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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Costumes

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For your holiday enjoyment, we bring you: The Gang Gets Festive: Extreme Halloween Edition! Get your It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia group look together with our selection of Always Sunny costumes. Whatever kind of Sunny-esque scheme you've got in mind, our officially licensed Sunny costumes are here for the shenanigans!
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Always Sunny Dayman Suit Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Always Sunny Birds of War Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Always Sunny Dayman Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Muscle Chest Shirt
Adult White 70's Boots
Made By Us Exclusive
American Flag Bandana
Sunny Days Costume
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Always Sunny Dayman Yellow Suit Plus Size Costume
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Made By Us Exclusive

3pm. On a Wednesday. The HalloweenCostumes crew is kicking around costume ideas, and a joke from a recent episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia makes its way out in a meeting. The lightning bolt hits, and it only takes a moment for the idea to take hold. And there it is.

"The Gang Gets It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Costumes"

That’s right, folks, we're happy to announce our officially licensed It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Costumes. We’ve teamed up with FX to produce a licensed line of Sunny costumes, designed and made right here by our talented costume crew. And, oh yeah, have we mentioned that we’re fans, too?

Whether it’s plotting a diabolical scheme like Dennis, karate-chopping like Mac, working on our acting routine like Dee, or maybe even playing nightcrawlers at home just like Charlie and Frank, we know our It’s Always Sunny inside and out. 

When it came time to produce our first Always Sunny costumes, we targeted some of the most popular episodes of the series' long run. That means we have Birds of War costumes from “The Gang Wrestles for the Troops.” And, from the crème de la crème of Sunny episodes, “The Nightman Cometh” we have Dayman costumes and a Sweet Dee Princess costume!

Charlie's musical is a legend among Sunny fans, and with our Sunny costumes you and your friends perform the unforgettable songs from show. And, in what is sure to be an all-time great when it comes to group themes, you can get you and all of your friends into the Birds of War outfits to form your own wrestling troupe. 

These It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia costumes are great for any costume party, and they’re probably going to help you win any costume contests you might find yourself in, too. Choose your costume, and assemble your friends. Whatever scheme your gang comes up with, we’re sure it’s going to be great! Go ahead and leave a product review on any Sunny costume you pick out to let us know all of the hilarious details. How To

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Halloween Costumes

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has taken us on quite a ride over the years. The long-running TV show originally debuted all the way back in 2005 with 7 off-the-wall episodes. It didn't make much of a splash, but Danny DeVito joined the cast for the 2nd season and the rest is history. "The Gang" has been pulling off schemes, plots, and scams on the show ever since, and today the show is still as funny as ever. Which means, naturally, there's no better time than the present to get a Sunny costume for Halloween!

When it comes time to pick out your It's Always Sunny costume, there are lots of great episodes to draw from. We partnered with 20th Century Fox to produce Always Sunny costumes as a part of our Made By Us costume line, and we have exclusive outfits from some of the most iconic episodes in Sunny history. We offer costumes from "The Nightman Cometh" and "The Gang Wrestles for the Troops." Which means we sell Dayman costumes as well as an amazing Birds of War costume! Just keep reading for more info on these exclusive costumes.

Dayman Costumes

Dayman Costume

In "The Nightman Cometh," Charlie's musical of the same name tells the tale of a young boy overcoming adversity to become a man. Well, give or take. Dennis plays the part of the little boy who is transformed by the strong, musky power of true love to become the Dayman. Our Adult Always Sunny Dayman Costume is a true replica of the Dayman outfit. With a stretchy silver suit and a black codpiece, you too can fight the Nightman to become a champion of the sun!

Charlie Dayman Costumes

Charlie Dayman Costume

At the end of The Nightman Cometh performance, we find out that Charlie is the real Dayman, as the musical ends with him descending to the stage to offer a song and marriage proposal to The Waitress. The proposal doesn't go so great, but at least Charlie looks bright in his yellow suit living as Dayman! Our Charlie Dayman Costume features that iconic yellow suit complete with a white hat and yellow tie to make it a screen-accurate outfit.

Sweet Dee Costumes

Sweet Dee Costume

Deandra has a big part in the musical, too, portraying the Coffee Shop Princess in love with Dayman. Dee performs a rousing duet with Dennis as the little boy and gets to share in his mastery of karate and friendship when he is transformed into a man. Our Sweet Dee Princess Costume is a perfect replica of her character's princess/waitress outfit, with an elegant pink dress and a server's apron that recreate the princess outfit she wears in the performance.

Birds of War Costumes

Birds of War Costume

The next most requested Always Sunny costume is the Birds of War outfit from "The Gang Wrestles for the Troops." The episode features Dennis, Mac, and Charlie becoming amateur wrestlers with a hilarious soldier and birdmen gimmick. We've recreated their iconic eagle outfits with our Always Sunny in Philadelphia bird costume. It features a plush eagle hat with long feathery wings attached. Wear it with your own camo shorts to have feathers, but the muscles of men!