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If you think about it, gorilla might be the most versatile theme of any costume. You can portray a majestic silverback, as brilliant as Coco, with a gorilla costume. Or you could keep it light and monkey around in a gorilla suit while your best pal becomes your favorite fruity treat! With everything from playful to realistic gorilla costume in our selection, you’re sure to find the ape costume you need!
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Jack Links Adult Sasquatch Costume Update
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Adult Deluxe Donkey Kong Costume
Gorilla Costume Toddler
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Child Deluxe Gorilla Costume
Kids Banana Costume
Kids Gorilla Costume
Gorilla Costume Child
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Adult Gorilla Costume
Plus Realistic Gorilla Suit
Adult Orangutan Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Gorilla Costume Adult
Made By Us Exclusive
Two Bit Roar Gorilla Costume
Man in a Gorilla Cage Costume-update1
Deluxe Toddler Gorilla Costume
Womens Positively Primate Gorilla Costume
Sale - 55% Made By Us
Adult Goin Ape Gorilla Costume
Womens Plus Size Positively Primate Gorilla Costume
Sale - 54% Made By Us
Adult Abominable Snowman Costume
Child Feed Me Gorilla Costume Alt 1
Sale - 44%
Adult Funky Monkey Costume
Inflatable Banana
Inflatable Banana Prop
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Child Black Gloves
Made By Us Exclusive
Black Base Makeup
Gorilla Gloves Child
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Deep Black Long Wavy Wig
Made By Us Exclusive
Gorilla Gloves Adult
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Deluxe Chimp Mask
Deep Black Bob Wig
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Goin Ape Gorilla Mask
Child Gorilla Foot Covers
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Gorilla Mouth Mover Mask
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Adult Gorilla Foot Covers
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Womens Satin Black Leggings main upd
Adult Gorilla Sublimated Face Mask
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Gorilla Mask
Child Gorilla Sublimated Face Mask
Sale - 40% Made By Us
Two Bit Roar Gorilla Mask
Chimp Mask

Chimp Mask

Black Body Paint
Snow Beast Adult Costume
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Gorillas have got it made! Ever since King Kong (1933), gorillas have been a media staple. Whether they're throwing barrels at plumbers like Donkey Kong, capturing our hearts like in Gorillas in the Mist (1988), or causing mayhem like in Congo (1995), we just can't get enough of these furry primates—there's even a music band named Gorillaz. Here at, we love gorillas too, which is why we bring you a gorilla costume for any occasion.


If you like to go ape, then you won't find a better place to get the perfect gorilla costume. We carry adult gorilla costumes, teen gorilla costumes and even infant and baby gorilla costumes. We even have the perfect gorilla costume for women who love King Kong. If you feel like going bananas you can pair your gorilla costume up with one of our banana costume for a funny duo, or if you only feel like an ape from the neck up, you can wear one of our realistic gorilla masks. We even carry funny gorilla costumes, like our pink gorilla suit and our baby gorilla arm puppet.


Our adult gorilla costume features realistic details that will make everyone think you escaped from the zoo and make it the perfect costume for scaring your friends and family. Our adorable childrens gorilla costume turns your child into the cutest little animal around and if you're a gamer, then our Donkey Kong gorilla costume t-shirt will turn you into the center of attention. Just be sure to stock up on your supply of bananas—no matter which gorilla costume you decide to wear, you'll be going ape without them! How To

Gorilla Costumes

Alrighty, costume shoppers. Let's go gorilla! We know, we know. Maybe a gorilla wasn't your first choice for a Halloween costume this year, but face it, it really should be! These mighty primates are the largest apes in the world and are amazingly awesome when you learn about them. They're smart, social, and primarily plant-eaters. And, with their big muscles and furry faces, they make for great costumes! Check out these top Gorilla costume options to see if we've got a Gorilla suit that's just right for you.

Gorilla Costume with Mask

Realistic Gorilla Costume

You can slip into a crowd totally incognito in this Gorilla costume. Of course, the folks around might be a bit shocked to find a gorilla out and about in public, but you can always give them a friendly hello to let them know that you're a friendly ape! This adult gorilla suit is the go-to classic ape costume. A customer favorite for viral videos, fun runs, and of course, Halloween, it has all the details just right! The oversized furry suit has a vinyl chest piece to add pectoral muscles to the chest, and molded vinyl fingers and toes for more realistic detail. The molded vinyl face on the gorilla mask is sculpted with extra attention to detail, too, so that you can be quite a convincing gorilla!

Made By Us Gorilla Costume

Adult Gorilla Costume

Our in-house costume team wanted to offer another excellent option for adult gorilla costumes, so we crafted this exclusive gorilla costume. It's a comfortable outfit with a smart design. It also skips the mask that's common on other Gorilla outfits but does include a headpiece with ears that leaves the face uncovered. You can complete the look with face paint like we have pictured, or just wear your regular face for a casual gorilla look! The costume has fabric, fiber-filled muscles on the chest, so there's no clunky vinyl pieces either. When it comes to gorilla suits, this Made By Us costume is one of the sharpest looking costumes you're going to find!

Kids Gorilla Costume

Kids Gorilla Costume

If your child sometimes acts like an ape around the house, well, let's get them some fur to match all that rambunctiousness. With this realistic gorilla costume for kids, they'll be able to run around on all fours without raising eyebrows! This costume features molded latex pieces on the mask, chest, and hands for a lifelike look. The mask even features the gorilla character showing off his fangs, so you know any child will love it! Perfect for posting videos with their friends or for costume parties, this Gorilla outfit is sure to be a hit. Just be sure your little one minds their manners if they wear it out for trick or treating. It can be a bit frightening, so we don't want the neighborhood to think there's a live gorilla on the loose on Halloween night!

Gorilla Cage Costume

Gorilla Cage Costume

When discussing Gorilla costume options, there's one hilarious choice we don't want to leave out. Because the Trapped in a Gorilla Cage Costume is a true classic! This comedic costume takes the simple premise of a gorilla flipping the script and locking the human up in a cage. This adult outfit achieves that effect with a simple costume trick. The costume opens at the waist, and your torso and up are in the cage! It just takes some stuffing and a pair of pants and boots to complete the effect. This costume is a fun choice for Halloween, and it's guaranteed to get a great response at a costume party!

Gorilla Halloween Costume Ideas

You might not be totally sold on the idea of a Gorilla costume for Halloween, but we've got a few ideas that are sure to put you over the top. Just consider who else you're celebrating Halloween with, and coordinate your costumes for an awesome ape theme! We have plenty of other primate costumes that go great with gorilla suits, so check out these top options for a gorilla and friends costume theme!

Gorilla and Sasquatch Costume

Sasquatch Costume

So, we don't have any reports of Sasquatch sightings in Africa—yet. This probably means that Bigfoot and the big ape live in entirely different biomes and never get to hang out. Which is a dang shame! As the two biggest ape animals in the world, we're sure gorillas and squatches would be the best of friends. Or, at the bare minimum, they'd have a mutual respect for each other's impressive brawn and bulk. So what we're saying is, you should team up in a gorilla costume and a sasquatch costume for the ape dream team duo! Our top choice for sasquatch costumes is our own exclusive Jack Links Sasquatch costume. Designed after the iconic Messing with Sasquatch commercials, it'll be the perfect look to complement any of our realistic gorilla costumes.

Adult and Kids Gorilla Costume

Gorilla Costumes

When kids want to suit up as zoo critters, most of them love being the fun-loving monkeys they see flying around in the trees. Well, we think they oughta consider being the big primate of the jungle, because a parent ape and child ape would be a fantastic father and son costume! (Also true for a mother and daughter outfit, of course!) Just grab our toddler gorilla costume for your little guy, and he'll be the cutest ape kid around. The costume features the same design as our adult gorilla costume but is sized just right for tots and toddlers. This means you'll be a picture-perfect ape parent and gorilla kid when the two of you are out in the wild!

Gorilla and Toddler Monkey Costume

Toddler Monkey Costume

Monkeys do offer a lot of great traits that the ground-dwelling gorillas don't have. They're smaller and cuter, and they're super excellent climbers. And some of them even have prehensile tails that let them grab limbs! So, if you're thinking about a gorilla and monkey parent-child costume, we're sure it'd be awesomely adorable. An excellent toddler costume to pair with our gorilla costume is this Toddler Funky Monkey Costume. It embellishes the look of a fun monkey with zany features like a bendable tail, googly eyes, and super-sized ears. With it, your tot is sure to look super cute in your gorilla arms when you're out trick-or-treating for Halloween!

Gorilla and Orangutan Costume

Orangutan Costume

Our last costume combo combination for a pair of friends is certainly not one to overlook. Because we'd like to suggest that your costume duo become the top two primates on planet earth—the gorilla and the mighty orangutan! Orangutans might not look quite as intimidating as gorillas, but pound for pound, they're just as strong. Either one is many times stronger than the strongest human, so it's safe to say that these two primates together would make a team that's tough to beat. You'll just want to get our adult orangutan costume to go with our gorilla costume. It features an Orangutan with wide cheek pads and a belly denoting an alpha male orangutan. When you suit up in these two ape costumes to hit the streets, we're sure it's going to be a ton of furry fun!

Gorilla Mask and Accessories

When shopping for your gorilla suit and making a costume plan, you'll want to carefully consider each piece. And if the gorilla costume you like has a mask that's sub-par, you'll definitely want to upgrade it! The same goes for the hands and feet, as we've got gorilla gloves and shoe covers that look just like gorilla feet. Shop all of our top accessories to make sure your gorilla performance is picture perfect!

Gorilla Mask

Gorilla Mask

There are lots of choices when it comes to adult gorilla masks, and you'll want to carefully consider which features to look for when assembling your full costume. However, one thing to look for is a moving mouth, as a mask with motion adds incredible detail and realism to your outfit! With this gorilla mouth mover mask, you could play the part of a trained gorilla who's grunting to go along with sign language. Or you could recreate scenes from Planet of the Apes!

Gorilla Gloves

Gorilla Gloves

Nothing will ruin the costume effect of an ape suit quicker than seeing human hands where ape hands should be. So don't forget to make sure you get a pair of gorilla gloves to complete your ape outfit! These Made By Us gorilla gloves look great, and they're a super comfortable option. They have a thick tuft of fur on the top of each hand so they'll look great with any gorilla costume. But, instead of latex fingers, they feature vinyl gloves so that you can keep your human hand dexterity throughout your ape costume performance. Monster