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These Guardians of the Galaxy costumes will help you dress up like your favorite character from the superhero team. Want to be Star-Lord and PEW! PEW! PEW! your enemies into smithereens? Well, we have plenty of outfits for that! Want to use your super ninja-skill to defeat Thanos? Then you want one of our Gamora costumes or even a Rocket Raccoon costume! Check out all of the options we have in stock!
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Deluxe Groot Child Costume
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Marvel Groot Boys Puffer Coat
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Some teams make sense. Take the Avengers, for instance. You have the stalwart leader with a strong moral compass in Captain America. You have the genius scientists who can whip up a solution to any problem, like Iron Man and The Hulk. Then you have the Asgardian powerhouse, Thor, who has the strength to lead the charge against the mightiest of foes. Black Widow handles all of the sneaky-sneaky kind of stuff like the magnificent pro she is... and voila! The perfect team! Of course, other teams, like the Guardians of the Galaxy, defy all normal laws!

Yes, the Guardians of the Galaxy just aren't like any other superhero team. They're really just a ragtag team of weirdos and losers who just so happen to have what it takes to defeat some pretty impressive bad guys. You have Star-Lord, the hot-headed, half-human, half-celestial, leader of the crew... who never has more than 12% of a plan. Next, you have Gamora, the cold-blooded assassin who's trying to distance herself from her previous evil ways. Of course, there's Rocket and Groot, the oddball combination that resembles some kind of odd father-son relationship between a tree and a raccoon. Finally, Drax the Destroyer completes the team with his destructive energy! It's a strange team that doesn't make much sense... but that's exactly what makes the group of misfits so awesome! That's why we made sure to get all of the best Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes here at the ready for you!

We have tons of options for you to get your own misfit team together! If you're an adult fan of the Marvel characters, we carry Star-Lord costumes and Drax costumes, so you can begin your quest to settle the score with Thanos. You can also find adult costumes based on Rocket and Groot right here, so all you need to do is find yourself a spaceship of your own!

Kids like the Guardians too! Our selection of Guardians of the Galaxy costumes for kids includes all of your child's favorite characters. Your little one can cosplay as Groot, or even the teen version of the arboreal character. We even have a couple of adorable toddler costumes, so your child can round out your team if you plan on doing a whole group theme based on the intergalactic Marvel group.

What about accessories? Yep! We have those too. Some of our best Guardians of the Galaxy accessories include Star-Lord's deadly blasters, in toy form, of course. We also have plenty of masks to choose from, including Star-Lord's space mask and even Rocket Raccoon's fuzzy face! You can also find all of the boots and gloves you need to perfect your look.

So, if you want to gather up the whole team or you just want a cool Rocket Raccoon mask to help you look like your favorite character, you can find it here! We definitely have all of the coolest Guardians of the Galaxy costumes. How To

Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes

The universe is a vast, cold, desolate place. At least until the Guardians of the Galaxy come swooshing in. They have a way of turning that “cold” into “cool”. That “desolate” into “dangerous”. But, you know, the cool kind of danger. It is only natural that anyone in the whole galaxy would want to team up with this crazy crew of cosmic crusaders. Whether you’re looking to save your friends from ghosts and gremlins with your Guardians of the Galaxy Halloween costumes or set your coordinates to the Best of Show trophy at the convention with a Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay look, you’ve found the right place to earn your place right beside our favorite alien team.

Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes for Kids

Your kiddos have a naturally adventurous quality. Perhaps that’s forced you to drag them off precariously balanced objects or to pull them back from the guaranteed tetanus shot of what they’d like to claim is an “obstacle course.” It sounds like you have a little hero in the making! Since we all know that no amount of panicking is going to stop your kiddo from reaching for the stars, maybe some Guardians of the Galaxy family costumes are just the way to help them get there without enough bandages to give them the mummy look! Get ready to blast off with these fantastic kid’s costumes. (And, remember: the best part of you picking them out is that you get to save your favorite character for yourself!)

Baby Groot Costume

Baby Groot Halloween Costume

Some conflict exists between the denizens of our cosmos about which character in the Guardians is the cutest. Rocket Raccoon gains a lot of points for the fuzzy. (Star Lord has even gained a few, thank to Chris Pratt’s exercise routine.) But, that little dancing Baby Groot pretty easily takes the trophy home. The only way to better secure victory is when you combine that adorable, miniature Flora Colossus with your own babe. Now, your kiddo is going to need to get the sway down and should probably be a fan of the Jackson 5 just to sell the look. Still, who are we kidding? One look from that kiddo—we’re done!

Groot Halloween Costume

Baby Groot Costume

So, you may be asking, “what happens when Groot grows up?” Well, as with all tykes, they get a little more complicated. They engage with the world more. They have a lot more opinions and are usually more than willing to talk about them. They’re still a good ways away from those dangerous teenager days, but you can expect a ton more energy as they grow too big for their former little pot. Fortunately, we’ve got toddler Groot costumes so you can still capitalize on all the cuteness. The dancing is probably going to stick around, but they might start asking to borrow some of Rocket’s toys. Maybe avoid that!

Kids Gamora Costume

Guradians of the Galaxy Gamora Costume

Is your kiddo full of energy? Capable of running pretty much non-stop? Perceptive as all get-out and maybe even a little bit ruthless? These are some of the characteristics that we find are especially present in the adopted daughter of the purple-skinned titan who shook up the whole universe with just one snap. And, more, we’re pretty sure that it’s going to take a little Gamora action to help restore things, too! What better way than to go the literal route with your miniature assassin? We can’t wait, because in this Gamora costume, kids are going to feel ready to kick Thanos to the Soulworld!

Star-Lord Costume

Star-Lord Costume for Kids

When we think of Star-Lord, we picture an adult Peter Quill, playing old Earth tunes and getting ready to bring down whatever galactic problem has surfaced. While that’s true, don’t forget that this guy was pretty awesome even when he was just a little bugger. How many kiddos can stow away on a ship when his home is attacked and later manage to disable a bunch of Ravagers and even knock out a space pirate with a knack for sonic arrows? Sometimes, it takes just a little creativity and young energy to save the galaxy and we’ll be happy to see your kiddo in the captain’s seat with a Star-Lord costume!

Rocket Raccoon Costume

Rocket Raccoon Costume

Who among the Guardians of the Galaxy is the most child-like? Groot, with his one sentence and sometimes literally a baby? Star-Lord, rife with emotional outbursts and his baby blanket of a Walkman? Convincing, but we think it’s the instant gratification and the explosive personality of Rocket Raccoon. If your kiddo is ready to save the galaxy the way only this furball can, we’ve got the perfect Guardians of the Galaxy Halloween costume! Just remember that Rocket gets even more feisty if you don’t let him play with his weaponry. (Don’t worry, we’ve got them in toy weapon form!)

Toddler Rocket Raccoon Costume

Rocket Raccoon Costume for Toddler

Rocket Raccoon isn’t all about the biggest possible explosions. He’s also all about being the comic mischief in the middle of the plan! What would be the point of saving the galaxy if you couldn’t have a little fun along the way? Well, when your little one climbs into our toddler sized Guardian of the Galaxy costume, they’ll immediately be the cutest critter on two legs. Remember: Rocket hates being called a raccoon, critter, rodent, and other such things, though that’s only because he wants to seem tough. We’re pretty sure that your tyke can give that cuddly spin to Rocket that we’ve been longing for.

Guardians of the Galaxy Adult Costumes

Whether you are looking to finish off your family Guardians of the Galaxy costumes or are hoping to take to the stars to protect the universe on your own, there are a lot of characters and designs to consider. Are you going to go for the look of independent agents, hunting down an orb that is far more powerful than anyone could have guessed? Or are you more interested in looks of a fully formed group with some Guardians of the Galaxy 2 costumes? Then again, why should you restrict yourself? It isn’t like Thanos is getting ready to snap half of the costumes out of the universe. (By Stan Lee, we hope not!)

Gamora Costume

Adult Gamora Costume

The most deadly woman in the galaxy is someone that you want to have on your side. It goes without saying that you don’t want her to be an enemy, but things dramatically shift in your favor once the green-skinned assassin decides to wield swords like the Godslayer to help you as well! Then again, when you slide into a Gamora Halloween costume, you’ve pretty much assured victory for yourself! Choose the path of this independent survivor and know that the whole galaxy could be in your hands. (We recommend that you try your best to forget all about Planet Vormir before it is too late!)

Groot Costume

Adult Groot Costume

Groot is a pretty remarkable character. He’s got fantastic strength and incredible regenerative abilities that can even be used to grow vines out and reach stuff that even this tall guy can’t get to. The big thing to remember is that an Adult Groot costume is referring to Groot in Original Flavor—not to mistaken with Baby or Teen Grump Groot! Sad to say, our tree-skinned protector doesn’t just get a reset any time he plants a vine in a cute little pot. But, then again, with how often the Marvel Universe resurrects fallen friends, there’s no reason we can’t play a brand new version of Plants vs. Zombies to get him back!

Adult Star-Lord Costume

Adult Star-Lord Costume

As the captain of the Guardians of the Galaxy, you’ve got to be ready to take command and get people on board. That gets tough with you’ve got a team full of very independent people, but we know that Peter Quill and you have this down. If you’re starting your own team, you’ve got to go with the first look of Star-Lord. Remember your Awesome Mix is going to be mostly focused on 70s music as early as ’66. That works pretty well with the shorter coat and the wrapped up look of the pants. The real test of character is if you can convince anyone else on the team to actually call you Star-Lord, though!

Deluxe Star-Lord Costume

Star-Lord Costume

If you’ve already saved the galaxy once or twice, you’ve earned a little upgrade to your look. You could have everything all tight and cool looking, but how can you stick with that when you’ve got the option of the full flowing flare of a trench coat in zero-gravity? That’s what puts the “guardian” in your Guardians of the Galaxy adult Halloween costumes. With the look featured from the sequel, Star-Lord is ready to take on the true galactic threats and you can be ready to spin the coat flaps and look like a true space cowboy. Aim your quad-blasters and load up any of your classic songs…at least until your Zune breaks!

Drax Costume

Drax Costume

No team is complete without the brutal warrior who is ready to charge headlong into the fight and give a good, solid punch to the sturdy jawline of the baddie. None can do that with greater proficiency than Drax the Destroyer. How could anyone even hope to compare with the power of somebody named that, anyway? You’ll make the perfect, straight-to-the-point warrior provided you are equipped with a few things. First, remember charging into the obstacle is the easiest way to get a job done, even if that means going down the throat of a monster. Second…well, that’s all you need to know! Victory!

Thanos Costume

Thanos Halloween Costume

No heroic is complete without an antagonist to give them a reason to fight. Is it even possible to suggest a villain more outstanding than the Titan, Thanos? Not only is that square-jaw and violet tone a thing of wonder, but he accomplished the impossible with a snap of his fingers! If you’re going to step into the role of Thanos, remember: no villain thinks of themselves as evil. They’re only doing what needs to be done for the universe, right!? So long as you can convince yourself of that, you can do anything. (Just, for our sakes, watch those fingers if you get your hands in the Gauntlet of Infinity.)

Thanos Makeup Tutorial

So, you’ve decided that the universe is bound for disaster and the only way to save it is to go on a quest to gather up six magical MacGuffins that will help you reshape reality in order to save the future for everyone. (Well, that’s impossible. How about save it for half of them. Much more reasonable!) Still, that sounds just like a heroic quest a certain Hyrulean has been on a ton of times. Totally noble! We’ve gotta help you out. This kind of a heroic quest can only be achieved by someone with strength—inner and outer—and a steel jaw that can handle the pressure. It’s rough work, so there are going to be several steps to bringing in that kind of intensity. You made it this far, so we know that you’ve got it in you to do it. You just need to get those small details worked out. How can you give yourself that titanic look that only exists in the sheer mystical might of the amethyst? Well, we might have some suggestions to help you along the way. Fortunately, it isn’t going to require a magical ritual or the crafting might of the dwarves (neither the ones from Nidavellir or Middle-Earth). Just a click away and you’ll be taught all our mysterious secrets for how we give ourselves that authentic Thanos look. Oh, you need help acquiring the Infinity Stones? Well, that’s gonna have to be on you!

Yondu Makeup Tutorial

Not every cool-colored space alien has designs on galactic reality-reshaping. Some are just looking to make a happy home for a handful of other miscreants! The Centurions (not the Roman type) might have told old Yondu to shove off, but we have a sneaking suspicion that this whistling bad-boy has plenty of hero running through his veins. He just needs an opportunity to let that side out. You might be the one to show the world Yondu’s true colors. (Well, they’re still gonna be blue, of course, but we’re talking that noble shade!) Still, we can’t expect you to become a master whistler and perfectly fit a cybernetic fin to your head. While you’re working on your pipes, we’ve put together a handy-dandy tutorial to help you refine your battle scars and give yourself the blue-steel look that only this Ravager can pull off. It does make us wonder, though. Was he always blue or did he just get stuck that way after having to deal with the constant pranks from a young Peter Quill? Holding your breath can do that to a guy. (Suddenly, we understand how Yondu developed such a profound lung capacity!) Who knew such character complexity would come just from proper skin care!? The galaxy is sure a fascinating place!