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Child Zombie Piggyback Costume
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Child Zombie Piggyback Costume

Toddler Ride in School Bus Costume
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Popeye Ride On Adult Costume-update1
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Kids Ride a Unicorn Costume1
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Myself on an Elf
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Toddler Mouse in Cheese Costume
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Adult Ride a Reindeer Costume

Adult Ride a Reindeer Costume

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Child Ride a Dinosaur Costume
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Hey folks, we’re ready to let you know that we’ve got some big costume news. That’s right, our fine staff at has been curating the web’s top selection of costumes for well over a decade, and we’re happy to report that after this long in the game, we’ve seen it all. But we’re always at the forefront of costume innovation, and whether that’s making and designing our FunCostumes line or scouring the world in search of the latest and great costume trends, we've got the costume selection that features it all!

So we’re very happy to announce that we’ve got the hottest costume trend ready for you. The Ride-On Costume! Also known as the Piggyback costume, these whimsical costumes are a trending and popular Halloween costume selection! Of course, costume DIYers have been making incredible whimsical designs for years, but we’re here to let you know that we’ve teamed up with some of the top costume manufacturers to carry these ride-on costumes, and they are absolutely-positively ready for fun!

Ride-On costumes start with a pretty simple premise. Your upper half is you; your bottom half is a character giving you a lift! Of course, you could be riding your favorite animal, vehicle, or even a mythological beast. That’s where the fun begins! You never know what kind of a mischievous adventure you might get into at your costume party when you choose one of these styles, and with so many options, the possibilities are endless!

The classic options include the typical animals that you’d expect to ride as transportation: Ride-A-Horse, Ride-A-Camel, and even Ride-an-Elephant. It might be a little exotic to think about riding an elephant somewhere, but when you’re going in costume, you can choose anything your imagination desires! Of course, the options only start there because we also have e costume for Ride-A-Monkey, Ride-A-Ostrich, and even Ride-A-Shark. Imagine cruising out of the sea riding your favorite pal the Great White Shark! That’s a surefire way to bring a popular meme to life!

The fun doesn’t stop there, or even at Halloween. Our Christmas themed costumes let you Ride a Reindeer as Santa Claus, Piggyback on top of Kris Kringle himself,  or even get “on top” of an Elf for “Myself on an Elf!” You can choose to ride Piggyback on a Luchador Wrestler or even a Sumo Wrestler, and for a totally hilarious take you can even pick out a Piggyback T-Rex costume.  Imagine whizzing around your costume party on top of T-Rex that’s ready to roar. Now that sounds like a blast!

We carry Ride-On costumes in sizes for kids and adults with themes that range from mild to rowdy. And they feature different costume effects to let you get your desired appearance. All of them fit around the waist, so you can wear your regular t-shirt or even another costume to complete the theme. Some styles complete the effect with soft sculpted plush attachments to the pants, and seem even feature a battery operated fan for inflatable effects!

When you choose one of these Piggyback costumes, you’re sure to be the center of the attention at the big party. And a way to up the ante on that? Pick out a couple of them for you and your friends to create a themed costume group, and you’ll be the stars of the show! Make this Halloween one of the most memorable ones to date by picking out a hilarious Ride On costume, and you’re going to be putting on quite the scene. It will be, almost, “larger than life!”