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Perfect your tiger stripes and mermaid scales or get that perfectly blended hollow cheek for your skeleton makeup with our selection of makeup applicators. From precision makeup stencils to disposable sponges, we have the tools to help you get the job done without using your fingers. And whether you know an exact search term for what you’re after or you’re just searching for one of those triangular makeup sponges, we’ve got you covered!
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When you’ve got a specific vision in your mind for how your makeup should look, it’s hard to budge on getting it done right. And unless you’re simply looking for a replacement stencil or refilling your makeup sponge collection, you probably don’t have the supplies on hand to make your exquisite makeup dreams a reality. Luckily, you found us!

We’ve faced the reality of trying to create the perfect scaly skin without the proper tools, and we wouldn’t wish it on our worst enemy. Which is why, you’ll find our selection of makeup stencils and applicators includes a good variety to help you accomplish any simple or complex look.

Know exactly what you’re after? Feel free to dive right in and pick out what you need. Looking for a little guidance or inspiration? Keep on reading to hear what we have in store and how we’d put it all to good use!

Some looks need nothing more than a smooth application. Whether you’re using full body paint or an all-inclusive makeup kit, our available sponges and stencils can help make sure your foundation has a clean finish. And since the best rule of thumb is to not use your thumbs--or any of your fingers—you’ll be on the right track to getting that smooth make up finish when you choose from our selection that ranges from disposable non-latex sponges to Mehron Hydra Sponges.

If your look requires an attention to detail or new lining technique that you’re not too familiar or confident with—let’s be honest, eyeliner is hard enough—then our selection of precision stencils is your next stop. The Graftobian brand stencils are flexible, reusable, and come in a variety of patterns to make your job easy! Create fine lines and details that bring haunted porcelain dolls and seriously fierce looking cheetahs to life. Or combine stencils to invent alien creatures and hybrid monsters perfect for Halloween. Whatever the goal, you’ve found the stencils to make it happen!

Whether it’s Halloween, a cosplay convention, or Tuesday, you’ll be as well-prepared as needed to get adventurous with your makeup when you shop our selection of sponges and applicators! So, go ahead and pick out that mermaid stencil and add some glitter to your everyday look or utilize those triangular makeup sponges to create a zombie masterpiece! Either way, you’re sure to have fun designing original looks or following your favorite makeup vlogger’s lead the next time you sit down at your vanity. Just don’t forget the actual creams, pallets, tattoos, and removers available in our other exciting makeup supplies selections!