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Elsa Costumes

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On the surface, Elsa seems to have it all. First of all, she's a queen. Second of all, she has magical powers. Third of all, her long, gorgeous, platinum locks are always perfectly coiffed into a French braided crown twist. But on the other hand, being Snow Queen is also very stressful. At the coronotion, Anna pulls Elsa's glove off and when Elsa can't control her emotions, her cryokinesis and frigokinesis powers are displayed for the whole kingdom. The corontation attendees ostrasize her for her 'sorcery.'

Imagine always having to keep your emotions in check? Good thing you don't have to! Now you can just look as glamorous as Elsa without having to worry as to whether or not you are going to fling razor sharp icicles at anyone who flusters you. Now you can wear a long cape made of ice and a dress made from snowflakes when you dress in one of our beautiful Elsa Costumes. We have costumes for women and girls so that Frozen fans of all ages can dress as their favorite character, so you better start warming up for your debut performance of 'Let it Go.' How To

Elsa Makeup Tutorial