickey brought home a handful of magic beans, but at least it let them discover that Willie the Giant had the stolen Golden harp!

Mickey Mouse

1955 marked the beginning of a live-action TV show featuring the Mousketeers. This show would eventually bring many music stars into the limelight, including Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling, who all went on to have lucrative careers.

Neon Mickey, Mickey's Christmas Carol, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Neon Mickey

Mickey got reimagined with an electric vibe for Walt Disney Home Entertainment releases, so this little guy was seen on many movies from the 1980s on out. His iconic ears and nose are still highly recognizable despite the distorted electric silhouettes creating his image in profile.

Mickey's Christmas Carol

This holiday classic puts the Disney spin on the Dicken’s classic A Christmas Carol. Mickey plays the kind-hearted Bob Cratchit next to the crotchety Scrooge McDuck who would go on to later spinoffs. It also marks one of the few times Mickey's nephews were ever seen on screen.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

This was the first time that all of Disney's major characters were fully rendered in CGI animation on TV. (Aside from Donald Duck, who had the honor earlier). It turns out he looks pretty good in CGI, but most of his animation is still done in 2D to maintain the classic look we've come to love.

Epic Mickey, Get A Horse, and Mickey Mouse (2013)

Epic Mickey

Mickey gets the video game treatment again in 2010's Epic Mickey! Disney finally reacquired Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who appeared alongside Mickey in the game. Of course, the legendary Frank Welker did the voice work for him. The game would go on to receive multiple sequels!

Get A Horse

In 2013, Frozen had a little special short at the beginning. It featured Oswald, who'd been gone from Disney cartoons for 84 years, as well as a blend of animation styles. Two weeks of work went into giving us Walt's voice from assembled tracks to join the rest of the classic voices.

Mickey Mouse (2013)

Mickey's latest look from his recent shorts uses Flash and approaches the classic character with a retro look based on his good old days. The cartoons clock in at a mere three minutes and the first season episode "Croissante de Triomphe" even won an Emmy!

DIY Disney Costumes for Bounding

Headed to a Disney theme park? Well, your first impulse might be to grab a family Disney costume (plus a few more for the rest) and blend in with the cast. Well, that's a tad frowned upon at the parks—those cast members are working hard!—and you probably don't want to get chased down by every family with a camera when you show up as Frozen's Elsa at the park. That's where “Disney Bounding” comes in! It started off as a quirky fun way for a blogger to try out some fashion and oh boy did it take off! It's the perfect way to dress as your favorite character without going in full costume by blending some character themes into everyday clothes (and adding some great accessories). Here are just some of the great ideas that we've come up with for Disney Bounding. Draw inspiration from them to create your own fabulous look.

Hades from Hercules

Hades from Hercules Disneybound

Hades has a fiery temper and hair to match! This Disney Bound idea starts with a bright blue wig (which you can find right here), some gold bracelets, and a few items that you may just have lying around in your closet, like a black skirt and a few color coordinated pieces for a top.

Fix-It Felix from Wreck-It Ralph

Fix-It Felix From Wreck-It Ralph Disneybound Ideas

Talk about an easy and fun Disney Bound outfit! Fix-It Felix Jr. gained fame as the video game hero who stops Wreck-It Ralph from wrecking everything. All you need for this cute look is some cut-off jeans, a blue button up and a matching blue hat.

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

Disney Bounding Ideas Gaston From Beauty and the Beast

Gaston is another quick and fun look to make from items you probably already have! All you need is a dark red shirt, a mustard yellow scarf to mimic his collar and add some yellow gloves...and voila! You have yourself a great, villainous look to wear to a Disney theme park!

Jafar from Aladdin

Disney Bounding Jafar from Aladdin

This Jafar look is one that you can get a little crafty with! All you need to do is trim the sleeves off of a plain black t-shirt, a high-waisted maxi skirt and a red scarf for a belt. Our version adds this Ankh staff to the mix, but you may want to leave that at home if heading to a theme park.

Baymax from Big Hero 6

Disneybound Baymax from Big Hero 6

Baymax, from Big Hero 6, is one cute robot and you can get his look rolling for a Disney Bound style in no time! It just requires a lot of whites, mixed with a pair of dark, circular shades. Of course, you might just want to pair your costume with a red lollipop to coincide with his healing ways from the movie.