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Have you ever wondered what's hidden in Area 51? Or hovering in space? A space costume will let you explore those imaginings. A good alien costume will always stir up the imagination. All sorts of fun fabrics such and wild cuts make alien costume women stand out in a crowd. Whether you're heading to a cosmic themed party or dressing up for trick-or-treating, an alien Halloween costume will make sure your spooky experience is out of this world!
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Space. The great unknown. The wise minds of Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan think that aliens exist out there somewhere, and who are we to argue with a bunch of science experts like those guys. In fact, we like to celebrate the idea of space aliens with costumes based on some of the extra-terrestrials imagined up by mankind over the last few hundred years and the astronauts who'll probably end up having to fight them in the ensuing galactic battle against them.

This year, find the perfect alien Halloween costume. Each of our alien costumes highlight a different type of extraterrestrial look. Whether your dream is to be a little green man who scares the living daylights out of all of your neighbors, a xenomorph from the Alien movies or the loveable Alf, we got you covered. Full body suits, masks, accessories and everything in between; that's the kind of arsenal we're packing when it comes to life beyond Earth.