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Give your look the polish it deserves with our selection of press-on nails! From perfectly spooky Halloween press-on nails to cute press-on nails for everyday wear, we've got the quick-and-easy manicure you're looking for. Shop sassy ombre press-on nails and trendy coffin shapes, or snatch that retro-inspired press-on nail kit you've been dreaming of wearing to a disco-themed party!
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1 - 12 of 12
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Spirit Board Press on Nails Kit
Sale - 48%
Celestial Press on Nails Kit
Clearance  - 77%
Bad Witch Press on Nails Kit
Sale - 32%
Red Bondage Press on Nails
Sale - 32%
Groovy Press on Nails Kit
Clearance  - 73%
Fluffy Cloud Press on Nails Kit
Clearance  - 73%
Butterfly Press on Nails
Clearance  - 59%
Tiger Press-On Nails Kit
Clearance  - 70%
Potion Ombre Press on Nails Kit
Sale - 32%
Crystal Flame Press on Nails Kit
Clearance  - 50%

Are you tired of scouring the internet looking for where to buy press-on nails? Then you'll be happy to learn we can help with our unique selection of press-on nail kits! As a Halloween brand, we started this collection to ensure our customers have everything they need to polish their costumes. As lovers of any excuse to dress up, we've been sure to include more than what you might expect to see in a Halloween press-on nail selection!

Before we take a closer look at the sharp and stylish press-on kits available here, let's address why you might be after a pair of nails to layer over your own.

Press-on nails offer the unique advantage of giving you the length, strength, and versatility some natural nails just can't. They can take the hassle of perfecting a coat of polish out of getting ready for an event—not to mention the frustration of waiting for the polish to dry. Press-on nails can also serve as a money-saving alternative to salon manicures.

So, what about our selection?

Whether you're dressing for Halloween, a convention, or an average day, our selection aims to compliment your look and even surprise you. That means you'll find options ranging from classic butterfly patterns to long press-on nails with a coffin shape and sassy paint job.

Ensure your traditional vampire ensemble looks extra sharp with sharp, pointed ombre press-on nails. Attend a séance fully prepared to get in touch with the other side by wearing press-ons with a spirit board design.

Perhaps you want to skip a costume but also want to coordinate with your kiddo who's trick-or-treating as a wild cat. Dress however you prefer and sport a set of tiger-striped nails. Or keep a Care Bear kiddo, playful Neverland fairy, or little angel in good company with a cloud design.

Maybe you have a themed bachelorette, birthday, or retirement party on the schedule? Nail the theme. Literally!

Choose a disco-inspired manicure for a look that's so on point people will ask where you got it done! Bring an ethereal feel to your look with press-ons print with stars and constellations. Stir up a truly charming outfit with press-on nail styles that are perfect for both good and bad witches.

Didn't find the easy press-on nail kit you were hoping for? Never fear! We're continually updating our selections in an effort to give our customers the very best experience. So, check back with us soon to discover the manicure that's sure to polish your look! We can't wait to see how you put our unique nail selection to use for all your Halloween, Purim, cosplay, and casual ensembles! Monster