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Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes

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If you want to take the dinosaur fun to a new level this Halloween, just get one of our inflatable dinosaur costumes! With kids inflatable dinosaur costumes and inflatable outfits for adults, we have all of the top offerings available right here.
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Adult Inflatable T-Rex Costume
Child Inflatable Skeleton T-Rex Costume
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Inflatable Skeleton T Rex Adult Costume
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Adult Giant Inflatable Brontosaurus Costume1
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Adult Inflatable Giant T-Rex Costume
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Inflatable Adult Mega T Rex Ride On Costume
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Inflatable Dinosaur Bobblehead
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It goes without saying that dinosaur costumes are one of the most popular options for kids every Halloween. Many little boys and girls are simply obsessed with dinosaurs, so it makes perfect sense that they'd want to dress up as the prehistoric critters when it comes time to have some costume fun. But that's not to say adults can't enjoy dino costumes, too. For young adults and parents, there are few Halloween costumes that are as much fun as a dinosaur suit. But no matter who's got dinosaurs on the mind, there's one type of costume that is undeniably the coolest. Because inflatable dinosaur costumes are simply the best choice!

Inflatable costumes are an industry trend that has gained steam over the past several Halloween seasons. Wearers love them for the hilarious effect that a blow-up costume offers. In that these costumes truly make you supersized! Among all of the zany inflatable costume options available, there are few themes that are a better fit than dinosaurs. Because, as cool as a realistic dinosaur outfit might be, there's just no approximating the size of a ferocious T-Rex or mega predator without a little extra help. So, it's easy to see why dinosaur costume inflatables have been top sellers and wildly popular on social media.

We have a full slate of kid's inflatable dinosaur costumes available. For the most popular choices, you'd just have to look to costumes licensed from the Jurassic World movies. The inflatable T-Rex costume from the franchise has been a star of many viral videos online, and kids love suiting up in the costume. Complete with a giant head, tail, and tiny T-Rex arms, it's a fun representation of the iconic movie monster. But, we also offer options for an inflatable dinosaur costume kids will look cute in! We have inflatable ride-on dinosaur costumes that will have your child look adorable riding on top of a velociraptor or T-Rex. We also offer a brontosaurus inflatable costume that will turn your kiddo into the giant tree snacking dino.

Adults have many great options for inflatable dinosaur costumes as well. We, of course, offer the iconic T-Rex inflatable costume in adult size. But there is also a Jurassic World Triceratops costume as well as an inflatable velociraptor costume that is designed to recreate the look of the ferocious predator from the films. Any of them are great choices to recreate movie moments, and they will also likely make you the center of attention at a costume party! We also feature adult ride-on inflatable dinosaur costumes with vividly colored dinosaurs. And one of the most exciting options is the Skeleton T-Rex Inflatable Dinosaur Costume. With white bones printed on black fabric, it will look like you're a walking dinosaur fossil that's just escaped from the local museum! How To

Inflatable Dinosaur Halloween Costumes

Are you a big Halloween fan? Since you are reading this, you probably are. Don't worry—this is a judgment-free zone. We love Halloween, especially when it comes to dressing up in costumes! You have a ton of options to choose from. Do you want to be a superhero or a medieval character? We are bound to have something for you. We are proud of all our costumes, but we have a special place in our collective hearts for our Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes. If you want to make a costume change this year, you must check out our Inflatable Dinosaur Halloween Costumes!

Adult Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes

Adults may not admit it, but we always think about dinosaurs. Well, maybe not all the time, but plenty. How could you not think about the apex species that came before us? They stomp around, all like, "I'm a dinosaur, roar!" They are kind of show-offs now that we think about it. But can you blame them? We think dinos are pretty unique and we ensure our Adult's Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes are just that. If you require a different Halloween Costume this year, check out our inflatable dinosaur costumes for adults.

Kids Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes

Kids are just small adults, but they have the fortunate benefit of having solid imaginations. If you told two kids to be dinosaurs for the day, by the end, they'd probably have formed a whole dino society with the neighboring kids. That is just how impactful a strong imagination can have on the youth. That is a big reason we think our Kids Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes are perfect for those young ones who have more ideas than they know what to do with. Don't think so—you'll believe us when your child starts talking in their new dinosaur language.

Blow Up Dinosaur Costumes

What's better than a dinosaur costume? An inflatable dinosaur costume that is what! We love dressing up during the holidays (or whenever, really), but we have an extra special time regarding our inflatable dinosaur costumes. It really sparks the imagination when your costume can inflate to make you resemble a dinosaur. You or your young one will have a blast acting like a parent and a child raptor or skeleton t-rex riders. No matter what you decide to be this year, make sure you include our Dinosaur Inflatable Costume!

Inflatable Raptor Costumes

Aside from the t-rex, raptors are arguably the most coveted dinosaur on the playground. You get to do the fun raptor arms and make the uncomfortable neck movements raptors are known for. If you love dinosaurs, but your neck and arms are getting tired, you should pick up our Inflatable Raptor Costume. Not only will it save you some chiropractic visits, but them being inflatable, they are as close as you can get to feeling like a real raptor. If you are a fan of the popular raptor or are simply looking for a different costume, check out this Inflatable Velociraptor Costume.

Inflatable Pteranodon Costumes

Pteranodons are a combination of two significant elements: dinosaurs and flight. We here in the office would take both gladly, even though flight is a bit more practical than having razor-sharp teeth and claws. You have to admire this particular dinosaur, not just for their ability to fly, but for their look in general. One of these would be awesome to get tatted on your back. If you don't have the time or money for a tattoo, do the next best thing and check out this Inflatable Pteranodon Costume. Soar while you roar, as they (someone) say.

Inflatable Reptar Costume

Reptar, Reptar, something something, Reptar! Sorry, it's been kind of a while since we sat down and watched the Rugrats, so some of the song lyrics are a bit blurry. It was indeed a fantastic cartoon. A show must be good when you can watch the exploits of infants for 30 minutes over and over. Reptar was the head dinosaur in Rugrats. There was no doubt in the group's mind that Reptar was not only real but extraordinary. In honor of Tommy, Chuckie, and the gang, we thought it was appropriate to feature an officially licensed Inflatable Reptar Costume.