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We have tons of Disney Princess costumes for girls, as well as Disney Princess costumes for women. Get the royal treatment when you step out in any of our gorgeous Disney costume dresses. Don't forget the accessories! We have costume wigs, necklaces and other extras to help you transform into your favorite Disney Princess.
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1 - 60 of 109
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Beauty and the Beast Belle Blue Costume Dress for Women-2
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Womens Plus Size Disney Snow White Costume-update
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Adult Deluxe Tiana Costume
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Womens Disney Snow White Costume-update
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Plus Size Beauty and the Beast Belle Blue Dress Costume-2
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Plus Size Ariel Blue Dress Costume-2
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Jasmine Deluxe Adult
Frozen 2 Girls Elsa Deluxe Costume2
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Girls Deluxe Tiana Costume-2
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Aladdin Womens Jasmine Costume
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Adult Premium Belle Costume
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Adult Premium Rapunzel Costume
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Rapunzel Classic Child Costume
Adult Disney Pink Dress Ariel Costume
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Plus Size Deluxe Tiana Costume
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Kids Disney Snow White Costume-update
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Beauty and the Beast Belle Blue Costume Dress for Kids-2
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Kid's Premium Belle Costume
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Aladdin Plus Size Womens Jasmine Costume
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Toddler Disney Snow White Costume-update
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Adult Belle Blue Costume Dress
Plus Size Premium Disney Aurora Sleeping Beauty Costume-upda
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Frozen Elsa Classic Toddler Costume
Adult Premium Disney Merida Costume
Sale - 11% Made By Us
Infant Belle Costume
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Deluxe Adult Cinderella Costume
Kids Disney Ariel Costume Outfit
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Sleeping Beauty Aurora Deluxe Girls Costume
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Plus Size Premium Snow White Costume
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Plus Size Premium Rapunzel Costume
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Adult Disney Ariel Costume Outfit
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Adult Vanellope Wreck it Ralph Costume-update
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Girls Premium Rapunzel Costume
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Toddler Ariel Classic Costume
Jasmine Classic Toddler Costume
Plus Size Disney Pink Dress Ariel Costume
Sale - 8% Made By Us
Womens Deluxe Pocahontas Costume
Deluxe Adult Snow White Costume
Disney Princess Sven Dog Costume

The Disney Princesses, as a group separate from their original films, originated in 1998. The first six princesses were Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle and Jasmine. They have since been joined by Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, and a few others. We have costumes that portray all of them, plus Anna and Elsa from Frozen, and Moana. We're curious to see who gets officially crowned as Disney Princesses next! 

Our Disney Princess costumes for adults, toddlers, and kids are perfect for playing dress-up or using as a Halloween costume. Come on, ladies, you know you've always wanted to be a Disney princess! Once you've chosen your princess costume, complete it with fun costume accessories. We have crowns, wands, wigs and "glass" slippers for Cinderella. Have an enchanted evening with your Prince Charming (we have costumes for him, too!) in one of our Disney Princess costumes. 

Get ready to become the Belle of the palace ball with these great Disney Princess outfits! How To

Disney Princess Dresses

Daydreaming of happily ever after? Forget about Prince Charming, we've all been dreaming of a Disney princess wardrobe since we were little. We know it’s all about your stairway moment, making your ballroom debut in a gorgeous princess dress. Whether you're dressing up your little ones or you're dressing up yourself, we have the princess gowns that you've always dreamed of—no wishing well required! Slip into your glass slippers and the Cinderella gown to be oh-so happily ever after worthy. Or your daughter might love to wear her Tiana costume from The Princess and the Frog for dressing up and costume parties. From Belle’s golden gown to musical mermaid Ariel, people of all ages will love dressing up in these Disney princess costumes.

Disney Princess Dresses

Have you found the Disney gown you’re looking for? Be sure and complete your royal ensemble. After all, what is Cinderella’s dress without her glass slippers? That's a pretty important part of the story! Check out all of our Disney princess costume accessories for fully licensed heels, wigs, and crowns. We’re pretty good at making sure your costume story has a happy ending!

Disney Princess Halloween Costumes

Halloween is all about indulging in imagination. What better way to do that than providing the royal members of your family with a princess costume that suits their tastes! These costumes are great for Halloween parties, trunk-or-treating events, and of course, trick-or-treating. Scroll through and you'll find ideas for everyone in the family!

Disney Princess Costumes for Adults

Disney Princess Costumes for Adults

Playing princess as a kid was fun and all but those dress-up clothes never fit quite right. And it was hard to picture romance when you couldn't even tie your own shoes yet! It used to be that you could twirl around a few times in the living room and find yourself in a fairytale castle. But these days, your everyday chaos can get in the way of an easy transformation. That's where these princess costumes come in! Now that you're an adult, you can really pull off those princess dresses that you loved so much as a kid. In fact, you’ll find that our women’s Disney princess costumes will make your kid’s belief in fairy tale magic more real than ever before! Dresses like our Frozen Anna and Elsa costumes are sure to make the kids around you feel like they’re part of the story.

Disney Princess Cosplay

Disney Princess Cosplay

You can be sure that dressing as a Disney princess for an upcoming cosplay convention is sure to be a lot of fun. You can keep your costume traditional, as the woman dressed as Sleeping Beauty is pictured above. Or you can add your own humorous or unusual twist. While cruising the internet for a unique princess look, we've seen a Mulan Jedi costume, Ariel turned pirate, and glow in the dark Cinderella. Start off by finding the princess costume of your choice and then make your customizations once your fairytale ensemble arrives at your door.

Plus Size Disney Princess Costumes

Plus Size Disney Princess Costume

Want to curtsey and swirl along a ballroom dance floor like Cinderella? What about singing with the birds and dwarves in your own little forest cottage? Want to take a magic carpet for a ride? Going up to 4x, our plus-size princess costumes can bring that magical Disney experience to your next event!

Disney Princess Dresses for Girls

Disney Princess Costumes for Girls

Invite the magic in when you order Disney princess costumes for the mini royals in your life. We think the most delightful kid's parties are Disney-themed dress-up parties. Disney princess costumes for girls have always been a great way to get playtime started. They can start by recreating their favorite Disney scenes and move on to brand new creative skits of their own. The Anna and Elsa costumes featured here are a great place to start.

Is there a young lady in your house who's headed to a Halloween dance? As teenagers, young ladies are the exact age of many of our favorite Disney princesses during their tales. This is to say, a 16-year-old hasn't outgrown her princess phase. In fact, she's the perfect age for it! These princess costumes make an excellent selection for a school costume party or group Halloween costume with friends. From the adventure-ready Jasmine to the bookish yet beautiful Belle ensemble.

Disney Princess Costumes for Toddlers

Disney Princess Dress-Up

The Disney dream starts at a young age! There are plenty of reasons to buy a princess dress for the youngest member of your family. Perhaps they want to play princess just like their older sibling. Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect costume for trick-or-treating or themed birthday party! No matter the reason, we have toddler costumes for your kiddo’s favorite princesses. Some kids just can't get enough dress-up. Once your child gets her princess costume of choice, there might not be any turning back. She'll be wearing her Elsa costume to the grocery store, on walks around the neighborhood, and to dinner at grandma and grandpa's house. You just have to enjoy it. Kids make the best method actors, after all!

Disney Princess Dog Costumes

Disney Princess Dog Costume

Does your pooch always want to be where the people are? If so, we think that this Ariel costume is just perfect! In styles ranging from Snow-White to Cinderella, you can dress up your whole furry household to suit your fairytale theme!

Baby Disney Princess Costume

Baby Disney Princess Costume

Okay, maybe your kiddo is too young to even babble along with your favorite Disney tunes. That doesn’t mean they can’t take part in the fun! The baby costumes featured here are perfect for your little one’s first Halloween. We featured a classic Snow-White costume with a big fluffy skirt, the Belle costume, and a pretty Cinderella gown. Work your baby costume into a whole family look or let your baby take the whole spotlight for herself. Either way, these baby costumes are absolute magic!

Disney Princess Group Costumes

Disney Princess Group Costumes

A Disney costume is a great idea if you want to have a family adventure for your next costumed event. Using your favorite princess costume as a jumping-off point, your family can pick out costumes for the rest of the characters. Pair an Anna costume with the friendly snowman Olaf and her burly love, Kristoff. Other groups might want to feature some villains like the Jasmine, Abu, and Jafar costumes from Aladdin! Going far beyond the standard princess and prince couple's costumes, your Disney princess group costume will make your next costumed event into an adventure!

Who are the 12 Disney Princesses?

You’ve seen ‘em around. They sing to birds. They confront pure evil. They overcome magic spells and believe in true love. And last but certainly not least, they’ve got great wardrobes! We’ve listed the 12 official Disney princesses below with a few of their best attributes and some of the obstacles they’ve overcome. Starting with the oldest and moving on to the newest, this overview is sure to help you decide which princess you want to dress up as!

Snow White

Snow White Costume

Snow White came out in 1937 and it's been a hit ever since. Forced to flee from her royal home when her stepmother, the Evil Queen, sends a huntsman after her, Snow White is just too sweet to harm. Instead of taking her heart, the huntsman tells the princess to run for the hills. Deep in the forest, Ms. White meets seven dwarves, who she lives with until the Evil Queen tracks her down and tricks her into biting into a poisoned apple. Jokes on the Queen, this event leads to Snow’s prince finally finding her. With the magic of true love’s kiss, Snow White wakes up to her happily ever after. Fans of forest creatures, apples, and cottage core will love dressing up as Snow White!


Ariel Costumes

Coming out in 1989, The Little Mermaid features the musically-inclined underwater princess, Ariel. She wants nothing more than to be where the people are—on land, that is. The only problem is, the girl doesn't have legs! She makes a deal with the sea witch, Ursula: her voice for a chance to walk, run, and woo the landbound prince. Things don't look great for the mermaid when Ursula interrupts true love's kiss and tricks the prince into marrying her. Luckily, Ariel teams up with her nautical buddies and stops the wedding, letting Prince Eric know that she was the girl he was looking for the whole time! This costume is great for those who love long flops on the beach, collecting human artifacts, and singing all their troubles away.


Cinderella Costume

Debuting in 1950, Cinderella is the original rags-to-riches story. Oppressed by her stepmother and stepsisters (see a stepmother theme yet?) Cinderella won't let her spirit be dampened. After her sisters leave for a ball, Cinderella's fairy godmother shows up and dresses her in style, glass slippers included. Cinderella shows up fashionably late, catches the prince's eye, and dashes before he can find out her name, leaving only a glass slipper behind. He finds her using the glass slipper to locate her impossibly small feet. This character is great for fans of footwear, mystery, and a strict curfew.


Sleeping Beauty Costume

9 years after Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty featuring the lovely Aurora came out. The poor princess was cursed at birth with a threat of pricking her finger on a spinning wheel. Her loving parents hid her in the forest with three fairies. That worked great until the fairies got in a magical argument that gave away their location to Maleficent just in time for the princess' 16th birthday. Pricking her finger just as the curse dictated, the princess falls into an enchanted slumber until her prince finds her and wakes her with true love's kiss. Those who pick this character to dress up as might love walks in the woods, long naps, and hanging out with their argumentative but loveable aunts.


Jasmine Costume

The heroine of the 1992 movie Aladdin, Jasmine is a princess who craves a life outside of the strict rules of her castle. Mostly, she doesn't want to be forced to marry some rando before her 18th birthday. She flees the castle's walls and meets the handsome scamp Aladdin and his monkey, Abu. Unfortunately, her father's advisor catches them both and uses them in his evil plot. Aladdin comes back to her in the guise of a prince and takes her for a magic carpet ride, but Jasmine sees right through his disguise. After lots of magical genie drama, Jasmine is able to make her father see that she should be able to marry for love. If you have been watching Aladdin since you were a little girl, then you've probably been dreaming of her gorgeous wardrobe for decades. And then the live-action movie comes out and her turquoise wardrobe is taken to new heights! A Jasmine costume is great for those who aren’t afraid to stand up against authority, love to fly, and own very large pets. Whether you prefer the costume from the animated film or you're dreaming of recreating the live-action Aladdin dance scene, you’ll feel magical in any of these lovely looks!


Pocahontas Costume

Based loosely on a historical character's legend, the movie Pocahontas came out in 1995. The Native American princess tries to convince newcomer John Smith of the error in his people's ways while his company tries to steal the non-existent gold from Pocahontas's Powhatan people. John is more or less convinced, but Pocahontas’s dad still doesn’t approve. The princess stops her father from dispatching her love interest. She then sees a wounded John off to his ship after he talks his company into heading back to England. A Pocahontas costume is a great look for those who follow their hearts, love canoeing, and aren’t afraid to speak their minds.


Belle Costume

Bookish but oh-so-beautiful, Belle from Beauty and the Beast first appeared in 1991. She leaves her small provincial town to save her inventor father who got mixed up with a strange beast who lives in a castle in the woods. Turns out, the beast is a cursed prince living in a house full of servants who are also cursed into walking, talking household objects. Belle and the Beast fall in love over the course of time and tribulations, beating the curse once and for all. The Beast transforms back into a prince so that they can live happily ever after without having to worry about fur balls. A Belle costume is great for readers, fans of adventure, and women who prefer beards. Her famous blue dress is perfect for laid-back parties and sparking small-town magic. But if you're daydreaming of dancing and making a grand entrance, you know the look to choose. Yep, the golden gown! We have sizes for adults, little kids, and even babies so that everyone can take part in Beauty and the Beast fun!


Moana Costumes

Arriving in theaters in 2016, Moana is a princess who takes adventure to the next level. Seeking to save her island, she ventures out to restore the heart of the ocean to Te Fiti. Sneaking away from her island in a stolen boat and following the stars, Moana soon finds that she’s in over her head. She meets all sorts of troublesome and helpful characters along the way. But in the end, it’s knowing who she is deep down inside that saves the day. Choosing a Moana costume is the perfect option for those who love stargazing, venturing out on their own, and have patience for pets that can't seem to stay out of trouble.


Mulan Costume

Named Fa Mulan, this princess' movie came out in 1998. When her country is under attack, she takes her father's place in the army, disguised as a man. Turns out, after plenty of trial and error, she's a natural fighter! She saves the day but is injured in the process, and her true female identity is uncovered. Cast away from her unit, she gains insight into what the Hun is planning next. She returns to save the day once again—and this time, her bravery is enough to convince her superiors to overlook her female persuasion. Those who want to dress up as Mulan aren’t afraid of a fight and might be interested in trying out obstacle courses.


Tiana Costume

Coming out in 2009, The Princess and the Frog features New Orleanian princess Tiana. She's a dreamer who's been working to start a restaurant since she was little. At a catering event, she's tricked into kissing Prince Naveen—who's been cursed into the form of a frog. Instead of transforming back into a prince, Tiana transforms into a frog. The two have to venture out together to find a cure for the curse. Getting a kiss from the Mardi Gras princess just at midnight rings, but they're too late. Tiana and her prince get married in frog form. Except this time, they both become human again, as Tiana is now a princess! A Tiana costume is great for foodies, entrepreneurs, and anyone who loves a Mardi Gras parade!


Tangled Rapunzel Costume

Coming out in 2010, the movie Tangled featured Rapunzel, a princess stuck in a tower. She was under the impression that her caretaker. Mother Gothel. was protecting her from the outside world. When a thief sneaks into her tower, Rapunzel's eyes are opened to the potential of the outside world. She goes on an adventure with this rogue, and after sacrificing her magic hair to revive her one true love, she is reintroduced to her parents back at the castle. A Rapunzel costume is great for folks who aren't afraid of heights, love to paint, and appreciate the feeling of grass between their toes. You’ll have plenty of time to practice your curtsey until your Tangled Rapunzel gown arrives at your tower door. Once it’s there, you’ll feel like your fairytale life can finally begin!


Raya Costume

Raya and the Last Dragon came to screens of all sizes in 2021. Fighting dark forces that threatened humanity's very existence, she learns that she needs to work together and trust her fellow humans in order to overcome darkness. A Raya costume is an excellent choice for princesses who make their own fruit jerky, are interested in martial arts, and always know what to add to a dish when something seems to be missing. Monster