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Are you planning to dress like a fairy queen for Halloween? Maybe you want to go glam for a summer music festival? Ensure your style sparkles with glitter makeup! With everything from glitter eye makeup, creams, and lashes to radiant rhinestone stickers, our shimmering selection is sure to inspire all your glitter makeup looks!
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Mermaid Face Jewelry Kit
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Pink Glitter Makeup
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Pink Glitter Day of the Day Tattoo
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Iridescent Body Glitter Spray
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When it comes time to dress up for Halloween or add interest to a special occasion outfit, makeup can always be considered. But, whether you're a regular makeup user or not, you know specific looks require specific tools. Alien queen from outer space isn't wearing a nude palette, at least not of human flesh tones, and a matte finish on your Pride makeup might not create the standout quality you're after. That's when glitter makeups come to play!

Polish a dreamy goddess costume with golden flakes to bring out your eyes. With gold or silver glitter on your cheeks, neck, chest, or arms, you'll look as powerful as lore suggests each god and goddess might have been. But those shimmering shades easily create a look to capture the magic of a different type of costume. Perhaps gold glitter reflects the fiery disposition of an enchantress while the silver suits their sister sorceress's calm demeanor better. Of course, as relative neutrals, both could easily complement an everyday makeup look as well!

Add a pop of sparkle and color to your Halloween makeup with vibrant hues of blue, green, pink, or red! Bottles of colorful body glitter promise to supply an all-over coverage to complete a festival-ready look! Sprinkle a little green glitter on cheeks or eyes to turn your alien costume into something out-of-this-world! Become the ice queen with blue glitter twinkling from head to toe! Or create an eye-catching Valentine's makeup style with gleaming red, pink, or purple glitter in the mix!

Take radiance to the next level with self-adhesive rhinestones! Sets available in our selection offer a variety of style inspiration that can be added to the glistening powders and glitter creams or worn entirely separately. And if stick-on gems aren't your style, maybe glitter eyelashes are! Choose a set from our selection to really make your eyes shine!

With a head full of glitter makeup ideas to choose from, all you might need is assurance that what you're buying is as safe as it is playful. Luckily, you can enjoy your makeup from purchase to removal when you shop with us. Each glitter kit and individually-sold product is designed for external use, and most wash away with a simple soap and water solution. Still, have questions about the makeup of your glitter makeup? Be sure to check the listed features on each product page! Learn what items are included, what ingredients are used to create some of them, and if there's any other makeup remover or applicator recommended!

Didn't find the dazzling liquid glitter makeup, glitter eyeshadow, or body spray you were hoping for? Be sure to check back again before your next special event. We continue to expand our selection to cater to every customer and style! Monster