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Robin Costumes

Yes, Robin generally gains his fame from being the sidekick to Batman. But if he were any other guy, his abilities and powers would earn him a solid reputation as a respectable superhero even without Batman's influence. Alas, he is destined to remain known as Boy Wonder. There could be worse things.

The role of Robin has belonged to many different people over the years, and thus there are many different Robin costumes available to choose from. Whether you prefer the red and black suit from the movie Batman and Robin, a modern look from the Young Justice series, or if you refuse to acknowledge anything other than the red, yellow and green uniform that he's most famous for you'll have no trouble finding the right look here.

You could wear your Robin suit along with a friend in a Batman costume. Many people do. Or, maybe this time you won't let Robin take second billing. Wear the costume proudly and show the world that sometimes sidekicks are more than the sum of their cliched role. How To
Robin Costumes

Robin Costumes for Men

Holy costume options Robin! If you want to the best sidekick that Gotham has ever seen, be sure you've explored all of your options.

Robin T-Shirt with Cape & Mask

Robin Shirt

Robin's keeping it casual! Sometimes tights, body armor and all that other crime fighting gear gets in the way of feeling comfortable while taking on super villains. This costume solves that problem by creating a t-shirt version his uniform.

Muscle Chest Robin

Robin Muscle Costume

Getting a superhero physique is tough work. You have to spend every waking moment training for crime fighting. That might be easy for The Boy Wonder, who has a billionaire legal guardian, but chances are, you're a little too busy to get buff. This look takes care of the whole "muscle" thing for you!

Classic Robin Costume

Classic Robin Costume

Sometimes you just can't beat a classic! Robin's had tons of different reiterations of his look, but this is the one that started it all.

Authentic Movie Robin Costume

Robin Movie Costume

This version of the Boy Wonder's look drops some of the "boy" part. It comes from the Batman and Robin movie, but even in the comics, Dick Grayson has adopted this look for his Nightwing costume.

Robin Poses

Wondering how to be a Boy Wonder? Robin learned his moves from the world's greatest detective, Batman! Check out some of his freestyling poses he uses to intimidate the bad guys.

Your Hero has Arrived

Robin Hero Costume

You need to let everyone know that you've come to save the day and there's really no better way to do that than with your body language. This pose says, "Hey everyone, I got this."

Mama Said Knock you Out

Robin Fight Pose

It's never a bad idea to let bad guys know that you're ready to send those fists-a-flyin'. This pose tells bad guys, "Knock it off or you're going to get a knuckle sandwich."

Here Comes the Pain

Adult Robin Costume

Superheroes have some serious muscles. It's always best to just show them off before a scuffle. Robin learned this piece of wisdom from Batman and makes use of it in this pose.

Truth and Justice with Always Win

Men's Robin Costume

The bad guys never win! This pose says more than words ever could to those evil-doers! One look at this pose and they'll know they picked the wrong profession.

Robin Girl Costumes for Women

Boy Wonder? How about Girl Wonder? Most Robins have been boys, but let's face it. Some girls just know how to rock a costume better than boys.

Fierce Women's Robin Costume

Women's Robin Costume

Shiny and fierce, this style knocks bad guys flat on their butts with just one look. Who even needs Batarangs when looks are an even deadlier weapon?

Sexy Corset Robin Costume

Sexy Robin Costume

Tights aren't the only way to go in the crime fighting game of Gotham City. Corsets can do the job just as well, with a much cuter touch!

Child Robin and Robin Girl Costumes

Robin was the first kid superhero, so it's no surprise that kids wear the uniform better than adults. Even Batman's probably a little jealous of how awesome these kids look while fighting bad guys in Gotham City.

Boy's Young Justice Robin

Boys Robin Costume

Robin had no problems going toe to toe with Kobra in Young Justice! Why was that? Martial arts moves? Batarangs? We just think it's because of his super cool redesigned costume.

Kids Muscle Chest Robin

Kids Robin Costume

Your kid might be a bit too young for pumping iron at the gym, but his dream of having muscles doesn't have to stop right there. This Robin outfit brings the muscles with it.

Tutu Robin Girl

Girls' Robin Costume

Is it weird that Robin looks as cute as she is dangerous in a tutu? This girl's costume combines both for a deadly crime fighting combo.

Tween Robin Girl Costume

Tween Robin Girl Costume

Classic Robin style with the addition of a skirt! This costume is something we imagine Stephanie Brown would wear as her Robin outfit, just before Batman fires her for being more awesome than him.

Robin Couples Costume Ideas

Batman might be Robin's usual partner, but there are a lot of interesting characters prowling around Gotham City, so maybe it's time he weighed all of his options. After all, Batman has been stealing the show since the two paired up, so perhaps a change of pace would do the young crime fighter some good.

Classic Robin and Batgirl

Classic Robin and Batgirl Costumes

They say looking for love at the workplace is risky business, but can you blame Robin for wanting a date with Batgirl? Babs Gordon is such a cutie, there's no way he could resist.

Robin and Catwoman

Robin and Catwoman Costumes

Robin's a young guy, just trying to figure things out and along comes a ferocious kitty cat. Catwoman knows what she wants and just how to get it. Robin better watch out!

Robin and Poison Ivy

Robin and Poison Ivy Costumes

Trading blows or trading kisses, superheroes and villains are just cosmically tied to one another. Poison Ivy and Robin are another one of those dangerous couples that defy the lines between good and bad.

Sexy Robin and Batgirl

Sexy Robin and Batgirl Costumes

Gotham could use a double dose of girl power. This deadly combo gives the villains of the city a fight they definitely can't handle (especially when the superheroes are this hot!)

Batman and Robin Girl

Batman and Robin Costumes

Batman's partners in crime fighting are typical guys, but something tells us he tired of being a bachelor. Maybe his next choice for Robin should be someone who can be more than just a crime fighting partner.

Robin Girl and Batgirl

Robin and Batgirl Costumes

If cuteness were a weapon (and we're not entirely sure that it isn't), then this cute combo could kill!

Robin Costume Accessories

Give your Robin costume a fighting chance with accessories. If you think that all it takes to do some crime fighting is a pair of tights and a few fancy poses, then you've got another thing coming! Robin rocks a whole plethora of accessories to get his crime-fighting game on. From eye masks to gloves, to capes to specialized socks, he's got a whole bunch of gear to fight crime in.

Eye mask

Robin Eye Mask

For some reason, a simple eye mask is all it takes to keep Dick Grayson's identity safe. We're not sure why Gotham City residents can't figure it out, but hey, if it works, don't knock it.

Green Robin Gloves

Green Robin Gloves

Beating up criminals with your bare hands can get kind of rough. Robin wears a set of gloves to help keep his hands in tip top shape.

Robin Sunglasses

Robin Sunglasses

When the sun's out, an eye mask just isn't enough. Sure, it'll keep bad guys from identifying you, but it won't keep the sun out of your eyes. These shades will.

Caped Robin Socks

Caped Robin Socks

From head to toe, Robin is serious about fighting crime. These cape socks are the undeniable proof.

Robin Quotes

Robin Quotes