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Monkey Costumes

Monkeys, nature's number one scamps, find themselves in all sorts of wild situations. Curious George gets himself into a pickle on the regular. Aladdin's little pal Abu likes to swipe valuable treasures when no one's looking. Master Monkey knows Kung Fu. Those ones might all be cartoons creatures, but NASA even sent a bunch of the wacky primates to space to be astronauts, so the little guys must be doing something right! If only there was some way to become a monkey, even if just for a day...

Wait a second, there is a way! Just wear one of our monkey costumes! Why didn't we think of it earlier? We've got tons of them. There are some for babies, others for kids and even some for adults. We have some that let you turn your home into a jungle, while others can transform you into a childhood sock monkey. Others might even get you into the space program, but we can't guarantee that. Dress you child in a toddler monkey costume to showcase his mischievious side. We've even got a some chimpanzee costumes, just for those few of you who want to be ready for when they rise up and take control of the Earth, just like in that movie we saw. (And yes, we realize chimps are actually apes, and not monkeys. We sometimes have the trouble telling the difference between apes, monkeys and certain humans though).

All you have to do is choose your style, grab yourself a banana and enjoy the sweet life of being a monkey at the party! After all, that's what a real monkey would probably do.