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Are you tired of being asked which super power you want? Have the answer on your sleeve with one of our adult Superhero costumes! The right choices in superhero costumes tell folks right away if you're a Batman by night or a Captain Marvel all day. We have options ranging from plus size female superhero costumes perfect for the comic book connoisseur to superhero costumes adult folk that are just starting out in the fandom will love.
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Captain America Womens Costume
X-Men Women's Rogue Premium Costume
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Second Skin Suit
Women's DC Wonder Woman Costume Update
Men's Prison Orange Jumpsuit
Made By Us
Spider-Man Women's Costume new main
The Matrix Women's Trinity Costume
Men's Duffman Costume Main UPD
Women's Lethal Beauty Costume Update1
Men's Joker Costume
The Joker Suit Vest (Authentic)
Wonder Woman Adult Long Sleeve Dress
Premium Marvel Wolverine Men's Costume
Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume
The Riddler Ugly Christmas Sweater for Adults update main-1-
Made By Us
Sale - 25% Exclusive
Women's Harley Quinn Gold Overalls Costume Main Update
Sale - 20% Exclusive
Captain America Grand Heritage Men's Costume-2
Sale - 63%
Sexy Power Princess Costume
Mens Grand Heritage Thor Costume
Sale - 70%
Split Personality Villain Costume
X-Men Adult Cyclops Costume
Thunder Superhero Costume
Rent: $39.99
Harlequin Blaster Costume
Adult Joker Costume
Wonder Woman Corset Costume
Rent: $44.99

Doesn't everyone harbor dreams of saving the world from the forces of evil? That's why superheroes are so popular. We've all faced situations where a super power would come in handy! 

Which super power or powers would you pick? Your answer to this clichéd cocktail-party icebreaker is a good starting point for planning a heroic venture. If you're faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive, of course you need to be Superman or Supergirl. If you're great at solving riddles and spoiling jokes, Batman is the character for you. If you just like hanging out with bats, be Robin. If avenging wrongs is more your style, try Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk or Black Widow. 

Our adult superhero costumes can't give you a super power, but we can at least make you look and feel super. Which hero is your favorite? Chances are, we carry a costume for that character! We have licensed costumes for most of the biggest names from both Marvel and DC Comics. You can go it alone, or join with family or friends for a couple's or group theme. Become a team such as the Avengers, or a hero and sidekick such as Batman & Robin, or a hero and villain such as Thor and Loki or Spider-Man and Venom. 

Choose your superhero persona, get the costume, and then act the part! Most characters have signature moves and catch-phrases that you can learn and use. The more you can actually become your character, the more fun you'll have!