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Putting that finishing touch on your look is a breeze with our selection of Halloween makeup. Whether you plan on dressing up like a wicked witch or a frightening zombie, we have plenty of makeup kits that will do the trick. We also have specialized makeup kits that are designed to help you look like your favorite movie and pop culture figures.
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Eye Black Stick
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Kiss Makeup Kit
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Kiss Makeup Kit

Devil Horns and Teeth
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Devil Horns and Teeth

Buck Teeth Update

Buck Teeth

Character Makeup Kit WWE 1
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Cat Makeup Kit

Mehron Cat Makeup Kit

Pint of Blood

Fun World Pint of Blood

Tin Man Chin Accessory
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Pirate Gold Tooth
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White Base Makeup

Rubies White Base Makeup

Adults Ghoulish Grin Teeth
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Red Base Makeup

Rubies Red Base Makeup

Werewolf Makeup Kit
It Pennywise Fang Teeth

Pennywise Fang Teeth It

Beige Elf Ears

Forum Beige Elf Ears

Werewolf Teeth

Fun World Werewolf Teeth

White Body Paint

Rubies White Body Paint

Brown Face Paint

Rubies Brown Base Makeup

Tooth Wax

Rubies Tooth Wax

Staked Vampire Latex Applique
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Makeup is a great way to complete your Halloween costume for a low price. With our large collection of Halloween makeup, you are sure to find the perfect costume makeup kit for your look. From animal makeup to zombie makeup, we have something for everyone! How To

Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Finding the right costume is only half the battle. A full Halloween transformation isn’t successful unless others mistake you for someone else. Altering facial features to better imitate a character or pop culture figure is a costume-must and can be done easily by using professional Halloween makeup kits. It’s a more artistic approach than shielding your face with a mask and allows for better personalization. Embrace creativity and let your artistry shine through! We certainly do our best to share tips and tricks when making a new Halloween makeup tutorial.

We’ve gained a lot of experience with Halloween makeup over the years and we’ve gathered some of our most popular Halloween makeup tutorial videos for you. In the Love Your Look section you’ll learn how to create convincing zombie Halloween makeup and be taught easy makeup techniques as well. We also suggest the best costume makeup products and cosmetics throughout the page so no matter who you’re dressed as, you’ll look as authentic as possible!

Costume Makeup

You may love your costume but how about your entire look from head to toe? If your costume is flawless but your face could use a bit of help then this is the right section. Watch the videos, purchase the necessary utensils, and recreate these makeup applications from the comfort of your home. It adds authority to any look, scary or pretty. There are even Halloween makeup ideas for guys so women won’t be the only ones taking impressive selfies this year!

Zombie Halloween Makeup

This is a Halloween makeup tutorial to accurately imitate Billy Butcherson from the classic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus, but a similar approach can be taken to do all kinds of scary Halloween zombie makeup.  Solely wearing a zombie costume just won’t cut it! The rotting flesh, deep gashes, and sunken eyes are imperative. For this scary Halloween makeup tutorial, you’ll need plenty of green and brown face makeup. Treat your face like a canvas by applying the makeup with medium-sized paintbrushes or if it’s easier use small foam sponges to achieve the same effect. Black powder or black cream is also quite crucial for scary Halloween makeup. Be sure to apply it around the ocular area and the nostrils as well to look like decay. Black lips offset by a flesh-colored middle are also a key feature when crafting this look. The lighter pigment will create depth and the surrounding black lipstick around it makes the whole look pop, plus it will stress the fact that you’ve been dead since the late 1600s! If you’re feeling brave and want to attempt “sewing” your mouth shut then we’ll gladly teach you how to do that too. This will definitely make your zombie costume stand out among the horde of bloodthirsty zombies. Use spirit gum to make tiny dots encompassing the mouth. Next, tap the dots to activate the spirit gum, making it sticky and tacky, perfect for attachment. Cut individual pieces of string (approximately 2 inches long) and press each end to spirit gum dots to complete the horrifying illusion.

Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Hey Puddin’! Have you been searching for an easy Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This costume makeup tutorial depicts a widely recognizable clown Halloween makeup look for those interested in becoming The Joker’s main squeeze for an evening. Involving simple techniques and easy-to-use stencils, women can get Harley Quinn’s notorious baddie makeover without having any practice at all. Once you’re zipped up in a bright orange prisoner jumpsuit, it’s time to prime your face to prepare it for the creepy Halloween makeup application. Once prepped, use light colored cream makeup (close to white or as fair as possible) and dab it all over the face to appear as fair as the popular DC villain. You can set the makeup with white powder, too, so that cream makeup lasts longer and looks flawless throughout the course of the night, no matter how wild it may be! Next, fill in your eyebrows to achieve a wicked arch. We recommended a brown powder if you don’t own a taupe-colored eyebrow pencil. Dust red pigmented shadow over one eyelid and bright blue over the other. Let it settle around the other eye for a disheveled effect. In fact, the messier the better. Finally, grab your stencil kit and color a black heart on one cheek. Use the letters to spell out “rotten” underneath. Fix any imperfections with white makeup and a small makeup sponge. Finish the easy Halloween makeup with pigtails, one coated with red colored hairspray and the other spritzed with blue.

Mens' Halloween Makeup

Make a long-lasting impression as Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy by following this detailed men’s Halloween makeup tutorial to give you an out-of-this-world appearance. You’ll need a bald cap and plenty of liquid latex so the cap looks natural after it’s stretched over the head. After eyebrows are glued down, touch up all the liquid latex spots with a dusting of powder. Use the liquid latex to also draw on the scars by steadying your hand and drawing thin scar-like lines along the cheekbones and both sides of the cap. Try to blend everything as evenly as possible so it appears smooth like real flesh, except for the scars. Those should protrude slightly from the skin creating a cool 3D effect. Next, grab light blue and dark blue professional makeup. Mix and blend to create the perfect Yondu complexion which is a beautiful shade of electrifying blue.  You can find most utensils necessary for this application in a special effects makeup kit we sell which is used by many Halloween makeup artists in the industry. Apply blue makeup with brushes. Don’t forget to spread it along the neck, blending the two blue pigments as much as possible. Be sure your spirit gum is close-by because a couple of applications are needed for the Yondu “Mohawk” fin. If you’re feeling brave, style hair into the typical rocker hairstyle. Men love this Halloween makeup for guys because it’s Marvel themed and very pop-culture relevant. Complete the look by teaming up with Groot and Starlord.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

We’re sharing even more Halloween makeup ideas to maximize your costume experience. All of our Halloween face makeup is safe, easy to apply, and washes off simply with makeup remover or just soap and warm water. Make sure to take plenty of close-up photos so everyone can see the intricate detailing and overall incredible transformation. Peruse over the images of needed utensils, the completed makeup photo and brief application instructions, and the costume contest trophy will be yours before you can say, “Trick or Treat!”

Pretty Halloween Makeup

Pretty Halloween Makeup

Make waves with your mermaid costume by accentuating iridescent scales with pretty Halloween makeup to elevate your mystifying appearance. Conveniently, we have a Halloween makeup kit perfect for creating a sea siren look. Bright colored face makeup and glitter combine to form an enchanting appearance that catches the eye of many. For the ultimate special touch, purchase the handy mermaid stencil and deluxe silver makeup to create glimmering scales on the forehead and around the sides of the face. Pro tip: the more glitter, jewels and gems applied, the better. Use your creativity as much as possible!  Find all the shimmering mermaid accessories–makeup, wigs, and jewelry–needed to make a splash right here.

Halloween Witch Makeup

Halloween Witch Makeup

Get a spellbinding look without using a wand- but maybe just a makeup sponge or two! Hone your traditional all-black witch dress by accompanying it with a full-face of Halloween witch makeup. Gorgeously green with slightly scary features (like melting skin), our Halloween makeup kits come with everything needed so you have the classic appearance of a storybook witch. Apply green face makeup from forehead to neck. Create dimension by adding yellow around the hollows of the eye. It’s your choice how terrifying you want to seem. If looking extra-eerie is the ultimate goal, take blood gel and mix streaks of blood into freshly applied emerald-colored skin to create the melting illusion. Just practice your most convincing cackle to invoke a state of panic.

Deer Halloween Makeup

Deer Halloween Makeup

Walking on the wild side by donning an animal costume is always a great Halloween option and our selection of a-doe-able deer costumes are a hit among fashionistas and trendsetters alike. Offset the faux fur costume with an application of deer Halloween makeup. Take the brown cream makeup and apply it to cheek bones, hollows of eyes and edges of the face; just a touch will do. Remember, meticulous blending is the key. Next, grab the white makeup and a brush and create a cluster of circles on both cheeks. Now, it’s time to make your eyes pop by applying black liquid eyeliner. Steady your hand and create a winged shape at the outer corner of each eye. Your eyes will magically look bigger. Finally, take black makeup and dab it on the tip of the nose. This can easily be thought of as a sexy Halloween makeup look by applying long fake eyelashes to the lids.

Halloween Cat Makeup

Halloween Cat Makeup

Want a surefire way to be ‘feline’ fine in your cat costume? Just add cat makeup for Halloween to compliment the pointy ears and curly tail. If you want to do your own cat face makeup, we put together a cat Halloween makeup tutorial. It’s simple and only involves a couple of products that will come in handy for a multidute of costume makeup ideas. Dust a generous coating of deluxe gold makeup on the brow bone and both eyelids. This achieves a holographic effect that shimmers and shines in the light. Now, it’s time to create the cat eye makeup to draw attention to those lovely eyes! Line upper lids and extend the line past the outer corners for a winged effect. Add small black dots to the brow bone for a spotted appearance. Our convenient cat makeup kit is an effortless way to get everything needed in one convenient package. This Halloween makeup kit comes with a sponge, a cream makeup wheel, eyeliner, face powder, and a paintbrush.

Vampire Halloween Makeup

Vampire Halloween Makeup

Look great as a centuries-old vampire by picking up this professional Halloween makeup kit. Perfect for getting the classic bloodsucker look pictured here, this kit comes with vampire teeth, blood, and white face makeup. Apply white makeup all over the face until you can’t see your skin poking through. The more opaque, the better! Grab your blood makeup and add a drop near the corner of one side of the mouth to make it appear like you’ve just finished feasting on a tasty snack. Finish the Halloween vampire makeup by adding a black wig.

Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup

Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup

Sugar skull makeup is so popular because it mixes creepy with beautiful.  Recreate the Halloween eye makeup by layering the lid in blue makeup. We have a Halloween makeup kit that comes with everything needed; pink, red, blue, and yellow face paint is all included, as well as eyeliner, a paintbrush, and a sponge.  If you’re feeling reluctant to draw intricate markings on the face, like a spider web and flower, then there’s a simple solution to create the desired look.  Our easy-to-use sugar skull temporary tattoo creates an exquisite makeup application that’s transfers to the face with water and can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol. Top the look off with a floral headpiece and you’re set to celebrate the Day of the Dead!

Halloween Skeleton Makeup

Halloween Skeleton Makeup

Committing to skull makeup may seem challenging because of all the small details and intricate lines but our skeleton makeup kit comes with step-by-step instructions to make it all very simple. You’ll learn how to perfect the shadows and where to contour.  In the deluxe scary Halloween makeup kit, a small paintbrush is included to help plot out the rows of teeth. Browse our skeleton costumes and accessories to complete the spooktacular look!