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We recently got a message from some guy claiming to be involved with some Weapon X program. He wanted us to share it with you.

“HEY! Deadpool here. I’ve taken control of the internet and am contacting you from a secret location, or maybe not. I really don’t know, but I do have an ultra secret mission for you. I’ve given it the code name Dress-Up-Like-Me-And-Mess-With-Superheroes. Pretty cool codename, huh? The first step to your mission is to get a costume like mine. This page right here has a whole bunch of different ones to choose from, like classic Deadpool costumes for adults and some hoodies. They’ve got what plants crave. They also have what you crave, me!”

Forever and Ever Yours,

Wade Wilson

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Deadpool Costume Ideas

Ideas, Tips and Tricks

To be the Merc with a Mouth you must channel your inner zen state. Then, you must put your inner zen state inside a chimichanga, add some hot sauce and eat it for breakfast. Then, you should go for a brisk scooter ride through the city. Then, you should probably go to the park and throw pizza slices at squirrels while Squirrel Girl yells insults at you. That's just the kind of guy Deadpool is—strange, unpredictable and completely out of his mind. Of course, if you're just not quite as wild and crazy as Wade Wilson, and you don't have access to the Weapon X program, then you can always take a few tips from us to look and feel a little more like the Marvel mercenary. We've delved deep into the mind of your favorite comic book character to bring you these pose ideas, couples costumes suggestions and some memorable phrases that will help you talk and feel like the signature character. So, sit back, relax and take them all in. Then you can use them in the heat of battle, or at your next party.

How to Pose for Pictures in Your Deadpool Costume

So, you picked up the costume and now you want to email some sweet shots to your friends, family and boss at work. You could just start swinging your phone while tapping the photo button, but if you want some guaranteed great pics for social media, you should probably check out some of these suggestions that we've come up with by studying the art and stylings of Deadpool. From silly, to crazy and even insane, these poses are perfect for anyone trying to bring out their inner mercenary.

Here for Tacos

Deadpool Here for Tacos Pose

It's no secret that Deadpool loves Mexican food. From chimichangas, to burritos and even tacos, he's got it bad and he's ready to dig in! All it takes for you to create this pose is a serape and a sombrero. Once you have those, you just need to channel your intense love of pico de gallo into an awesome picture. Make sure to bring plenty of hot sauce and some extra jalapenos with you if you plan on taking this pic.

Finger Guns

Deadpool Finger Guns Pose

The Merc with a Mouth has a lot of weapons in his arsenal, so it's easy to forget some of them when heading out on a mission. That's why Deadpool has mastered the art of using finger gestures as a deadly weapon, just in case in forgets one of them. This finger gun stance is a sure fire way for you to turn the tables on unsuspecting villains and anyone taking a picture of you with their camera. Just make sure to yell, “Bang! Bang! Bang!” really loud when you do this pose!


Deadpool Zenpool Pose

Deadpool isn't all about swinging swords and shooting guns. He likes to take the time to contemplate the more important things in life, like “where do baby leprechauns come from?” and “how much hair gel does Wolverine put in his hair to make it stay?” That's a portion of Wade's mind that he likes to call, “Zenpool.” (It's also a reference to the identity he took during that weird Axis storyline). He looks a little bit like this when he's thinking about important things. All you need to get this shot down is make sure you're contemplating about life in little yellow boxes.


Deadpool Poolio Pose

Did you know that Wade has a hip-hop alter ego that plays rap shows at music festivals? Of course you didn't, because it's totally not true. We imagine that if he did, he'd go by the name Poolio and he'd be sporting this fine pose while on stage. This look has the classic “I'm here to rock” look, while still maintaining his deadly mercenary style. The key to getting this pose right is imagining the song “Final Countdown” in your head as it's being taken.

Couples Costumes to Pair with Your Deadpool Costume

Although Deadpool works alone quite a bit, he's also known for pairing up with other Marvel characters to get the job done. While there might have been a whole series dedicated to his relationship with Cable and he's even had a few romances during his tenure as Marvel's craziest superhero, we think there might be a better option for finding Wade a suitable partner for the party...

Taco Twosome

Taco Twosome Deadpool Couples Costume

Deadpool hasn't exactly been very lucky in the realm of love. All of his romances have ended in tragedy, or failed to take off. To this very day, he wishes that Big Bertha would give him the time of day, but alas, all the women in his life just don't stick around. There's one thing that's been constant in his life though and that's tacos! Glorious tacos! The only true love of Deadpool is, of course, tacos. That makes it the only logical choice, outside of someone dressing like a chimichanga, for anyone trying to do a couples costume with Wade.

How to Talk Like Deadpool

Part of the charm of Wade is the stuff that comes out of his mouth (or the little yellow boxes that appear above his head). If you want people to believe that you've truly assumed the identity of Deadpool, then you're going to need a few go-to phrases to say. We've brought together some of his shining verbal moments below.

Deadpool Quotes