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Becoming Batman just got a whole lot easier! Pick up your favorite Dark Knight costume right here at! We have Batman costumes from infants to plus size adults. You can find deluxe and authentic Batman suits for the whole family. Or you could even team up with your friends for a night out in Gotham City. Yes, that includes allies and villains like Robin, the Joker, the Riddler, or even Catwoman.
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Batman was one of the earliest comic book superheroes, first appearing in 1939. It took him less than a year to earn his own title and join Superman as one of the cornerstones of the comic universe. He's been in comic books, TV and several movies. So, if you're going to be him for your costumed event, you have a decision to make.

Which version of Batman do you want to be? His appearance and costume have evolved over the years and across different media. We have costume options for many of his incarnations, in sizes from infant to adult plus.

Maybe you'd like to look like Adam West, who played Batman in the 1960s TV series. His costume was a light gray jumpsuit with dark blue briefs, boots, hood & cape. He wore a yellow utility belt and had the bat symbol in a yellow oval on his chest. We have several versions of this look. Some of them have padding in the chest and shoulders to give you the look of a muscular physique without spending hours in the gym.

Or perhaps you want the darker, all-black look from the Batman movies. We have Dark Knight costumes for all ages at a variety of price points.

If you're going to be Batman, you'll want to add accessories like Batarangs and a grappling hook. You'll also want to have a friend or significant other to be Robin. For a group of friends you could have a rogues' gallery of villains: The Joker, Penguin, The Riddler and more.

So watch for the Bat Signal, and when it appears slide down the Batpole to the Batcave and zoom away in the Batmobile. Gotham City needs you! How To
Batman Costumes & Suits

Batman Costume Ideas & Poses

The "Bat-Man," or Batman (as he's known these days) is DC Comics' bat-inspired crime fighter. Unlike other superheroes, he doesn't have any superpowers; he's just a regular guy... with an irregular amount of wealth. They say money can't buy happiness, but when you have Wayne Enterprises-level cash on hand, it can definitely buy you a lot of weapons. Money, power, superior intelligence—what more could you want? How about the ability to act like Batman? It takes more than cruising around town in the Batmobile or testing the latest and greatest technology in your Batcave to be Batman... Actually, if that's how you spend your time, you probably are Batman. For everyone else, mastering this cultural icon's poses takes practice. Here's how to get started!


Batarang Batman Costume Pose

When that Bat-signal searchlight emblazons the night sky, Batman knows he's being called for duty. Sometimes he'll have Robin at his six or the Justice League to back him up. Other times, he has to handle business by himself. That’s when a good Batarang comes in handy. Batarangs are as agile as throwing stars and as reliable at returning to the thrower as a boomerang. Some even possess different abilities, such as being electrified or filled with tear gas. Whatever the mission, these specialized weapons are as unique as they come.


Shadows Batman Costume Pose

When darkness falls, Batman is a tough guy to find. As a matter of fact, hiding in the shadows is Batman's specialty. This skill is especially helpful for stalking villains or for making an escape anytime Jim Gordon takes his eyes off of you. Simply melt into the background of Gotham City by using your cape to block your face, leaving only a stern gaze visible. It's intimidating, but it's also captivating. Just ask Ms. Selina Kyle. When you turn on the smolder, she goes from parkouring jewel thief to a purr-fect, upstanding cat-izen.


Gotham Defender Batman Costume Pose

Crossing your arms is a sub-conscious sign that you're on guard to block any attacks, and martial artists use the position to communicate a very similar message. It's the ultimate power pose that's been utilized by throngs of superheroes, tough guys and bouncers throughout the ages. In short, you don’t mess with this Batman because he means business. Defending Gotham business. In photos, it will translate as being confident, but also aloof. Save it for "candid" shots between you and Superman (you kind of stole it from him anyway), not a couple's pose with your best gal.


Strike Batman Costume Pose

Batman doesn't use guns (well, until Zack Snyder brought Frank Miller's storyline to the big screen, anyway). They are the weapons that killed his parents and he has stood by this principle his entire career. He's not a predator going in for the kill; his only belief is in justice. The "Ready to Strike" pose is intimidating and it will make your presence seem larger than life. Using your cape, raise your arms to emulate bat wings. It's your choice to engulf the person behind the camera or embrace them.

Dark Knight

Dark Knight Strikes Batman Costume Pose

This is the Dark Knight's most iconic pose. Whether he's perched on top of a skyscraper (just waiting to swoop down to save the day) or on the roof of a car, "Dark Knight Strikes Again" signifies that Batman's in control of his landing and poised for what he's about to do next. You also have never looked so slick in all your life, especially if you sprang for the authentic Batman suit, complete with full body armor. Don't be surprised if this is the pose that adoring fans ask for the most.

Batman Through the Ages

It's hard to believe Batman has existed for nearly eight decades (that martial arts training clearly keeps him in tip-top shape!), but both the timely comic book storylines and generational film reimaginings have kept the lore of DC Comics' "World’s Greatest Detective" character evergreen. Comic book purists may argue over whether Frank Miller or Scott Snyder captured the essence of the character better, while other fans focus on the franchise's cinematic endeavors: Tim Burton's Batman or Christopher Nolan's Batman? And really, that's the greatest thing about Gotham's Dark Knight: There's a version of the Caped Crusader for fans of all ages and affiliations.

Year one

Year One Batman Costume

The Batman got his very own piece of the heroic pulp fiction pie in 1940. Comic book collaborator, Bill Finger, designed the original cowl (which took the place of Bob Kane's proposed domino mask) and cape (versus bat wings) to give Batman a spookier, more mysterious look. This classic, vintage style is perfect for OGs who have no need to show off a handsome chin dimple or faux muscles—full well knowing it's dark, brooding brilliance that Batman brings to the table. Don't worry; the mask is completely breathable (and see-through), so catching the Joker will be no problem... getting down a drink, on the other hand, could pose a challenge.


1960s Batman Costume

In the late sixties, Adam West owned the Batman character and infused it with campy humor and plenty of BIFFs, BOOMs and POWs. This jumpsuit has all the markings of fashion in that era, including a high-waisted brief. Tight, skin-like clothing made of spandex? Check. Hip belt? Check. Cool stage name? Check. Batman really was with the time even back then and he knew how to market himself as the best hero out there. Villains had no idea what to make of his gadgets, his fighting skills, or his intelligence—all were superior; but it was his famous dance moves that, perhaps, proved to be the most incredible of all. He unleashed upon the world the coolest dance move known to humankind: the Batusi, one of his own inventions. In fact, you can see Vincent Vega use the iconic dance move in Pulp Fiction. Far out!


Classic Batman Costume

Once the call to, "tune in next week—same Bat-time, same Bat-channel," came to a halt, Batman went back to his comic strip roots as the "grim avenger of the night." His look was pretty similar, just sleeker and darker (the uniform's blues were changed to black to act as camouflage after sunset). "The Brave and the Bold" era was a rebuilding time period for Batman's character. The edgier adaptation scraped off any over-the-top incarnations of the past and paved the way for the DC Universe to make its first live-action Batman blockbuster.

Gotham Knight

Comic Book Batman Costume

The late eighties brought a renaissance to Batman and the city of Gotham. Tim Burton reinvigorated the Caped Crusader on film (this time played by Michael Keaton), while Frank Miller took the comic to grittier heights with his graphic novel series, The Dark Knight Returns. Both creations gave Batman's look a total overhaul. Miller put some muscle on the billionaire playboy and fans were mesmerized! His suit, crafted from cutting-edge materials, was built for heavy-duty crime fighting and shaded in grays and blacks to help Batman blend into the shroud of nightfall.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Costume

The Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan's contribution to the Batman film franchise, was revolutionary in presentation. Gotham returned to its seedy city landscape, and it needed a superhero that could defeat the bad guys within that realm. Christian Bale proved to be the perfect fit, towing the line between sarcastic (and incredibly pompous) Bruce Wayne and troubled do-gooder, Batman. He had very few actual lines, but so. much. charisma. Of course, The Dark Knight's legendary suit didn’t hurt either. Lucius Fox, Wayne Enterprise's CEO (and Bruce Wayne's right hand man) outdid himself in the creation of Batman's armor. Chiseled, aerodynamic and lightweight, this pitch-black ensemble is guaranteed to command the attention of any room.

Batman Costume Guide

Getting into character when you're Batman seems relatively simple. Mask. Black. Cape. Super gravely voice. A penchant for one-line condescension. However, if you're Batman on a budget, you may be wondering how to get the look for less. We totally understand! Bruce Wayne has an endless supply of money, but not all of us were born into socialite status. In fact, unless you're lucky enough to have rent-controlled digs in Gotham, smart spending is essential to survival. That's why we've designed this Batman costume guide that will help you get the most bang for your buck... no matter how many bucks you're working with. Shopping for kids or adults is easy on


Value Batman Costume

We've labeled this disguise as a "value" option, but it's also the most comfortable option. We're talking about a 100% cotton T-shirt, bro (with an attached cape, so no fuss, no muss), there are no more excuses on why you don't like dressing up for Halloween... or going to the grocery store... or picking the kids up from school. (Only our Batman bathrobe is cozier, but you probably shouldn't wear that out of the house). Add a Batman half-mask and a pair of gloves to complete the look for under $40!


Moderate Batman Costume

The Deluxe Dark Knight costume is a bestseller for us because it comes complete, straight out of the package. It includes a jumpsuit with a molded, foam chest piece (giving you permission to skip pec day), a character cowl, boot covers, a utility belt and a cape. Another thing Caped Crusader-types like is the fact that all the accessories can be upgraded/swapped out, making the getup completely customizable. If you want to add actual boots, for example, you can just omit your boot covers. Priced just right, you can't go wrong with Batman's deluxe suit.


Deluxe Batman Costume

The quality of our Authentic Classic Batman jumpsuit will impress you! The material is thick and substantial, helping you feel totally legit—even the rubber molded utility belt is next level! (It's nearly an exact replica of Adam West's Batsuit from the iconic television series.) The only trouble you may have is with the large, standup ears attached to the cowl—they can get a little floppy. Here's how to fix the problem: from the inside, stuff the ears with cotton balls to make them sturdier. No cotton balls? No problem! Pipe cleaners would also do the trick. This suit is moderately priced, but the craftsmanship will exceed your expectations.

Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe Batman Costume

We call this Dark Knight costume "super deluxe" because it's super awesome. Seriously, everything you see pictured is included—right down to the intricately designed body armor and top-notch accessories. And if you can believe it, this isn't even our most elaborate ensemble inspired by the trilogy... but it's the best on the market before you go into "Bruce Wayne bank account" territory. Yes, wearing it will win you Halloween costume contest prizes (like shooting Joker's wind-up teeth in a barrel!), but you'll also fit right in at events like Comic-Con. Budget or not, we're talking the real deal here.

Talk Like Batman

Batman's gruff, disguised voice has been penned for over seventy years, spanning film, television and print. Let's be honest, though, he's a dude of few words. Bruce Wayne is slightly longer-winded, but that's not saying much. As a man of action, you'll notice that when you DO decide to speak, people will definitely listen. Therefore, choose your words carefully to stay in character. If you already have your own arsenal of Batman quips and quotes, then hop into your Batmobile and ride off into the sunset. For the rest of us, here's a quick reference guide that will see you through any situation.

Batman Quotes

Batman Costume Evolution

2016's Batman v. Superman logo may be what's emblazoned on Ben Affleck's chest, but the prominently displayed bat symbol has changed as often as the character himself. Adam West's campy Batman symbol was bright and bold, while Christian Bale's Dark Knight Batman gravitated toward a more subdued, monochromatic symbol. From comic books to video games (and everything in between), every Batman interpretation reinforces the fact that the key to Batman's longevity is the character's ability to change with the times. From subtle tweaks to major graphic redesigns, this exclusive video was created to chronicle the evolution of Batman's logo throughout the years.

Batman's Villains

The only thing more fun than becoming Batman would be to become Batman's nemesis. Admit it, Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker left you awestruck. If being a maniacal psychopath was wrong, who wanted to be right? Besides, Gotham has no shortage of bad guys (and gals)! Ladies, how fun would it be to channel your inner-Julie Newmar/Halle Berry/Anne Hathaway/Michelle Pfeiffer and slip into something a little more feline as Catwoman? Guys, you know Bane's mask has been calling your name ever since The Dark Knight Rises. Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Ra's al Ghul, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Two-Face; your choices are virtually endless!

The Riddler

Riddler Costumes for Men, Women and Girls

As a card-carrying member of The Secret Society of Super Villains, Edward Nigma is a man with a plan. The Riddler, as he's better known, is not your average evil-doer. This criminal mastermind (portrayed in Batman Forever by Jim Carrey) uses his intellect to devise strategies that really put Batman through the paces. "Riddle me this. Riddle me that. Who's afraid of the big black bat?" It's definitely not The Riddler! Punctuate your look with emerald green fabrics and question mark finishes (don't forget his awesome cane!) – we offer Riddler costumes in many different styles and sizes to fit every mischief-maker on your list this Halloween!