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Funny Halloween Costumes

Costume parties are tons of fun. If you're looking to be the life of the party at your next bash, you might be considering some funny costume ideas. Remind people to love themselves in a Richard Simmons costume or get some hearty belly-laughs when you're in a punny couples costume. There are lots of ways to be funny in a costume!
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Have a hysterical Halloween with one of these funny costumes. Laughter is the best medicine for all ages, shapes, and sizes, and we offer a large array of gut-busting garb for your choosing. Be ready to make people smile or roll on the floor with laughter when you become the life of the party. Choosing funny costumes for 2019 is easy with our wide selection. of Halloween costumes.

Funny Halloween costumes are a great way to get the conversation started at any party. Many times, people are nervous or shy, even adults, when they are in party situations where they may not know everyone. Making a person laugh is a great way to get acquainted, and funny costumes are the perfect ice breaker for those types of situations. Funny costumes for kids are also great for similar but different reasons. Kids who go in funny costumes will also feel at ease when everyone is laughing with them, making the child jovial and part of the festive fun. Funny costumes make everyone laugh, and laughter is always a party hit.

Our funny Halloween costumes come in many varieties because there are so many different kinds of humor out there. We have full body funny costumes that transform the wearer into some kind of mundane object brought to life, like a banana, fire hydrant, or even a beer bottle. This cartoonish form is always sure to get a laugh. We also carry "adults only" style costumes that often bring a nude body part to life in a massive way, or perhaps are a visual pun on an adult expression or sexual activity. We even have funny costumes from comedy movies and funny tv shows that will illicit an immediate laugh from anyone that recognizes you. For the children, these kid's funny costumes bring a cute animal, storybook character, or other humorous creature to life in a new way. With our funny costumes, everyone, even the kids, can get in on the laughter! How To
Funny Halloween Costumes

Funny Costume Ideas

Goofy, silly, wacky – whichever word you use to describe yourself, one thing is for certain: You love to make people laugh. Halloween Costumes is calling all class clowns, kids at heart and every other dirty little fun-haver to get the party started! In fact, full disclosure; there isn't a hostess with the most-est alive that doesn't secretly hope someone will arrive in a show-stopping, jaw-dropping, knee-slapping humorous costume to break up the sea of superhero costumes. (So. Much. Spandex.) The following is a roundup of our funny costume favorites to get your creative juices flowing. But if we know you, and we're pretty sure we do, you already have a shtick that gets 'em every time. You can just think of us as your wingman when you want to take the joke to another level.

Costumes That Show Off The Legs

Ariel wanted them to become part of our world. Spiders have six too many of them. Taylor Swift has them for days ... the answer is LEGS! A notable set of stems can be the very definition of your character. After all, no one knows what the Wicked Witch of the East's face looks like, right? Bottom line: Friends don't let friends skip leg day … because any costume that's short enough to show off your tan lines is going to get a laugh.

Sweating It Out

Sweating It Out Costume

Move over Jane Fonda, this guy's about to do Richard Simmons proud! Great legs are a plus when you're an attainably fit, non-threatening, workout video star, but a BIG personality is essential. Nearly non-existent striped shorts are perfectly paired with a sparkling tank top for a look that says, "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!" Simply add some sweatbands, shoes with flair, and your smokin' hot dad bod to the mix. Sell the Richard Simmons costume experience by convincing the guests on the dance floor to complete one of your low-impact routines.

On Patrol

On Patrol Costume

For those who live to serve and protect, we salute you. When you’re out on the streets, you have to be able to move like a cheetah … a law enforcement cheetah. These short shorts leave you unrestricted, but only Reno 911's bravest and boldest (AKA Officer Dangle) could rock this Lt. Dangle costume. We all understand that police work is very serious business, but you sir, are a master of comedy if you can keep a straight face in this cop's barely-there bottoms all night.

Cookie Cutie

Cookie Cutie Costume

Your sweetness is their weakness this Halloween! Who can resist those caramel coconut concoctions, especially when served up by a leggy looker! If we're being honest, we know that the scouts must add an addictive chemical to the batter ... but when it gets down to it, there really isn't another fundraiser that's met with more fan appreciation. Simply slip into this *ahem* sexy uniform, sell your treats ("for the right price" = buy the lady a drink!) and earn your party hardy badge (which, if it isn't a thing, it totally should be)!

So Nerdy

So Nerdy Costume

Nerds rule and boys drool! The classic schoolgirl costume gets a gam-tastic, geek-to-chic makeover when pretty pleats are topped with suspender-clad plaid. You don't HAVE TO remember how to graph an advanced quadratic equation (because, um, that's what ginormous calculators are for), but it certainly would be a fun party trick. Scratch that, stick to flirtatious, dorky pickup lines, like: "Hey baby, what's your sine?" or "Can you help me solve for x when x equals your number?" Throw in a few Star Wars fun facts, and you'll nab your dweeb-in-polyester-armor in no time!

Funny Business Wear

You've heard it before, and we'll say it again: Every girl's crazy about a sharp-dressed man! Barney Stinson proved that suits have swag, but sometimes being legen ... wait for it ... dary means standing out in a crowd of black ties with a look that reflects your personality. We're talking to you, too, wallflowers! Dear old dad was right when he imparted his most famous pearl of wisdom: Dress for the personality you'd like to have, not the one you were born with ... Maybe we're saying it wrong, but you know what we mean.

Looking Money

Looking Money Suit

The wolves of Wall Street have nothing on you! Listen, we're not promising that Matthew McConaughey would chant this baller money suit's praises, but there's a good chance. Wear it to your interview at Goldman Sachs, or even at the local car dealership, and let the power of cold, hard cash compel you! Think it's lacking conservative appeal? Ask yourself this: Who doesn't want to hire the guy with his mind on his money and money on his mind?

AV Club

AV Club Suit

Maybe you spent most of high school being the nameless, faceless dude who moved projectors from room to room and pretty much fixed any tech equipment teachers pretended to know how to use. It is a hard knock life for AV Club members because the guy in the control booth is always stuck behind the scenes ... until now! The sleeves and pant legs may have ended up on the cutting room floor, but this bar and block emblazoned colorful suit set promises to put you center stage. Take a bow, playa.

Mustache You A Question...

Mustache You A Question... Suit

Do you know what separates the men from the boys? Yes, puberty, but we're actually referring to facial hair … which is the way that puberty works, we suppose. Either way, we can thank #Movember (no shave November) for reinvigorating the mustache trend. When you think about it, why did they ever go out of fashion, even for a second? Tom Selleck, Sam Elliot, Freddie Mercury, Hulk Hogan, Ron Burgundy … It kind of seems like sporting a whole mustache suit is synonymous with being awesome.

Animal Magnetism

Animal Magnetism Suit

Is being "an animal" at something ever a bad thing? Boardroom or bedroom, "beast mode" at the gym, a "shark" at playing cards, the king of your *concrete* jungle – it all seems pretty complimentary. Not only will this jaguar-print suit help channel your inner beast, it also tells the world that you take your party animal duties VERY seriously. Like where this is going? Then we suggest that you suit up and soak in the power of your newly discovered mammalian pull.

Punny Costumes

There's nothing wrong with his and her Gryffindor robes, but this Halloween you yearn to show the world that your Hermione completes you. Here at Halloween Costumes, we believe that it takes two to make a pun go right. Teamwork makes the dream work with these pun costume ideas, whether you're dressing as a silly pairing of rum and coke or simple witticisms like French KISS". There's even a punny couples costume for the guys who detest dressing up: Ladies, don your best butter stick costume and ask that he refers to you as his "butter half" all night. It's guaranteed to make guests melt (pun totally intended).

Bread Winners

Bread Winner Costumes

You've worked hard to climb that ladder, so why fight when you finally reach the top? You're both masters of the rat race! It doesn't matter whose office is bigger ... oh, she has a window? That's a game changer. It's a window that overlooks the same street Ferris Bueller danke schoen'd his way down in the 80's? Yikes. Well, if it makes you feel any better, you DO have the better stapler. In fact, we believe you're BOTH winners. Bread winners. In equally awesome solidarity ... still, if we were going to spend the day doing a job shadow, we'd pick her.

Cat Burglar

Cat Burglar Costumes

Have you ever awoken alone in your dorm room only to find that you lost a shoe, but gained a cat? Yeah, no, us neither. For real, we've always had "Buster" (our cat). But let's say that, theoretically, someone unintentionally took another person's kitty ... You know what, how about a cat pun or two? We're not lion when we say that Bonnie & Clyde-types will be feline fine dressed as this morally flexible duo, cat and a burglar. After all, it's meow or never if you want to live long and pros-purr in a cat burglar costume... seriously though, we didn't steal Buster.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled Egg Costume

There's no need to scramble for a last-minute costume idea because in a world filled with egg-straordinarily bad puns, our Deviled Eggs costume pairing promises to crack people up! The beauty of this devious disguise is that it's simple, recognizable and 100% cage-free. Seriously, don't egg us on. We could do this all day, no yolk. Challenge egg-cepted! So. Many. Egg-samples. Fine, we'll stop, but you really should consider coming out of your shell more often – your egg-migos need your sense of humor.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Costumes

Tell me your biggest fantasy, you said. It'll be fun, you said. Can we cut to the chase? This fantasy football costume is on you, Ms. "Let's Work On Our Relationship." Why wouldn't you be his first round draft pick no matter which game you two are playing (even if it's not football)? Pushing the topic further has you dressed up like a ball that is affectionately known as, "the ol' pig skin" and petrificus totalus on the wand wielding arm of Dumbledore's scruffier Hogwarts wizard classmate. You're into the beard? Oh, we see what you did here.

French Kiss

French Kiss Costumes

Embrasser c'est Francais. Did Blondie really have the foresight to predict that French kissing in the USA would catch on? Speaking in tongues, as far as we're concerned it doesn't get more American than KISS or more French than a beret (well maybe Gene Simmons' and Marcel Marceau's lovechild). Put these two things together to make a French Kiss costume, and you've got a surefire hit on your hands! Who's going to rock and roll all night and go to Paris every day? Shout it, shout it out loud ... YOU!

Rum and Coke

Rum and Coke Costumes

Yo ho ho and a bottle of Coke. That's not the way it goes? Well, YOU tell her that! She pillages, plunders and takes over ships helmed by Tom Hanks, so we've learned to pick our battles. Coca-Cola guy stays calm, cool and refreshing so she can Captain Morgan-pose on pretty much any treasure chest she wishes. And really, why would you want to quell her proverbial thirst? Everyone knows it's the rum that makes Coke a classic.