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Nick Fury has commissioned the greatest superhero team ever to save the planet from peril. Are you up to the challenge? Our selection of Avengers Age of Ultron costumes will have you ready to tangle with Ultron, Loki, or any other villain that threatens our world. We carry Marvel licensed looks from the first film as well as all the latest Age of Ultron costumes in sizes for adults and kids. All your favorite characters are here: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the Incredible Hulk. We also have all the best accessories like Cap's shield, Iron Man's repulsors and even Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. And when you're all done defeating Thanos, aliens, and crazed robots, you can kick back in your comfy costume and have a chicken schwarma with your best friends! So goes the cool life of a superhero.

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Avengers Costumes

Become an Avenger: Perfect Your Superhero Stance

Being an Avenger is more than just wearing one of our realistic Avengers costumes. To get the full experience you need to get to know your character's signature moves. Learn what makes them tick. We've put together a collection of our favorite character poses like Captain America's shield toss and Black Widow's double gun stance so that you can practice looking as super as any of these guys!

Captain America Costume

Captain America uses his shield not only for protection, but occasionally as a weapon as well. He's mastered the art of throwing it at enemies and other targets to aid in taking down the bad guys that threaten justice. Crouch low and wind up like you are about to throw a Frisbee!

Thor Costume

Thor has the ability to summon his Mjolnir (his hammer) at any moment. He simply holds his hand out at the ready and the hammer comes flying toward him like a magnet. Thor is a god from Asgard and to convincingly play this role you'll need to look intense and sure of yourself. You might need a buddy of yours to toss you the hammer to really pull of this pose, but it will be worth it for the cool factor!

Hulk Costume

Hulk smash! If you're the Incredible Hulk, you need only know these two words. He channels his fury into his use of extreme force to smash his way into or out of any situation. So widen your stance, make some fists (or wear some like we show here!) and get ready to get angry.

Black Widow Costume

Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow is a highly skilled spy who eventually decides to use her talents as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers. She is a weapons specialist and is seen in the Avengers movie with a set of guns always at her side. The key to getting this pose right is your attitude. Black Widow is an expert tactician and is always assessing the threats around her. Stay alert, avoid distractions and have your weapons ready.

Avengers Super Couples

The Avengers is an amazing team of superheroes, but if getting the whole gang together sounds a bit overwhelming, perhaps you'd prefer to pair off instead. Here are a few Avengers couples costume ideas that we like.

Hulk Costume and Female Iron Man Costume

In the Avengers movie, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark became best bros and in the final scene are even shown driving off into the sunset together, so to speak. We think their relationship could be explored further by the right couple. We like this Iron Man suit reimagined for a lady paired with a classic Hulk costume. Both of these capable heroes are a force to be reckoned with on their own, so now it's time to see what they'll accomplish together!

Black Widow Costume and Captain America Costume

We got to see the dynamic duo of Captain America and Black Widow in action in the movie Captain America: Winter Soldier. At times they were at odds, not really their fault since they were each sent on different missions by Nick Fury, but mostly they proved that in the interest of taking down evil organizations they were willing to collaborate and do whatever it takes to stop the bad guys.

Hulk Costume and Black Widow Costume

Black Widow and the Hulk had a friendly sit down chat in the first Avengers film where she invited him to join the team. Later in the film she had to face him as the Hulk and in the process face some of her own fears. See if you can add to the chemistry between these two superheroes when you go as this Avengers couple.

Avengers Accessories: From Weapons to Wigs

Key to completing your Avengers look is going to be having the right tools to do your job. Make sure you are armed with your character's signature weapon before you head off to face whatever evil threatens the planet. From Thor's hammer to Captain America's shield you'll want to make sure you've got what you need to do battle.

Captain America Shield

Captain America's shield is a must have for any Captain America suit. It's the Cap's signature weapon/equipment and without this you'll look unprepared for your stint as a superhero. He blocks with it, he throws it and he attacks with it. Sure, he is a super soldier that can hold his own without a shield to protect him, but that doesn't mean he makes it a practice of going on missions without his shield and you shouldn't either.

Thor Hammer

Put the hammer down in the most epic way possible when you possess Thor's hammer as part of your Thor costume. Only those who are worthy are able to lift the Mjolnir and that means that if you show up without it, people will think you're the Thor from the first Thor movie that didn't earn the right to carry the hammer. For shame. Don't be that guy.

Hulk Smash Fists

The Incredible Hulk does not possess a weapon so much as he has a terrifyingly severe way of smashing everything in his path when he gets angry. Hulk Smash. The best way that we as mere mortals can convey our own ability to smash is to wear this pair of Hulk fists. They just look bigger, meaner, and greener than our hands ever could.

Black Widow Wig

Black Widow is an accomplished spy and weapons expert and her reputation as a lethal opponent precedes her. But wearing a black jumpsuit and carrying a pair of toy guns will only go so far in terms of getting you recognized as THE Black Widow. For the full effect, be sure you're wearing her signature red hair; this Black Widow wig makes it easy to complete your look.

Avengers Words of Wisdom

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