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If you're looking to make certain characters authentic, it might mean a more profound transformation than you might initially be ready for. Can you commit to the razor and say (however temporarily) goodbye to that lovely head of hair? Fret not! There is another way; our bald caps will save your day!
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Some celebrities and characters have pretty iconic hairstyles. We're always going to recognize that Superman curl or the pomp of Elvis, of course. The wild curls of a certain king of the north, too. But, when a character shows up with a completely shorn head, it's a good deal more noticeable! Those bald characters are always the ones to watch. Will they reveal their darker nature and attempt to conquer the world as a brilliant and terrifying villain? Are they going to show up with their keen senses ready to save the day? The events change from character to character, but there's no question that a bald character is going to do something!

So, is it time to don the red uniform and captain the Next Generation of flagships of the Federation? Our beloved Jean-Luc Picard wouldn't be the same with a head of hair! We're sure that's guaranteed red-shirt fodder, otherwise. How about taking down the Fire Nation as the legendary Avatar? This easy-going and lovable savior's iconic blue markings wouldn't mean anything if he didn't have the bald head to show them off! Gru from Despicable Me and everyone's beloved Peanuts misfit Charlie Brown just look weird when you throw a mop of hair on their heads and everyone knows when Ellen Ripley decides to shave her head, she means business

Of course, the real joy of a bald character comes when it is time to conquer the world. From your Dr. Evil to Voldemort, Lex Luthor to the Borg Queen, Darth Maul and Elmer Fudd! They all have that shining noggin that shows their dark nature. (Okay, maybe we're judging Elmer a bit too harshly.) 

The point is that our collection of Bald Caps can give you an easy transformation to many classic characters with ease! Even better, you can draw signature markings, apply makeup, or even just guard your own hair from being snagged on headpieces with ease. There's little more versatile and easy to use than our bald caps and wigs to help you start fresh in becoming your favorite character creations! Monster