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Captain America Civil War Costumes

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Captain America Civil War was a turning point of the MCU movie franchise, and fans will be pleased to know they can recreate their favorite movie moments with one of our Captain America Civil War Costumes. We have officially licensed outfits for all of your favorite characters like Black Widow, Iron Man, and the Winter Solider. Shop them all right here to see the top options!
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Adult Captain America Qualux Costume
Sale - 42%
Women's Deluxe Civil War Black Widow Costume
Boys Captain America Steve Rogers Value Costume
Sale - 20%

Yeesh! Can't superheroes ever get along? They've duked it out in the comics tons of times and every time we blink, they seem to be at it again! Just take the most recent Marvel movie. In Captain America: Civil War, all the big name heroes are throwing shields and each other and shooting one another with repulsor blasts. A part of us wishes that they'd just get along... but another part of us loves watching all the on-screen action. So, we've decided to buy into the hype!

It's the throwdown of the decade! In the blue corner, bearing the signature stars and stripes, we have Steve Rogers, the one and only Captain America! In the red corner we have Tony Stark, the man made of metal, Iron Man! Are you ready to pick a side? Steve leads his team of heroes against the constricting grip of the government, while Iron Man takes arms against Cap to make sure that all superheroes are kept in check. Who's right? It's hard to say, but certainly is entertaining to watch all the drama unfold on the silver screen. Now you can choose your team with one of your Captain America: Civil War Costumes!

We carry costumes from the Marvel movie. Whether you're a staunch supporter of Tony Stark's team (War Machine, Black Panther, Vision and Black Widow) or you're with Cap's team (Winter Soldier, Falcon, Hawkeye and Ant-Man), then we've got the perfect costume for you. Each one is based on the movie and has sizes for men, women and children, so you'll be ready to join the fray in no time. Monster