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Go all in on your Halloween costume this year with full body paints and creams. Whether you’re getting in touch with your wild side as a tiger or rocketing off to Jupiter as an alien, our body makeup selection has you covered—literally. Choose professional grade greasepaints, and kid safe body paint for every occasion when you shop with us!
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80s Makeup Kit
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Queen of Hearts Makeup Kit
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Green Face Makeup
Mummy Makeup Kit
Made By Us Exclusive
Tiger Makeup Kit
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White Base Makeup
Clearance  - 40%
Green Body Paint
Black Base Makeup
Green Face and Body Cream Makeup
Sale - 20%
Brown Face Paint
Red Base Makeup
White Opal Shimmer Creme Makeup
Sale - 30%
Red Face and Body Makeup Cream
Sale - 20%
Green Shimmer Creme Makeup
Sale - 20%
Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray main upd
Water Based Wild Orchid Face and Body Paint
Sale - 13%
White Body Paint

You fully understand the importance of nailing the look of your dream Halloween costume, and sometimes that requires covering your entire body in makeup. But, you need to make sure you’re using the right body paint, not the half dried out tube of craft paint you have hiding in the junk drawer. Luckily, we take costumes seriously too, which is why you’ll find all the accessories and extras you need to bring your costume to life, including base paints and creams for full-body makeup!

Since you’re here, we feel safe assuming you already have plenty of body paint ideas in mind. But just in case your excitement to get everything put together clouds your focus, the following overview of our body paints selection will help you pick the option that’s right for you!

One thing to consider when picking out your body makeup is ease of application and removal. Are you painting the whole family blue for some Smurf Village shenanigans? You’ll probably want a cream makeup that covers easily and washes off with a simple soap and water scrub in the bath or shower for the youngsters. A greasepaint option will look great, but when changing back into your normal human appearance the removal will require a bit more effort and involves makeup remover as well as a good body wash.

Once you’ve decided what kind of body paint you want to use, and whether you’re after professional grade or a standard Halloween makeup, it’s time to have your fun!

Grab a green body paint and pair it with one of our available glitter makeup sets to take your garden fairy costume from natural to magical. Or choose a pale base color and add some glow in the dark details for an out of this world costume creation.

Not sure how what you want to be for Halloween, choose a color at random and build from there! A snow-white base paint and darkened eyes can lead into any number of macabre costumes, from ghost to skeleton. But, maybe you know exactly what you want to be! Pink, purple, yellow, or whatever paired with all sorts of greys and reds is sure to make that zombie unicorn body paint stand out in any crowd!

Whatever character or creature you want to become, our selection of base paints and creams is here for you! And whether you’re coating up in your first set of orange and black stripes or you’re perfecting your cosplay body paint for your next convention, we have the choices needed for beginners-level styles and well-practiced artists! Just don’t forget to pop on over to our other makeup supplies selections to grab the tools and embellishments your costume needs! Monster