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Wonder Woman Costumes

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You may know her from DC comics, you may know her from the classic TV show where she flew an invisible jet to save on production costs, and you may even know her from Batman Vs Superman... but one thing is for sure, you've never experienced anything quite like BEING her. We're talking, of course, about Wonder Woman. We carry all kinds of styles of Wonder Woman costumes to suit whichever version you prefer, to classic, to sexy, to comic book authenticity, no matter which is your favorite we think you're going to love throwing that lasso of truth and fighting for truth, justice, and the Amazon way. Our Wonder Woman costumes will help you become the DC heroine from head to toe. For additional inspiration, check out our ideas tips and tricks section to learn how to pose and fully become the character so you can look truly epic this Halloween. How To

Wonder Woman Costumes

Wonder Woman Costume Article Banner

You’ve got the costume, you’ve done your hair and makeup, and now you’ve got to get the right moves! When you go in one of our Wonder Woman costumes, you’ll want to have the perfect, heroic pose each time a photo is snapped, right? But, you ask, ‘how do I get that iconic Wonder Woman pose?’ It’s easy! Our exclusive pose guide has everything you need to capture that classic Wonder Woman silhouette this Halloween. Perfect for Justice League meetings as well as the after party.

Classic Wonder Woman Costume Pose

You may remember Linda Carter doing this pose often on the classic Wonder Woman television show. It’s sort of an oldie, but certainly still a goodie. Stand straight up, chest out, fists on your hips, and show that this is one goddess nobody should mess with.

Crossed Arms Wonder Woman Costume Pose

This is the perfect pose to show off your wristlets. Your arms also frame your face, which makes it a great look for photos. Flex your arms tight to get that extra tough-girl look.

Fist to Elbow Wonder Woman Costume Pose

Wonder Woman likes to show off her wristlets, and show everyone that she doesn’t mess around. This pose is similar to the “X” move above, but instead she’s meeting one fist to the elbow, and the other arm is in the air.We’re not sure what it means, but we like the way it looks, and it will certainly make you extra eye-catching in all your photos on Halloween.

Flexing Wonder Woman Costume Pose

Another classic superhero pose: flexing like a true goddess. Make all those other superheroes jealous of your heroic posturing and authentic visage. But don't flex too long or you might get a muscle cramp! Halloween is a long night, so don't wear yourself out right away.

Kneeling Wonder Woman Costume Pose

When you’re a superhero, you have to be ready to throw down at any time. You never know when a super villain will show up and start stirring up trouble. This pose is fantastic not only for pictures, but also to kick off a sprint towards a bank robber. Hopefully you don’t have any of those at your party, though…

Flying Wonder Woman Costume Pose

Wonder Woman has an invisible plane, but she can also fly. We’re not sure why she bothers with the plane, but that’s a topic for another day. You can look like you’re about to blast off from the ground with this pose. Go tippy toe, or keep your feet flat on the ground. Just be sure to hold onto your lasso!

Wonder Woman Couples Costume Ideas Banner

Let’s get one thing straight. Wonder Woman doesn’t need a man, but that doesn’t mean she has to go out solo every night. She has it all: smarts, superpowers, beauty; and there’s no superhero around who’d refuse a date with her. This guide will show you some of our favorite couples combinations possible with Wonder Woman, whether you’re a DC purist kind of girl, or you want to get a little naughty and cross comic universes.

Wonder Woman and Bank Robber Costumes

Wonder Woman catches guys pretty easily, especially the bad boys. Okay, that's a little cheesy, but she really does fight criminals from supervillains to the petty bank robber! One of our most popular couple pairings is Wonder Woman and our Bank Robber costume. Use the golden lasso to tie him up and prevent any more jewel heists!

Wonder Woman and the Flash Couples Costumes

The Flash is lightning fast, but every now and then he's got to take a moment to tie his shoe. Have you ever seen someone trip while running one thousand miles an hour? It isn't pretty! You'll already be looking 'Amazon' amazing in our Wonder Woman costume, so just give old Barry Allen the time he needs to get himself ready. Then you two can go on your spectacular date to the most exclusive restaurant in Metropolis.

Wonder Woman and Captain America Costumes

Alright, comic books geeks will notice that Wonder Woman is from the DC Universe and Captain America is from the Marvel Universe. It's crazy talk, in almost any situation, to put these two characters together--unless it's Halloween! On Halloween, anything goes. Could there be a better pair than Wonder Woman and Cap to cutely canoodle over cups of classy coffee and cappuccinos? No way!

Wonder Woman and Superman Costumes

If you want to keep your comic book universes straight and don't want to dip into the Marvel arena, then step out on Halloween with none other than Superman! Try showing up as mild-mannered news reporters and suddenly transform into Superman and Wonder Woman later in the evening. You'll be the hottest news of the night.

Wonder Woman Batman Costumes

Finally, try pairing up with Bruce Wayne himself, Batman! What girl hasn't daydreamed about flying around Gotham with the old Dark Knight. Sure, he's a little brooding, troubled and all that, but he's handsome, a successful businessman, and he has all those cool gadgets. There's perhaps no better team-up than Wonder Woman and Batman. So, better watch out supervillains! Because these two are comin' for ya.

Wonder Woman Wear it Your Way Banner

Wonder Woman’s attitude might be perfect for any occasion, but sometimes the situation calls for a little improvisation to make her costume work for your event. From weather that’s not playing nice, all the way to family friendly parties, these tips will show you how to gear up, or down, for any party without losing any of that Amazon Princess ferocity.

Long Sleeve Wonder Woman Costume

This look uses our standard Wonder Woman costume and adds a red long sleeve shirt. This not only keeps you warm but sticks with the color scheme. We also added our white leggings to go under the boot covers. These additions make your Wonder Woman costume less revealing without losing the details of the character.

Nude Long Sleeve Wonder Woman Costume

We liked the red long sleeve look so much that we tried it with a nude version! We think this looks really good, too. It keeps the look of having bare shoulders, and the wearer gets to control how much they reveal. This is great for a children's party! Or you know, just a Halloween night out with the rest of the Justice League.

Wonder Woman Costume with Hooded Cape

This version of our Wonder Woman costume uses black leggings, white gloves, a white petticoat, and our Red Riding Hood hooded cape. This has a lot of coverage, and it just looks really cool as well! A great take on Wonder Woman with a bunch of added details that will also keep you warm on a chilly Halloween night.

Tank Top Wonder Woman Costume

This version of our most popular Wonder Woman costume is exactly like the version to the left, but with a white tank top beneath. Even though we liked how the black looked, the white might match Wonder Woman's regular colors better. Beneath the skirt we added our white petticoat as well, which is a fun and flirty detail to match the top.

Talk like a Goddess

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you just didn’t know what to say? You know, someone asks about how high your invisible plane can fly, if your lasso is actually made of gold, or what Batman is really like. It’s tough being a superhero! You’re probably not a professional actor, so we’ll help you sound exactly like Wonder Woman when you use our handy quotes guide. We have all her favorites, as well as a few inspirational things she’s said. You can even learn a fun fact or two about her along the way! So, memorize a few lines, learn a few things, and truly become Wonder Woman this Halloween!

Wonder Woman Quotes

Wonder Woman Costume Makeup Tutorial

You may be fighting injustice and evildoers all day but that doesn't mean you can't look amazing doing it. Use this Wonder Woman makeup application this Halloween to add some extra flair to your Wonder Woman costume. The tutorial uses a blue eyelid color, eyebrow darkener, and a bright red lipstick for a quick and simple look. Add the Wonder Woman wig and a few key accessories to complete this superhero costume experience.