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Poison Ivy Costume

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Dr. Pamela Lillian Insley was unknowingly experimented on by a colleague and ever since has earned a reputation as being one of the world's most prominent eco-terrorists. The attempt to poison her revealed that she has an unusual immunity and endowed her with certain additional strengths. As Poison Ivy she has an immunity to poisons, viruses, bacteria and fungi as well as Joker venom. She can kill with a kiss or touch because of the toxins in her blood stream. Luckily, you don't have to have that kind of origin story to become the supervillain, you just need our Poison Ivy costumes! If you want to replicate this organic looking super-villain then our collection of Poison Ivy costumes should be to your liking. You are sure to get the attention of Batman and Robin as well gain an instant friend in Harley Quinn. Not bad for a costume. How To

Poison Ivy Costumes

Poison Ivy Poisonous Poses

When you're the kind of girl who loves the outdoors, is fiercely protective of the environment and isn't afraid to defend herself against both friends and enemies then it's no wonder you've decided to dress up as Poison Ivy. To take your costume to the next level, take a few moments to learn how to act more like this beautiful and strange villain. Her weapon is a deadly kiss. Nature is her sanctuary. Her mesmerizing stare is a trap that guys fall into over and over again.

Poison Ivy Poses Deadly Kiss

If you forget all of the other poses we demonstrate here, remember this one at least. The deadly kiss, Poison Ivy's signature weapon and be easily portrayed by blowing a kiss. See if there's anyone foolish to try to catch it!

Poison Ivy Poses One With Nature

After you've perfected your deadly kiss, the next step is to get really comfortable in the outdoors. All of the green things are breathing, you give them life and they return the favor. Become one with your surroundings.

Poison Ivy Red and Green

Poison Ivy is known for dressing in green and surrounding herself in green but there's one thing that stands out in all of the foliage: her fiery red hair. You'll be a sizzling siren when you add long red locks to your look.

Poison Ivy Poses Garden Guardian

We know that Ivy is very affectionate when it comes to anything green and growing, which is why anytime you're near a plant, flower or shrub you should assume a protective stance.

Poison Ivy Couples Costumes

>While she generally goes it alone, occasionally Poison Ivy does collaborate with others for if she thinks she will benefit. She is a powerful villain and the guys of Gotham have been known to seek an alliance with her from time to time. Here we've decided to explore a few possibilities, and you can decide which match is right for you.

Poison Ivy and The Joker Couples Costume

What would happen if Poison Ivy teamed up with the Joker? Harley Quinn might have something to say about that for starters. But all jealousy aside, these two are both dangerous and manipulative so it'd be a toss up to see if they could get anything done without double crossing one another. For sure, neither would ever be bored!

Poison Ivy and Bane Couples Costume Idea

Generally speaking, Bane wouldn't make a good boyfriend for any lady. He's pretty set in his ways and tends to leave a trail of destruction wherever he goes. But if taking down Batman sounds like a good time to you then he's your guy. Because there is nothing he'd rather do.

Poison Ivy and Batman Couples Costume Idea

Poison Ivy hasn't always been bad. She cares deeply about plants and even tried to take care of a group of orphan girls for a while. When she realized she was harming them with her venom, she asked Batman to help take away her powers. That was short lived, but it shows that she occasionally tries to do the right thing for others. Who knows, maybe teaming up with Batman could inspire to use her powers for good instead of evil someday.

Poison Ivy Costume Makeup Tutorial

Poison Ivy is one of the dangerous and beautiful villains Batman has to face. Make sure you live up to her legend by following our quick and easy makeup tutorial for Halloween night. Dark and light teal colors are used for your eyelid color, pink for blush, and a bright red lipstick rounds out this look. Add a wig to your costume to complete her siren look. Batman won’t know what hit him.

Poison Ivy Accessories

There are a few essential extras that will make your Poison Ivy costume more genuine. Number one has to be the red hair. Whether you choose a bring red shade like we've used or pick a more 'natural' red for your hair, it is important to get this detail correct. After that, have fun playing with her makeup. There are so many tutorials out there to work with (including the one we've posted here!) that can help you add unique detail to your look.

Poison Ivy Makeup

We carefully painted ivy leaves on the side of our model's face for a bold visual that shows her character's connection with plants. For the eyes we used different shades of green shadow and added a bold winged eyeliner. False lashes would really pop too! For the lips we used a bright red leaving the center nude so that we could dap shimmery yellow powder and play up her 'poisonous' kiss.

Poison Ivy Wig

We loved the look of this bright red Fever wig. Not only was the shade spot on, the wig itself is one of our favorites for being comfortable to wear and easy to style.

Poison Ivy Quotes

Poison Ivy Quotes