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Craving some greasy goodness? Indulge in fast food costumes! Offering hamburger costumes that pair well with French fries costumes and looks that bring fast food icons to life, we offer something for every fan and critic. Have a clucking good time in a Colonel Sanders Halloween costume. Super-size the fun with a McDonald's Halloween costume. Or ensure your fast food theme is tastefully done with condiment packet tunics. It's all on the menu here!
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Kid's Fast Food Fries Costume
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Women's Burglar Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Fast Food Fries Costume
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Cheeseburger Jawesome Hat
Made By Us Exclusive
Plus Size White Suit Costume Update Main
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Men's White Suit Costume Update Main-2_Update
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Child White Suit Costume Update Main
Made By Us Exclusive
Kids Chicken Nugget Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Pizza Delivery Guy Costume with Box
Made By Us Exclusive
Child Black Pants
Made By Us Exclusive
Child Black Gloves
Made By Us Exclusive
Child Cheeseburger Costume
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Adult Jack in the Box Costume
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Adult BLT Costume
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Women's Red Leggings
Out of Stock

Chances are you've come to look at our fast food Halloween costumes for a very specific reason. And we hope we can satisfy your craving with our selection! But before you place your order and indulge in the salty, fried deliciousness that'll arrive at your door, let's explore the menu! After all, you may not see the exact KFC costumes ideas you're hoping for, but there's always a secret menu for true connoisseurs.

Let's start with general fast food costume ideas. We love a silly couple's costume or parent-kiddo pairing, and these costumes available here are sure to inspire a few! Our favorite? Fries and a burger or chicken nuggets! All you need to do is decide who'll be the fries and entrée.

Our exclusive kid's nugget costume pairs great with our adult French fries. But an infant ketchup packet bunting would look just as cute with everyone's favorite potato! Want to add a familiar face to the look? Try our Hamburgler-inspired women's costume matched with a burger tunic available in infant, toddler, kid, and adult sizes!

Thinking outside the bun? Our Taco Bell costumes promise to serve up some fun! Assemble a spicy order for the adults with hot sauce packet costume dresses and a tasty Gordita Crunch costume. Or plan a family dinner with your favorite sauce packet costume and your little one dressed like a burrito!

Maybe nuggets, tacos, and fries aren't your thing. Think chicken wings! Or buckets of deep-fried meat served up by a friendly smile dressed all in white! It's not an angel, it's a Colonel Sanders look-a-like brought to life by our exclusive white suit costumes! Just don't forget the wig, mustache, and crispy bucket of chicken to complete the look.

Now, if Ronald, Wendy, Sanders, or T Bell aren't your fast food rulers, they're sure to make excellent Halloween villains! Especially with an evil fast food costume that turns normally happy characters into something more sinister.

Paired with the right makeup and styling, this entire fast food costume selection is ready to become a dinner nightmare instead of a treat. Just imagine French fries covered in too much ketchup—it is ketchup, right?—or a $0.15 extra condiment that's already opened and leaking! The horror!

From classic Colonel Sanders Halloween costumes to fiery couple's looks inspired by your and your partner's favorite mealtime indulgence, our fast food costume collection is here to help bring new tricks and treats to the Halloween season!

Still not finding what you crave? Explore our extended food costume selection for even more answers to your Halloween costume ideas. Or check back soon to see what's new to the menu! Monster