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Superman Costumes

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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a whole catalog of Superman costumes! While other superheroes have all sorts of costumes, Superman's look is instantly recognizable no matter the decade. It's easy to find Superman costumes for boys, girls, women, and men. Whether you're looking for a Clark Kent suit or you're looking to slip into a muscled jumpsuit, you're sure to find the right look in this selection.
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Classic Superman Deluxe Toddler Costume2
Classic Superman Toddler Costume
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DC Comics Superman Deluxe Toddler Costume2-1
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DC Comics Superman Deluxe Kids Costume
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Classic Superman Kids Costume
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Classic Superman Deluxe Kids Costume
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Girls Supergirl TV Costume
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Child Pink Supergirl Costume
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Superman Costume for Kids update
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Child Deluxe Superman Costume
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Superman Dog Costume Update 1
Women's Sexy Supergirl Costume
Adult Superman Movie Costume
Child Adaptive Superman
Sale - 38%
Justice League Deluxe Superman Boys Costume
Sale - 11%
Adult Superman Costume
Superman T-Shirt Costume
Supergirl T-Shirt Costume
Superman Plus Size Costume
Toddler Deluxe Superman Costume
Sale - 22%
Child Red Gloves
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Kids Superhero Boots
Superman Candy Bowl Holder
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Adult Red Superhero Boots
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Child Red Superhero Bootcovers
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Adult Red Superhero Bootcovers
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Infant / Toddler Superman Costume
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Adult Superman Clark Kent Costume
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Superman Shield Costume T-Shirt-1
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Adult Collectors Superman Costume
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Adult Authentic Superman Costume
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DC Women's Supergirl Tights
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Flight, super-hearing, super-intelligence, vision powers (including x-ray vision) super-speed, super-strength, super-breath... do we need to go on? Superman's nick name The Man of Steel was obviously well earned. Except for having that one little vulnerability to green Kryponite he is pretty much indestructible.

His uniform has become nearly as famous as Superman himself. Consisting of a blue bodysuit emblazoned with a red and yellow 'S' on the front and topped off with a heroic looking red cape, this guy looks the part of the quintessential superhero. Plus, the sleek quality of his super suit fits easily under everyday office wear, as was demonstrated by Clark Kent, so he's ready at a moments notice to be Superman!

If you have always dreamed of stepping into a phone booth and tearing open your shirt to reveal a Superman costume we have some good news and bad news. The good news is that we carry a great assortment of Superman costumes right here so getting the look down will be easy. The bad news is that finding a phone booth is going to be a little tricky. Seriously, everyone carries cell phones now so you're going to be searching a while to find one. How To

Superman Halloween Costumes

Everyone falls short of perfection—except for Superman, the epitome of a true superhero. Despite his extraordinary abilities, he remains modest and never boasts about his unmatched powers. While characters like Iron Man and Naruto are admirable, Superman remains the original and unparalleled superhero. If you aspire to become the Man of Steel, explore a Superman Halloween Costume.

Since his debut in 1938 in Action Comics #1, Superman has redefined the essence of being a superhero. Our officially licensed Superman Halloween Costume is ideal for those who cherish DC Comics merch and seek a Halloween outfit that represents truth, justice, and the American way. Embrace the spirit of this legendary hero and stand tall as the symbol of hope and strength on Halloween night.

Superman Costumes for Adults

Superman Costumes for Adults

Great power entails huge responsibility, and this wisdom extends beyond Spider-Man's famous phrase. Consider the burden Clark Kent must shoulder, given the extent of his powers. Fortunately, you don't need to possess his strength to don a Superman Costume for Adults. Wear it discreetly under a suit or team up with a friend wearing a Hulk costume and settle the age-old debate of who reigns as the mightiest! The possibilities are endless with a

Superman Costumes for Kids

Superman Costumes for Kids

Clark isn't merely a Superman—he was a super kid too. While he had some time-travel adventures with the Legion of Superheroes during his teenage years, that's not what we're highlighting here. Clark was an ordinary kid who did chores, enjoyed playing sports and games, and excelled in school. Check out our Superman Costume for Kids—a positive role model for any kid. You've already gifted them a bunch of DC Comics, why not complete the set with a matching kid’s costume?

Toddler Superman Costumes

In earlier portrayals of Supes, he showcased his powers as a toddler. Just picture the challenge of getting little Clark Kent to eat his veggies or watching "The Incredibles" for the hundredth time! Subsequent revisions shifted his power acquisition to his teenage years. Fortunately, you only need to focus on dressing your child in a toddler costume, such as our Toddler Superman Costume. With its vibrant colors, your child might prefer it over Batman (no offense, Bruce).

Baby Superman Costumes

Get your little one ready to take on the world in our Baby Superman Costume! Even though they may not be able to fly yet, they'll look as adorable as the tiny Man of Steel. This infant costume comes with the iconic "S" logo, cape, and everything your little hero needs to rock their Halloween or dress-up event. Dress your baby up as the cutest superhero on the block and capture those precious moments that will warm your heart for years. Check out our Baby Superman Costume!

Superman Shirt Costumes

Even with incredible superpowers, Superman deserves some downtime. After a busy day of saving the world, it's refreshing to relax and enjoy the rewards of his efforts. However, the iconic "S" on Superman's chest never allows him to unwind fully. In DC Comics, even when depowered, he proudly wore his emblem. Explore our Superman Shirt Costume from our superhero costumes for a laid-back version of his classic look. It's a chill and stylish option to embrace the hero's vibe.

Plus Size Superman Costumes

Celebrate your love for the iconic Man of Steel with our plus-size Superman Costume! Just like Superman himself, this plus-size costume is all about embracing who you are. Superman may be a hero, but he knows the importance of staying humble and being a great role model for his son, Jon. So, whether you're heading to a costume party or having fun, this plus-size Superman Costume makes you feel like a superhero and reminds you that you don't need powers to be amazing!

Superman Costume Accessories

When you possess the speed of a bullet, the strength of a locomotive, and the ability to leap tall buildings, wielding weapons like Wonder Woman or Thor isn't necessary to save the day. All Clark needs is glasses, a tie, and maybe a photo booth (if those still exist) to transform into his alter ego. From capes that flutter heroically to boots, our accessories will ensure you're Metropolis's next sensation.

While Clark effortlessly handles his responsibilities, you may need a little more to pull off your Superman Halloween Costume, such as a stylish pair of boots or a wig to achieve that perfect spit curl. Look no further; we have all the Superman Costume Accessories you'll need to become The Last Son of Krypton. So, whether it's a costume party or just a regular Tuesday, gear up and let your Superman spirit soar!

Superman Cape

Superman Cape

Every superhero knows that donning a cape is a rite of passage, and our Superman Cape is the ultimate symbol of heroic prowess. From the Teen Titans to the X-Men, capes have always been a staple for iconic crime fighters. It's no wonder that the original superhero, Superman, proudly wears his signature cape. Now you can embrace the legacy of heroes with this classic accessory that completes any Superman ensemble. Fly into action and feel the power of being a superhero!

Superman Boots

Superman Boots

Superman's powers are out of this world, but his superhero accessories don't need to be. Clark’s iconic aura protects him from damage, so he doesn't require titanium superhero boots. That's why his clothes stay intact during epic battles. For us mere mortals, we’re not as fortunate and must wear stylish Superman Boots to complete our heroic look. Whether saving the world or just stepping out for fun, these Superman Boots will make you feel like a true Man of Steel! Monster