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Dealing with grief, falling in love, getting a job and wrestling with your conscience are all part of the human experience. If you are Peter Parker, you deal with all of these things plus the fact that you have super-human abilities. Thanks to a bite from a radioactive spider, Spider-Man came into existence and changed Peter's life forever.

Spider-Man has the ability to cling to walls, super strength, a sixth sense (a.k.a. Spidey Sense), perfect balance and super-human speed and agility. Peter created the Spider-Man uniform as a way to use his abilities for the good of helping the public while keeping his true identity a secret. Which wasn't as much a move of modesty as it was self-preservation as some of his adventures resulted in him being regarded as no different than the criminals he was trying to thwart.

Simply wearing a Spider-Man costume won't give you the same abilities that Peter Parker had, but if it does give you added confidence when it comes to dealing with matters of the heart then that would be enough to make him jealous.  

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Spiderman Costumes

Spider-Man Costumes from Affordable to Amazing!

You may not have the awesome sewing skills of Spiderman, but that doesn't mean you can't have your own Spidey suit! Not only are there many options for different suits, including detailed movie replicas and muscle enhanced varieties, there are also a number of budget friendly options that will have you ready to save the day while also saving your wallet. Choose the look that fits your budget and style!

Spider-Man Costume T-Shirt

Not only does this Spider-Man costume t-shirt transform you into a comic book superhero in an instant, it also gives you an everyday option for wearing a Spidey suit. Add a pair of Spider-Man sunglasses and you'll look ready to sling webs with the best of them.

Spider-Man Costume Hoodie

Maybe you're looking for a way to stay super comfortable while fighting super villains. This Spider-Man costume hoodie looks heroic, keeps you warm, and protects your secret identity all in one. That's right, the hood even has an attached mask!

Muscle-Chest Spider-Man Costume

Looking for a way to look instantly buff and heroic? This muscle enhanced Spider-Man suit is the answer. It gives you the iconic look of Spider-Man while instantly adding bulging muscles to your chest, arms and legs.

Amazing Spider-Man Costume

This officially licensed Amazing Spider-Man costume can help you look just like the hero you've seen on the big screen played by Andrew Garfield. Put this on to see how it really feels to be Spidey. Can you save Gwen from harm? Fool Aunt May? Get your homework done? It's tough being Spider-Man!

Pose Like Spider-Man

Now that you've chosen the perfect Spidey suit, it's time to learn how to act like Spider-Man. We've decided to demonstrate a few essential moves so that you'll look extra Amazing when you dress up as this masked hero. After all, with a great costume comes great responsibility so practice your poses to make sure you're ready to play the role of a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Pose Shoot Webs

Shooting webs is pretty much Spider-Man 101. If you are unable to master any other pose, at least get this one right. Bend your two middle fingers in and thrust your wrist out. Now imagine webs shooting out and sticking to the wall! Thwip!

Spider-Man Pose Get Low

Spidey is strong and agile but needs to know how to duck and get out of the way. Practice crouching down, while remaining ready to jump up quickly if needed, and deploying your web shooter pose. Bonus Pro Tip: Always keep the tips of your fingers bent against the floor or wall.

Spider-Man Pose Swinging Through the City

Once the webs have been deployed, it is time to enjoy them as a handy method of transportation. So hold on with one hand and let the other hang behind as if you're gliding through the air.

Spider-Man Pose Prepare to Pounce

This is the pose you should use when perched on the edge of a skyscraper looking over the city that you've vowed to protect. But start small, like by practicing on the edge of an area rug or on small curbs.

Spider-Man Accessories

Your Spider-Man costume is excellent on its own, but to take your experience to the next level, there are some essential accessories to consider. Protecting your identity is of the utmost importance when you become a vigilante like Spidey so getting the right mask is a must. His signature tool/weapon are his web shooters so adding a pair of light up web shooters makes perfect sense. A pair Spider-Man sunglasses will also help customize your look. The below examples are just the beginning, when you browse our complete collection of Spider-Man accessories you'll see these and many other possible add-ons for your superhero look!

Spider-Man Mask

Nearly every Spider-Man costume we sell comes with a mask already, leaving some folks to wonder why we would sell one separately. The rest of us know that having a spare Spider-Man mask at the ready is always a good idea.

Web Shooter

No, these web shooters do not shoot webs. But they do light up, which looks really cool at night. But lets really think about this, never in the movies or comics do they show the clean up involved after Spider-Man swings through on webs. Aren't there more environmentally friendly and practical ways to get around??

Spider-Man Sunglasses

Can you imagine how much Spider-Man would have appreciated having these cool sunglasses as an option? All of those crime fighting moves while wearing a mask must make him pretty sweaty. But just think, maybe on a slow crime fighting day he could just wear these shades instead. Identity protected while staying cool = a happy Spider-Man.

Deluxe Venom Mask

If hero work isn't your thing, consider being evil with this officially licensed Venom mask. Paired with our Venom t-shirt you're going to either get lots of compliments or lots of terrified looks when you wear this combo. If you really want to sell it, use black makeup on your arms so your skin looks like it's changing from the symbiote!

Spider-Girl Costumes

You don't have to be a guy to become a spider loving crime fighter. These Spider-Girl costumes are just a couple of examples of the options available for the ladies. After all, being female doesn't make you any less vulnerable to being bitten by a radioactive spider so whether you want the look of a traditional superhero body suit, or a more feminine looking suit that fits like a dress there is a Spider-Girl look that's right for you.

Spider-Girl Bodysuit Costume

Be as bold and brave as the original in this form fitting Spider-Girl bodysuit. It includes the coordinating mask and silver wrist cuffs. We added a pair of heels to the look, but you could look just as fierce and sexy with a pair of boots.

Spider-Girl Dress Costume

You can fight shoulder to shoulder with the boys while showing off your great legs in a Spider-Girl dress. You could add tights for more coverage and of course a pair of web shooters is always appropriate.

Weird Webs: Unique Spider-Man Theme Costume Idea

Test your friends knowledge of Spider-Man trivia with a unique costume idea inspired by a lesser know moment in the hero's storyline. We're of course referring to the time he (briefly) borrowed a Fantastic Four uniform and used a paper bag mask to keep his identity a secret. Not everyone will get it when you introduce yourself as Spider-Man but real fans will understand and that's what really counts. If you're still skeptical, we encourage you to give it a Google.

Fantastic Four Paper Bag Spider-Man Costume

Peter Parker Costumes

As we all know, Spider-Man isn't just Spider-Man. He's actually Peter Parker, Daily Bugle Reporter! If you want to have fun transforming from an unassuming photo journalist to a masked crime fighter, consider some of these accessories and costume change ideas. The only thing more fun that being Spider-Man at a party is wowing your friends when you open your shirt to reveal your true superhero self!

Peter Parker Photojournalist Costume Idea

A basic Peter Parker costume is not hard to do. With this brown wig and a pair of black frame glasses nearly any guy (or girl, we believe in equal opportunity and all that) can look like Peter. From there your favorite pair of jeans and a plain button down shirt will do. Carry a camera to play the role of a photo journalist like Peter.

Secret Identity Peter Parker Costume

The only other piece you need to really get the full effect is a Spider-Man costume tee to wear under your shirt. When the time is right, you can reveal your superhero identity and even pull on a mask if you're going for bonus points to show the world that you're ready to fight for justice.

Spider-Man Couples Costume Ideas

Spider-Man has had several leading ladies in his storyline. If you're considering how to be the perfect Spider-Man couple then let us walk you through some of his important love interests and partners. If you've watched the latest big screen Spider-Man movies, the Amazing Spider-Man and the Amazing Spider-Man II you're familiar with his relationship with Gwen Stacy. If you're a fan of the comics or previous movie versions you've heard of Mary Jane Watson and know how she influenced Spider-Man/Peter. Then there's Black Cat... but we're getting ahead of ourselves, check out all of these great ideas and more below!

Gwen Stacy and Spider-Man Couples Idea

Peter meets Gwen Stacy while they are both in high school, and quickly become friends. Gwen was a science intern, so wear a lab coat over a cute top and mini skirt, along with a pair of argyle socks, and you'll have the look down. Our model is blonde, so a simple ponytail finished the look, but you could wear a wig to achieve the same result.

Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy Couples Idea

Spoiler alert! Despite his best efforts he is unable to keep Gwen from being harmed by his enemies. Sadly their relationship, and her life, ends in tragedy.

Mary Jane Watson and Spider-Man Couple Idea

Another one of Peter's important relationships was with Mary Jane Watson. Above we've recreated a popular comic book image. Your favorite Spider-Man tee paired with jeans and a red wig will give you the same look.

Spider-Man and Mary Jane Couples Idea

Mary Jane knew of Peter's secret identity. Step into her shoes and see how much fun it is to be the girlfriend of a superhero! Most any guy will be happy to wear a little spandex if it means dating a sizzling red head like you!

Spider-Man and Spider-Girl Couples Costume

You don't have to be Spider-Man's love interest in order to team up with him. Spider-Man and Spider-Girl make a fierce duo, and are a popular pair.

Spider-Man and Black Cat Couples Costume

Spider-Man's relationship with Black Cat is complicated. Does he love her, or want to turn her in for her bad deeds? He's supposed to be on the side of justice, but increasingly just wants to be on her good side.

Spidey Speak

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