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Teen Titans Costumes

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The Teen Titans have a long history in DC comics. The team of teen superheroes first found its way to the page all the way back in the 1960s, after Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash teamed up in an issue of The Brave and the Bold. Wonder Girl also became a founder and the team quickly began recruiting new members (mostly sidekicks). Of course, it wasn’t until the New Teen Titans emerged that we got introduced to some of the more recognizable characters that we know today, like Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg!

Robin often acts as the team’s leader, using his years of experience fighting with Batman to provide the team with sound tactical advice. Starfire is the alien powerhouse, who’s second to only a few when it comes to raw strength. Cyborg uses his skills in technology to make sure the team is always equipped with the latest and greatest tech. Beast Boy provides the comic relief and symbolizes the heart of the team, and Raven is the mysterious girl with uncharted powers!

The real height of the team’s success came with the 2003 series, Teen Titans. The show ran for 5 seasons and drew a large fan base. The teens balanced their teen lives with the act of protecting Jump City from all the strange threats that befall it. It starkly contrasted the dark visual style of the Bruce Timm lead DC animated universe, bringing a slightly more light-hearted tone inspired by anime series. Of course, that series’ success led to Teen Titans GO!, the comedy version of the same characters!

It’s really no surprise that the superhero group has amassed a huge following, which is why we went out and gathered up all of the best Teen Titans costumes for fans. We offer a wide variety of styles, including Robin costumes and Starfire costumes for all of you couples out there trying to create the perfect superhero couples look. We carry Cyborg costumes for those who want to be the tech-savvy genius of the group. We even have Raven costumes and Beast Boy costumes for any pair that has a banter-laden repertoire! We also carry costumes for both adults and kids, so whether you’re shopping for an outfit for yourself, or you’re just looking to gear up your kid in the best superhero gear around, you should be able to find a great look here.

Not looking for a full costume look? Well, it easy to create a quick cosplay looks with one of our many Teen Titans themed accessories. We have various sunglasses and masks that can be paired with everyday clothes (and maybe a spare cape) to make you look like a Teen Titan in an instant!

Whether you plan on heading out for a costume party, a night of trick or treating, or you need a cosplay outfit for your next trip to a comic-con, you really can’t go wrong with any one of our Teen Titan costumes. Just choose the character that best fits your personality and you’ll be ready to fight evil when it attacks!