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For your holiday enjoyment, we bring you: The Gang Gets Festive: Extreme Halloween Edition! Get your It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia group look together with our selection of Always Sunny costumes. Relive the fun of The Gang Gets Invincible with a Green Man costume or put on a production of The Nightman Cometh in a Dayman costume. Whatever your preference, our officially licensed Sunny costumes are here for the shenanigans!
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Always Sunny Dayman Suit Costume
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Always Sunny Dayman Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Sweet Dee Princess Costume
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Sunny Days Costume

Sunny Days Costume

Muscle Chest Shirt

Muscle Chest Shirt

Always Sunny Birds of War Costume
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3pm. On a Wednesday. The crew is kicking around costume ideas, and a joke from a recent episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia makes its way out in a meeting. The lightning bolt hits, and it only takes a moment for the idea to take hold. And there it is.

"The Gang Gets It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Costumes"

That’s right, folks, we’re the first company in the costume industry to produce officially licensed It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Costumes. That’s because we’ve teamed up with FX to produce a licensed line of Sunny costumes, designed and made right here by our talented costume crew. And, oh yeah, have we mentioned that we’re fans?

Whether it’s plotting a diabolical scheme like Dennis, karate chopping like Mac, working on our acting routine like Dee, or maybe even playing nightcrawlers at home just like Charlie and Frank, we know our It’s Always Sunny inside and out. Which makes us a definitive authority on all things Sunny!

When it came time to produce our first Always Sunny costumes, we knew pretty quick which episodes we were going to hone in on. “The Gang Wrestles for the Troops?” Yup. The Gang Gets Invincible? Mmm hmm. And of course, the crème de la crème of Sunny episodes. The one, the only “The Nightman Cometh.” Yup, we’ve got those costumes!

If you don’t mind Charlie work, chances are you’ve been crafting a musical in your spare time. Well, here’s your opportunity to put on the production! We’ve got the Dayman Costume and Dayman Suit, and even the Princess Costume to help you and your friends perform the songs from Charlie’s musical.

And, yes, we’ve got the style from when the gang took on professional wrestling. In what is sure to be an all-time great when it comes to group themes, you can get you and all of your friends into our Always Sunny Birds of War Costumes to form your own wrestling troupe. We’re sure the vets will really appreciate you putting on a show!

And, of course, there’s the first Always Sunny costume style that really made a splash. The Green Man first appeared in “The Gang Gets Invincible” and green zentai suits suddenly starting showing up at sports arenas all around the US. Well, now, we’re proud to offer the only officially licensed Green Man Suit, ready for all the Charlie-style antics you can handle!

These It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia costumes are great for any costume party, and they’re probably going to help you win any costume contests you might find yourself in, too. Choose your costume, and assemble your friends. Whatever scheme your gang comes up with, we’re sure it’s going to be great! Make sure to leave a product review on any Sunny costume you pick out.