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No matter which story is being told, we all love the Little Mermaid. Now it is time for you to tell your own version with a Little Mermaid costume! If you're a fan of the Disney tale, an Ariel costume might be perfect. Even if you prefer the original tale, we think you should avoid all that tragic foam ending with the proud look of a Little Mermaid costume, women! Pick up your favorite Lil Mermaid costume for adults and start telling your tale.
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1 - 60 of 171
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Infant Flounder Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Girl's Little Mermaid Ariel Costume-2
Made By Us Exclusive
Prince Eric Deluxe Mens Costume
Adult King Triton Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Premium Disney Ursula Costume
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Men's Poseidon Costume Update
Made By Us Exclusive
Girls Sparkling Mermaid Costume Main
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Premium Ursula Costume-2
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Plus Size Premium Ursula Costume-2
Sale - 10% Made By Us
Disney The Little Mermaid Tween Ursula Costume-2
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Adult Prince Eric Costume-2
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Adult Disney Flounder Costume-2
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Disney Adult Sebastian Costume-2
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Pretty Purple Mermaid Child's Costume 1
Made By Us Exclusive
Infant Sebastian Costume
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Sebastian Baby Carrier Cover-0
Sale - 25% Made By Us
Toddler Sebastian Costume
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Plus Size Ariel Blue Dress Costume-2
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Men's Crab Costume
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Toddler Crab Costume
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Men's Salty Merman Costume
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Kids Disney Flounder Costume
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Poseidon Plus Size Men's Costume1
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Mermaid Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Toddler Mermaid Costume
Infant Lobster Costume
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Adult Disney Pink Dress Ariel Costume
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Plus Size Women's Undersea Mermaid Costume
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Kids Disney Ariel Costume Outfit
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Sea Siren Women's Costume
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Girl's Sea Siren Costume Main
Sale - 17% Made By Us
Little Mermaid Child Deluxe Ariel Dress
Sale - 18%

Do mermaids really exist? They do in the folklore of many world cultures throughout history. The first recorded mermaid stories date to the Assyrians in about 1000 BC. The Sirens of Greek mythology were close to the modern concept of a mermaid. Mermaids were often seen as omens of death or other misfortune. Sometimes they would warn humans that a storm or disaster was imminent. Sometimes they are benign or helpful.   

Early seafaring explorers and pirates reported seeing "female forms" in coastal waters. Log books from Christopher Columbus and Blackbeard mention them! Modern biologists believe that those mariners actually saw manatees or dugongs. These large marine mammals have broad, flat tails and no dorsal fins. 

The best-known mermaid tale is the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "The Little Mermaid." It was made into an animated feature in 1989 by Disney. Ariel wants to be part of the human world, while her friends and family tell her she should be satisfied with her life under the sea. She obtains a charm from the evil sea witch, Ursula, that lets her become human for three days. But she pays a tremendous price--her beautiful singing voice. If she can receive the "kiss of true love" from Prince Eric within that time, she will be able to remain human and regain her voice. If not, she returns to the sea as a mermaid under Ursula's control. Ursula, of course, doesn't play fair and almost succeeds in preventing Ariel's happy ending. But true love conquers all, and Ursula is vanquished.    

You or your daughter can become Ariel in one of our Little Mermaid costumes. And we also have a costume for your Prince. Re-create the magical kingdom under the sea! How To

The Little Mermaid Halloween Costumes

Thanks to the creativity in books and movies, we're fortunate to have all sorts of amazing creatures to inspire us. From spellcasting wizards, exotic monsters, and an array of heroes and villains, we always have a new world that we can explore. And we're always dreaming about visiting those other worlds! Even before Disney introduced us to the melodic magic of Ariel, the storybook fairytales had us wondering about mermaids and their mysterious ways.

So, it is only natural that when Halloween comes around, we're all eager to channel the bright colors and glittering glamour of the Little Mermaid and the rest of the underwater characters! If you're eager to be part of her world, take a look at our Little Mermaid costume ideas!

Adult Little Mermaid Costumes

While the original tale appeared in the 1800s, people became truly familiar when Disney introduced the red-haired Ariel in 1989. From the iconic songs to the flowing underwater hair of the mermaid princess, we were all in love from the start! So, it is no surprise that there are tons of modern fans still today. If you can't wait to dress up in a Disney Little Mermaid costume for adults, take a look here and bring your favorite characters to life!

Ariel Blue Dress Costumes

Ariel Blue Dress Costume

While fins can be a lot of fun, Ariel spent a lot of time walking around on the surface, too. For those who have been looking for the classic look of Ariel in her gorgeous blue dress, we're happy to say that we have a Made By Us look that we know you'll love. Start twirling around in the human form of the mermaid Disney Princess… and you can still sing about it, too!

Men's King Triton Costumes

Mens King Triton Costume

Ariel isn't the only royal mermaid we love. While King Triton might seem a little overbearing from the start, it is in the name of protecting his family and his kingdom. Of course, he is a big softy in the end. We have costumes inspired by the King of Atlantica as well, featuring scaled trousers and a bright golden vest. Add in the mystical Golden Trident and the seas are yours!

Women's Ursula Costumes

Adult Ursula Costume

Whether you agree that the sea witch was completely honest in her bargains with Ariel or are sure she's a villain through and through, it is hard to deny that Ursula is a force to be reckoned with. Her confidence, magical prowess, and iconic look are all captured in our costumes that feature rich purples, shiny black sequins, and various styles of her tentacles, too!

Men's Prince Eric Costumes

Mens Prince Eric Costume

There are a lot of different Disney Princes to pick from, but Prince Eric is definitely a unique one! Eager to throw in with his crew, he's also the one who gave Ariel the inspiration to finally visit the surface world. Our Adult Prince Eric costume is inspired by the gallant seafaring hero and features the full look of the classic white shirt, blue trousers, and bright red waistband!

Sebastian Adult Costumes

Sebastian Adult Costume

If you ever sat back and thought, 'I'm just feeling a little crabby,' people might think that is a bad thing. But if you are imagining that you're climbing into a Sebastian costume for adults, they'll see the truth. It means that you love the passionate color of red, all designed around a structured tunic and a delightful and adorable headpiece. Now that's a great kind of crabby!

Ariel Mermaid Costumes

Ariel Mermaid Costume

While Ariel desperately wants to explore our own world of the surface, the rest of us are often wishing that we could dive into the deeps and see how much better it is under the sea! With a classic Ariel costume, you might not be wandering under the waves, but you'll definitely look the part. With sheer fins and a shiny skirt, this costume is a "tail" everyone will talk about!

Kid's Little Mermaid Costumes

Every tyke has their treasured toys. Just like Ariel's secret grotto, they have a ton of fun playing pretend and learning all about their world. What better story to demonstrate that desire to explore than The Little Mermaid? The hardest part is deciding which of the characters are their favorites. Fortunately, we have all sorts of amazing options. So, tune into the sing-a-long and scroll through some of the best Little Mermaid costumes for kids you'll find in any ocean!

Baby Flounder Costumes

Baby Flounder Costume

Who is the best friend anyone could ask for? We have to start with the cheerful and bright character that keeps Ariel company all of her days. With a Flounder costume, your kiddo will feel truly unique, thanks to the shining yellow and vivid blue. Plus, since this is an easy-to-wear tunic, they can transform in a snap whenever it is time to dive into any kind of Atlantican antics!

Baby Sebastian Costumes

Baby Sebastian Costume

No matter how sweet a kiddo might be, there are those moments when they can be just a bit demanding. If your little one has a way of ruling your side of the ocean, then a Sebastian costume might be the perfect way to capture their sweet and their crabby moments. Soft fabric and a jumpsuit style allows for a quick transformation for any situation.

Girl's Ariel Costumes

Girls Ariel Costume

Any kid who loves adventure and the beauty of the sea has probably imagined what it would be like to become a mermaid. And if they are a fan of Disney, too, there is no question that they'll love a kid's Ariel costume. We have several styles, but shiny sequins and tulle fins help to create a stellar outfit that will help your tyke transform in a snap. Just don't forget the bright red wig!

Tween Ursula Costumes

Kids Ursula Costume

We can't help but notice that, sometimes, people connect with the villains of a story even more than the heroes. That's because they can be so well-written and so enigmatic that we can't help but love them. Now, if you've got a tyke who is really starting to walk on their own legs, they might really love the power and confidence of Ursula and this trendy costume would be simply perfect!

Boy's Prince Eric Costumes

Boys Prince Eric Costume

Plenty of kids would love to be a prince. There's just one problem. Who wants to be stuck in a castle, wearing complicated capes and crowns? If you have an active kid who wants to be part of the adventure while also destined for their own kingdom, look no further than a kid's Prince Eric costume! This simple outfit is bright and fun, letting them dress up and play in Disney style!

Sebastian Baby Carrier Costumes

Sebastian Baby Carrier Costume

What happens when you want to dress up, but you've got a baby in tow, too? Well, in case you haven't heard of Baby Carrier Costumes, let us introduce you! Thanks to a decorated harness, you can give your little one the look of your favorite characters while keeping your hands free for fun! We can't recommend our Little Mermaid Baby Carrier costumes enough!

Little Mermaid Costume Accessories

It is finally time for the best Little Mermaid costume ideas. Could we be talking about Little Mermaid pet costumes? How about character-themed purses and handbags? You're close! We're talking about Little Mermaid accessories. These extra addons are perfect for transforming your regular outfits into something fantastic or completing your costume with those extras that will make any Instagram photo an instant success! You won't need to dive into a hidden grotto. Just click to find your treasure today!

Ariel Wigs

Whether your Ariel is swimming around Atlantica or trying to win her future in the castle, there is one thing that rarely changes. It isn't her melodic voice. It certainly isn't her seashell outfit or her flipping fins. It is her rich, red hair! With one of our Ariel wigs, you won't need to grow out long locks or attain the perfect pantone of hair dye!

King Triton Beard and Wig

King Triton is a mighty figure, and it has to be at least partly due to the regal beard that he wears! Just as iconic as Ariel's long hair, Triton's kingly mane and matching facial hair will have you recognized in any ocean. Fortunately, we have a Triton Beard and Wig kit that will make your transformations unbelievably easy. Slip these on and crown yourself king!

Golden Tridents

Are you wondering what the other half of Triton's majesty may be? Well, if you've asked Ursula, you already know that it is the mystical treasure of Atlantica, the Golden Trident. This magical artifact is rumored to allow someone to command the seas and rule. Now, we can't promise that this trident holds that kind of power… but it will definitely complete your costume!

Ursula Wigs

The only thing more iconic than Ursula's undulating tentacles and her rich and wonderful singing voice is her unique hairstyle. A little bit punk and a truly extra updo, the addition of gray and white blended stands makes this trendy undersea cut a little hard to manage. Fortunately, the magic of an Ursula wig allows you to get all that glory so you can focus on your magic! Monster