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Our ninja costumes will help you become one sneaky shadow warrior! From classic shinobi outfits, to costumes based on LEGO Ninjago, we carry a large variety of styles. We even have sizes for men, women, plus sizes, and more, so no matter how big or small you are, you can pursue the path of the shinobi with one of our ninja costumes.
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Whether you want to be a good ninja or a bad ninja, we have a ninja Halloween costume for you! We have a variety of ninja costumes for kids and adults. Stealthy ninjas are sure to be crawling through the darkness this Halloween. We're here to make sure the whole family can become sly ninjas this year! We have a girl ninja costume for that sneaky little girl in your life or even a boys' ninja costume for that scheming little guy who has been waiting his entire life for a ninja mission. We have the perfect ninja costumes for adults, too. Fight off your enemies this Halloween with one of our great ninja costumes! How To
Ninja Costumes

Ninja Costume Ideas

Despite how the movies might make it look, it’s not exactly an easy life being a ninja. You must live in the shadows, master the art of stealth, train as if your life depends on it, and defeat your enemies with precision and skill. But most of all, you need to make sure that you’re clad in the gear of a true shinobi! We’re certainly not masters of stealth or ninjutsu (you might have to find a good teacher for that), but we can be your sensei when it comes to rad ninja costumes! We carry tons of different costume styles for men, women, and kids, so we have something for everyone looking to sneak into the ninja game. Whether you need kids ninja costume or even a sleek and sexy ninja costume, we have it all! This quick and easy guide should help you decide which ninja costume to choose, which toy weapons and ninja accessories to choose, and how to strike some deadly poses. Now, bow to your sensei and get ready!

Ninja Costume Poses

Stealth is important when engaging in deadly missions, but sometimes even a ninja has to pop out of the shadows for a good photo opportunity. But what are you planning on doing when you jump out of the darkness to get the perfect pic? You can’t just flail your arms wildly while your friend snaps a photo of you. That would be disastrous. You need to have a plan—ninjas always have a plan! Here, we’ve compiled all of the best poses for you to use while wearing your ninja uniform during your secret shinobi mission. Just try them out and you can be confident in the shareability of your pics. Whether you choose to pose like a pouncing predator, or as a well-trained warrior is up to you. Just make sure you study these poses as a guide!

Hands Up, Ready to Fight

Ninja need no weapons to be a deadly assassin! They use their fists, their feet, and most importantly, their lethal stance. If you’re attempting to use nothing but your own hands and feet to threaten the camera, then you might want to take a look at this particular pose. Make sure to put up your dukes in this women's ninja costume! After all, you want to be able to guard from attacks to the face, while still being able to perform a powerful counterpunch to your foes! (We’re kidding—you totally should not punch your friend if they’re nice enough to take some pictures for you.)

Shh…Don’t Let the Enemy Know You’re There

If you plan on being a true shinobi, then you’d better master the art of the shush. Yes, the shush. That’s when you put one finger in front of your mouth and you let out a quick “Shhhhh.” If they continue making loud noises, then you must raise the stakes to a larger and louder “Shhhhh.” Then, if that doesn’t work… you must use your deadly ninjutsu to finish the job. Just kidding, of course! The shush does make for a great ninja pose when creating the perfect pics for your next social media post. Just make sure everyone stays quiet while you’re concentrating on your pose.

Crouching Ninja

Most of the best ninja techniques start from a crouching position—everyone knows that! Just get down low, bend your knees, unsheathe your sword, and you’ve got a stew going! Or wait, no. Actually, you’ll have a deadly ninja attack at the ready. Use this pose when you want to highlight your dangerous side. Just make sure to have your photographer take the photo quickly, because taking this stance for too long in this men's ninja costume will make you feel the urge to strike down your foes with the strength of a grizzly, the reflexes of a tiger, and the wisdom of a man. (Also, it’s kind of rough on the knees if you try doing it for too long.)

Sword Out, Attack

Now, this final stance is the secret technique, known only to the top level ninja masters. To recreate it, you’re going to need a toy ninjato (the primary weapon of any true shinobi). Once you have that critical piece and you’ve dressed yourself up in your ninja outfit, then you need to capture that moment just before your strike down your foe in a flurry of sword strikes and ninja kicks. Got it? Okay, we’ll break it down for you even more. Just hold the sword up high over your head and glare menacingly at the camera. That’s the way to unleash this secret, forbidden level technique.

Ninja Couples Costume Ideas

Many ninja warriors try to fight solo. While it’s good to have some awesome solo skills, it would be foolhardy to attempt every mission all by yourself. (Even ninjas don’t have super powers like Superman.) For the really dangerous missions, you’ll need to dress your significant other in a ninja suit and teach them the ways of the shinobi. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to create a couples costume based on ninja uniforms. Do you want to have the classic look of two dark and deadly assassins? Do you want to cosplay as a couple of dueling anime warriors from rival ninja hamlets? Or perhaps you’d like to recreate your favorite video game battle from Mortal Kombat with some of our ninja costumes based on the game. Maybe you’d like a sexy costume to put a wild spin on the classic ninja look? Well, here are some of the best couples costumes that have that shinobi flavor you crave. Believe it!

Adult Ninja Costumes

Ahh, has there ever been a more beautiful sight than two ninjas, working together in tandem to defeat the forces of evil? We dare you to find a more wholesome, awe-inspiring view. Okay, so maybe there are a few more awe-inspiring images, but a pair of shinobi ranks in at least the top ten. Make sure you come prepared with this men’s ninja costume and this women’s ninja costume. Also, you’ll need to bring your razor sharp wit and of course, don’t forget to hide in the shadows to ambush the bad guys like a couple of real live superheroes. (Actually, we even have superhero costumes if you want to be a real live superhero.)

Ninja Couple Costumes

Ninjas don’t always play nice, especially when they get hired by a rival samurai lord! If you want to dress up like rival fighters from different ninja families, then you’ll need some great digs to pull it off! You’ll need to choose a few of our best adult ninja costumes to wear. We think that this sexy ninja costume and this ninja warrior costume make a perfect duo for you! Then, make sure to choreograph a deadly battle between you and your significant other. You can put on a show with your friends, take some pictures and make sure to let your date know that you won the ninja battle that just occurred.

Mortal Kombat Costumes

For video game fans, there’s no better fighting game than Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter is close, but it has way fewer ninjas than the Mortal Kombat series, so it takes the edge. You’ve got plenty of choices, like Scorpion, Smoke, Reptile, Mileena, Jade… well, the list is pretty extensive. We suggest going as a color-coordinated couple of Kitana and Sub-Zero. Sure, it might be a fully canonical pair, but you really can’t argue with how great these two look together. Just make sure not to fight too much while you head to your next costume party wearing this Sub-Zero costume and Kitana sexy ninja costume.

More Ninja Costume Ideas

Ninja are great at thinking outside the box. It’s part of what makes them such efficient warriors! If you’re looking for a stealthy ninja costume that thinks a little outside the box, then maybe it’s time to try some of our more “out there” ninja costume ideas. Do you want to play as a double agent and become one of the ninja’s most well-known foes, or do you want to become a reptile ninja born from a weird ooze accident? Check out the options below!

Samurai Costume

Now, normally samurai were the sworn enemy of ninjas! The samurai represented the old laws to be followed and upheld. Ninjas were outlaws who broke the laws, but upheld their own code of conduct. Perhaps you could infiltrate the samurai ranks by being a secret ninja agent, posing as a samurai to gain crucial information about your enemy! This samurai costume should help you sneak behind enemy lines to find the information that you need.

Pirate/Ninja Costume

Everyone knows the longstanding debate about pirates and ninjas. Sure, pirates have stuff like ships, blunderbusses, and Johnny Depp, but ninjas have tools like throwing stars, the power of stealth, and Michael Dudikoff (if you haven’t seen American Ninja, do yourself a favor and go rent it now). Why not combine the two? Just combine some pirate accessories with your ninja costume and you’ve got a Piraninja outfit.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes

Some of the most famous ninjas of all time never even wore black jumpsuits! Yes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles showed us that even slow-moving turtles from a busted aquarium could be transformed into lean, mean (and green), fighting machines. You can pick out which turtle suits you best, whether you’re cool but crude, or you’re a total party dude. Just check out our selection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes to jumpstart your look today.

Ninja Weapons

Although a ninja’s entire body is a lethal weapon, sometimes a stealth warrior just needs to bring a weapon to finish the job and ninja have no shortage of weapons to use in a battle. It all just depends on which weapon is right for you. Do you enjoy quick and hidden tools, or do you want something that’s a little flashier? Do you want something with flexibility? Maybe you’d like something that you can just throw at the bad guys? Well, whichever kind of weapon you want to take into battle with you, we’ve got the proper ninja toy to fit your needs.


Knives. You probably mostly use them to cut your dinner into nice, edible little pieces. That’s cute. Ninjas use their concealed knives to slay enemies before they even have a chance to react! Of course, we can’t start you off with a real set of ninja knives, or even a set of simple kunai. You should start with something a little safer, like these toy ninja knives to add to your ninja Halloween costume.


You could go with a classic! Everyone that knows ninjas has seen them wielding a katana, but in reality, katanas weren’t as popular as they’re portrayed. Those weapons were more commonly wielded by the samurai class and ninja were more commonly commoners. But really, who cares about all that jazz! We like katanas because they look awesome, so we say go ahead and be slightly historically inaccurate and make a perfect ninja outfit complete with one of our ninja swords. We carry ones that Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe wield. We also carry some rad Hattori Hanzo swords from Kill Bill that work great as ninja weapon.

Throwing Stars

Let’s just get this straight. Real ninja shurikens area SUPER dangerous. They’re essentially flying blades of death, so we can’t recommend you get reals ones to toss around while you wear your ninja costume. Instead, we recommend picking up our ninja weapon kit, which comes with plenty of ninja throwing stars made out of plastic. That way, you can practice all your ninja moves without tossing flying death machines into the air like some kind of reckless hooligan. It’s also a lot safer on your furniture. We know from personal experience. (RIP breakroom couch.)


And we saved the most exciting for last! Most people remember those awesome scenes in Bruce Lee movies where he breaks out a pair of nunchaku (sometimes called nunchuks). He’d whirl them between his arms and behind his back like some kind of magical wizard, right before he pummeled the bad guys down. These nunchuks are a much safer version of the classic ninja weapon, as they’re just a toy version, so you can wield them a bit easier than normal ones. Be careful though, as even a toy you can still cause damage with them if you try whirling them around like a master.

Best Ninja Quotes

If you want to become a ninja, then you need to talk like a ninja! Here are some helpful tips on how to talk like a ninja… or wait, ninjas are supposed to be silent, right? Here are some tips on how to be silent!