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Are you looking for a costume that really delivers? Open up a box of fun when you order a mailman costume from our selection! Offering everything from a mailman uniform for your pet to a mailbox costume that's sure to send you and yours on more than a few laughing fits, this selection has a mail carrier uniform that'll work for everyone rain, shine, or dark of night!
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UPS Dog Costume
Toddler Postman Pat Costume

You may not have thought it before, but mail carriers deliver on the inspiration! From imaginative play and preschool television programs to heartwarming couples' costumes and hilarious pet looks, a postman character can be found. And we're here to send you the mail carrier costume that brings your Halloween, cosplay, or dress-up time ideas to life!

Not sure which style of mail carrier or post office costume is right for you or yours? Stick with us! We've written a brief guide full of mailman and mail woman costume ideas that's sure to deliver the letter of inspiration you need!

Is there anything cuter than a kiddo playing pretend? Their big imaginations send them on mystical journeys through dragon-populated lands and off to outer space to hang with aliens, then back to earth where every car has learned to talk just like us! And sometimes, playtime simply takes them down to the mailbox with armfuls of scribbled letters they want to deliver to their neighbors, just like the postman on TV!

Carry on that tradition by adding a postman outfit to your little one's dress-up box! Our selection of postal carrier costumes has a variety of sizes and styles fit for infants to school kids. Choose postal carrier costumes that'll get your kiddo looking like the genuine article, or pick a postal service costume that brings their favorite fictional mail-carrying friend to the playroom!

Okay, we thought of one thing competing for that top cuteness ranking: pets dressed as professionals! Especially when their costume persona is considered a classic frenemy, like dogs and mail carriers! Lean into the funny, cute, trending costume tradition with one of our postman pet costumes! Whether you dress Fido as the UPS driver or USPS agent, these available costumes will surely create plenty of laughs, memories, and even social media gold!

Looking for a unique couple's costume idea? Try this idea on for size: a mailbox and mail carrier! Our adult mail carrier costumes offer playful, even sexy looks that pair well with our available mailbox tunic. Accessorized with handmade Valentine's cards or a discretely wrapped package, you and your special someone are sure to enjoy coming up with the message you want to send with your one-of-a-kind look!

Hear that? It's the sound of the delivery truck arriving with a box full of fun addressed just to you! Guarantee you'll love what's inside! Order mail carrier costumes from our selection! Whether worn as a solo look or paired with any number of unique uniform costumes available in our wider selection, we know these costumes can create moments you'll want to carry for lifetimes!