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Just what is a superhero? Before 1917, there was no such thing; or, at any rate, there was no such word. But there have always been heroes, and some of them have had extraordinary powers or abilities. Ancient mythology has tales of Hercules, Perseus and Gilgamesh. Medieval folklore has Robin Hood, Beowulf and the knights of King Arthur's Round Table. Then came swashbuckling tales such as The Three Musketeers. The common thread was that the main characters battled against the forces of evil. The evil could take the form of monsters, corrupt or criminal humans, or forces of nature.  

Today's comic books are descendants of 19th-century "penny dreadful" serials. They were multi-part sensational stories printed on cheap paper and sold for, what else, a penny each. These stories became popular among the lower and working classes. They couldn't afford, and weren't interested in, the "important" literary novels of the day. Penny dreadfuls and the "dime novels" that followed them had clear-cut good-vs.-evil themes. And they weren't short on action or melodrama, either! By the early 20th century, we had such enduring characters as Tarzan and Zorro in "pulp" fiction. (So-called because of the inexpensive paper on which it was printed.) The first of the modern superheroes was Superman, who launched the Golden Age of Comics in 1938.  

Superman soon had lots of company, and lots of competition! What do they have in common? All superheroes have some type of extraordinary power or ability. Their "super power" can be something they're born with: Superman, Wonder Woman, Thor. It can be the result of an accident or mutation: Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine. Or, it can be simply a skill they have learned, honed and perfected beyond the average: Batman, Hawkeye. They all have a strong moral code and a motivation to rid the world of some menace.  

Many superheroes have a secret identity, and wear a costume or uniform to help conceal that identity. The costume usually has a logo or symbol as part of its design. Sometimes the costume/uniform incorporates special equipment, tools or technology. For example: Iron Man's armor suit, Captain America's vibranium shield, Spider-Man's web-shooters.   

That's where we come in. We can help you to look like almost any kind of superhero you want to be. If you have a particular favorite character, chances are we have a costume for him/her. We have officially licensed costumes for most of the major DC and Marvel Comics characters. Plus, we have independent or spoof characters such as Ace & Gary, Kick-Ass, Duffman, Hellboy and the Watchmen.  

If you want to create your own superhero, we can help you do that, too. You can start with a zentai skin suit, then add a cape and a mask of your choice. Maybe add boots or boot covers. Then choose a weapon or other accessories.  

If you're playing a favorite character, you probably already know everything about him or her. You know the catch-phrases and special moves your character uses. So, it shouldn't be hard to act the part. 

If you're creating your own character, the sky's the limit! You can choose your super power or special skill, and make up your own catch-phrases. You can even come up with a back-story to explain how and why your character became a hero.  

For couples, families or groups of friends, we have many options. Couples can choose Batman and Catwoman, Ace & Gary, or  the Joker and Harley Quinn among others. You could do a whole Avengers or Justice League group with friends or a family. Or you could do Batman and his rogues' gallery of villains. The choices are almost endless! 

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Superhero Costumes

How to Be a Superhero Character

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Have you ever wanted to have super powers? Sure you have. It’s one of the most common (and satisfying) daydreams there ever was. While we can’t say you’ll have superpowers when you go in our superhero costumes, we do think you’ll feel super, look incredible, and inspire others to pursue truth, justice, and a partying way. A good hero starts at a good costume and that’s exactly what we have. Whether you want to be your favorite character from the DC universe, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or if you want to be a villain from Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery, we’ve got you covered! We’re going to help you look your best and speak heroically with these pages… so ready, set, excelsior!

Superhero Duo Poses

Spider Duo

Spider Duo Pose

Adorable Duo

Adorable Duo Pose

Super Duo

Super Duo Pose

Incredible Duo

Incredible Duo Pose

It’s a well-known fact that all the best superheroes work with others. Whether they have their go to like Batman and Robin, or they’re part of a larger team like the Justice League or Avengers, it goes to show that working together accomplishes more than going solo. If you’re going out this Halloween as a couple or a group we think our superhero costumes are the perfect choice. You can create a super team or a dynamic duo and compound your theme for an even more memorable and heroic look.

Superhero Team Poses

Avengers Assemble

Avengers Assemble Pose

Uncanny X-Men

Uncanny X-Men Pose

Justice League

Justice League Pose

Rogue's Gallery

Rogue's Gallery Pose

If you’re planning to go in a superhero costume this Halloween, why not try and get a whole group theme going with your family or friends? The genre just calls for it! Avengers, X-Men, Justice League—there are a ton of great options to choose from and we have them all. These are some superhero costume ideas that show how they all look together which work great for a party or even Comic-Con. But going in a superhero look doesn’t even mean you gotta be good all night… why not go in some of our villains costumes and take your turn as the chaotic bad guys, seeking to disrupt the peacetime partying. Somebody has to keep all of those Batmen busy… it should totally be you.