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These Guardians of the Galaxy costumes will help you dress up like your favorite character from the superhero team. Want to be Star-Lord and PEW! PEW! PEW! your enemies into smithereens? Well, we have plenty of outfits for that! Want to use your super ninja-skill to defeat Thanos? Then you want one of our Gamora costumes or even a Rocket Raccoon costume! Check out all of the options we have in stock!
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Deluxe Groot Child Costume
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Deluxe Adult Star Lord Costume
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Phunny Groot Plush
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Some teams make sense. Take the Avengers, for instance. You have the stalwart leader with a strong moral compass in Captain America. You have the genius scientists who can whip up a solution to any problem, like Iron Man and The Hulk. Then you have the Asgardian powerhouse, Thor, who has the strength to lead the charge against the mightiest of foes. Black Widow handles all of the sneaky-sneaky kind of stuff like the magnificent pro she is... and voila! The perfect team! Of course, other teams, like the Guardians of the Galaxy, defy all normal laws!

Yes, the Guardians of the Galaxy just aren't like any other superhero team. They're really just a ragtag team of weirdos and losers who just so happen to have what it takes to defeat some pretty impressive bad guys. You have Star-Lord, the hot-headed, half-human, half-celestial, leader of the crew... who never has more than 12% of a plan. Next, you have Gamora, the cold-blooded assassin who's trying to distance herself from her previous evil ways. Of course, there's Rocket and Groot, the oddball combination that resembles some kind of odd father-son relationship between a tree and a raccoon. Finally, Drax the Destroyer completes the team with his destructive energy! It's a strange team that doesn't make much sense... but that's exactly what makes the group of misfits so awesome! That's why we made sure to get all of the best Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes here at the ready for you!

We have tons of options for you to get your own misfit team together! If you're an adult fan of the Marvel characters, we carry Star-Lord costumes and Drax costumes, so you can begin your quest to settle the score with Thanos. You can also find adult costumes based on Rocket and Groot right here, so all you need to do is find yourself a spaceship of your own!

Kids like the Guardians too! Our selection of Guardians of the Galaxy costumes for kids includes all of your child's favorite characters. Your little one can cosplay as Groot, or even the teen version of the arboreal character. We even have a couple of adorable toddler costumes, so your child can round out your team if you plan on doing a whole group theme based on the intergalactic Marvel group.

What about accessories? Yep! We have those too. Some of our best Guardians of the Galaxy accessories include Star-Lord's deadly blasters, in toy form, of course. We also have plenty of masks to choose from, including Star-Lord's space mask and even Rocket Raccoon's fuzzy face! You can also find all of the boots and gloves you need to perfect your look.

So, if you want to gather up the whole team or you just want a cool Rocket Raccoon mask to help you look like your favorite character, you can find it here! We definitely have all of the coolest Guardians of the Galaxy costumes. How To

Guardians of the Galaxy Halloween Costumes

Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes

Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Not only that but (kind of) like the weather, you can only relatively predict who you come into contact with and how you will interact with them. The Guardians met up with the most extreme circumstances, but it is a Marvel movie, so of course, they did. It would be kind of boring if they bumped into one another at a coffee shop or the grocery store, as hilarious as that sounds in hindsight.

The Guardians started as foes but eventually became family due to the trials and tribulations they experienced separately, but most importantly, together. They bring their unique style and abilities to the group. Drax is the muscle, Gamora is the brawler, Rocket is the weapons guy, Peter is the wild card, and Groot is Groot. Be a part of the family and check out these officially licensed Guardians of the Galaxy Halloween Costumes.

Gamora Costumes

Gamora Costume

Who would have thought that Gamora and Peter would be a thing? She is a green alien from one of many planets that Thanos, Thanos'd, and he's a dude from 1980s Earth—we would never have thought in a thousand years that they'd get together if they weren't both beautiful actors in starring roles. Still, Gamora is more than your typical love interest.

If you think about the original movie, it could easily be Gamora's film. Her dad is the big bad, and the story does revolve around her surrogate family. Gamora has shown us that she is more than just an assassin but a loving matriarch. If you are a fan of the mean green butt-kicking machine, check out this Gamora Costume.

Star Lord Costumes

Star Lord Costume

Star Lord's birth name is Peter Quill. A pretty unique name for a special guy. Technically he's part Spartax, part Earthling, so he is still a guy, just a mighty alien guy. Peter tends to shoot first and ask questions later. Who knows if he was always like this or if more of Yondu rubbed off on him than we all initially thought.

Peter Quill may be a bit of a loose cannon, but you wouldn't want anyone else at your side when things hit the fan. Peter is as quirky as he is resourceful, so expect him to crack a joke or two while cunningly defeating his opponent. Peter was born to be a hero. If you feel like traveling the stars in style this Halloween, pick up a Star Lord Costume.

Groot Costumes

Groot Costume

Groot is not a man of many words. Well, technically, he is not a man at all, but a humanoid tree. And calling him a man of few words might be a simplification. He's only said 3 words his entire life—I am Groot. It's pretty funny when you realize he speaks a language, as proven by Rocket (who understands him) and Thor, who took Groot in grade school.

Groot is secretly the most powerful member of the team. In their first movie, if we counted correctly, Groot saved the group about 3 times. We are not even going to talk about the end of that film because we don't feel like crying right now. What we prefer to do is introduce you to this officially licensed Groot Costume before the next Guardian gathering.

Rocket Raccoon Costumes

Rocket Raccoon Costume

When we first saw Rocket, he hunted Peter Quill for a $40,000 bounty. Well, he and Groot were pursuing Star Lord, but Rocket was doing more of the scouting while Groot drank water from a fountain. Rocket even scolded Groot for taking a drink out of the unknown fountain (it is incredibly adorable when he talks to him like a parent or older sibling).

Rocket has a lot of dimensions for a character that is 100% animated. He was haunted by his former life until he met his soon-to-be best buds, the Guardians. He can still be a little rough around the edges, but that's why we love Rocket. If you agree, check out our Rocket Racoon Costume!

Drax Costumes

Drax Costume

Drax's whole thing is that he takes everything literally. It's led to some hilarious moments in the movies. Drax is usually played as a funny character. You can even say he plays the big, not brilliant, archetypical strong guy, but he is a lot more than that. He is a father looking for someone to protect now that his family is gone. That's kind of sweet for a killer alien.

In the second Guardians of the Galaxy film, Drax finally opened up a bit. And for a guy who takes all jokes literally, sure laughs a lot. He's more dad than deadly, and we love him. His menacing yet pleasing aesthetic is perfect for Marvel fans who can't decide on a costume this year. Be the best space warrior dad you can be this Halloween with this Drax Costume.

Groot Plush

Groot Plush

Groot is a funny character, especially for only "knowing" three words. He seemed like your everyday loveable tree guy when we first saw him. We learned that Groot is a beast who will regulate when his friends and family are in danger. It was heart-wrenching (but incredibly satisfying) when Groot sacrificed himself only to become Baby Groot!

Can we all agree that Baby Groot is the best? Groot being a carefree little kid that all the other Guardians have to look after is an excellent dynamic for this group of characters who, let's be honest, are not fit at all to care for a small child, let alone a kid, period. Luckily, like most parents, the Guardians made the best of what they had. Even Teen Groot, with all of his angst, helped out Thor when he needed an axe handle. He's a sweet "kid".

The Guardians of the Galaxy took the MCU by storm and have become a staple in the universe. We are excited to see their next adventure. If you are a fan of the hit movies and want to bring a little piece of your favorite character with you this Halloween season, pick up this Groot Plush! Monster