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He's big. He's green. He's a destruction machine... and now you can look like him! Our selection of Incredible Hulk Costumes will have you looking like the muscular green dude who loves to smash stuff. We carry plenty of costumes for kids, along with styles for adults that are based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe! We even have all of the hottest costumes from Endgame! No gamma radiation necessary.
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Stan Lee may have created the Hulk out of his fondness for Frankenstein, but we challenge you to try and portray the Hulk, not as a monster, but as a misunderstood if not a bad-tempered superhero. After all the Hulk has shown a capacity for doing good, even when in his enraged Hulk state.

The Hulk's story begins when scientist Bruce Banner had an experiment with some gamma rays go really wrong. His exposure to the intense power of these rays transformed him into the raging green creature we all know and love. The Hulk has the potential for limitless physical strength, depending on his level of anger. When he reverts to being Banner, he has intelligence that is so amazing it cannot be measured.

So there, now that you know what an amazing fella the Incredible Hulk is, we are sure you want to do him justice by portraying him in a dignified way. No? All right then. Put on your green Hulk costume and... HULK SMASH! How To

Hulk Costumes

For real Incredible Hulk fans, "Hulk Smash" isn't just a catchphrase or something you yell when you're about to crush something into oblivion. It's more like a way of life! And even more so if you take your fandom to the next level with Hulk cosplay and Hulk Halloween costumes. Even if you're more of a casual admirer and maybe never even thought about bulking up to be the Hulk in costume, we think it's definitely a look worth considering. It's fun, it's green, and it gets you instant superhero status!

And, of course, because we're the internet's #1 costume company, we can get you all set up with a Hulk suit, Hulk hands, and a realistic Hulk mask. Our Incredible Hulk Halloween costumes are Marvel officially licensed, so you can be sure that they're the real deal. They even feature padded muscle effects, so if you're not quite as swole as the big green guy himself, you can still look just like him at your next costume party! For a little expert advice, tips, and tricks on how to choose your Hulk suit, and for how to get the most out of your Hulk cosplay experience, just keep reading for more info in this How-To. We've assembled everything we know about Bruce Banner and his alter ego to make all of your superhero shopping easy peasy!

Hulk Halloween Costumes

If you got your sights set on a Hulk costume, well, we've got the goods. We've been stocking Avengers Hulk costumes since the Marvel Cinematic Universe started making waves at the box office. And we've always had classic Hulk costumes for our hardcore comic book fans. No matter if you're shopping for cosplay or for your kid to Hulk out for Halloween, we've got all of the top options covered. Check out each of these Hulk costumes to see if they're just what you're shopping for!

Adult Hulk Costume

Hulk Costume Adult

If you're looking for an easy, fun, and totally awesome Hulk costume for Halloween or for fan fun, we've got just the one to start with. This Deluxe Hulk Costume is officially licensed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. It has an easy design to turn you into the grumpy green goliath. The jumpsuit has padded muscle effects in the abs, pecs, and arms. The printed image of tattered jeans makes it look like you just transformed from Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk. Complete with a Hulk mask painted in perfect detail, this Men's Hulk Costume is the go-to choice for most of our customers.

Hulk Costume Kids

Hulk Costume Kids

Kids love to suit up as the big green guy, naturally, and it's easy to see why in just two words. Hulk Smash! Any child who has a propensity for smashing things at playtime is sure to love dressing as a character who makes smashing everything their entire shtick. And with our awesome Hulk costume for kids, they're going to feel like they're a part of the action of their favorite movie—ready to take on Thanos and save the day! This detailed Avengers Endgame Incredible Hulk Costume includes the printed Hulk jumpsuit, complete with fiberfill padding for enhanced muscle effect. It also has a plastic mask to complete their superhero transformation.

Toddler Hulk Costume

Toddler Hulk Costume

Burly, bulked-up, and behemoth are all words that can be used to describe the Incredible Hulk in any of his iterations, but we'd like to add a brand-new descriptor to the list. Cute! And that's because we can get the cutest toddlers suited up for Hulk duty with this Deluxe Toddler Hulk Costume. This costume skips the mask for a headpiece to show off your tot's adorable face, but it still has plenty of fiberfill padding to have them bulked up like The Hulk himself. With a cartoon color palette of green and purple, your child will love suiting up as the classic character on the Halloween trick-or-treat circuit.

She Hulk Costume

She Hulk Costume

Comic book fans know there's one other very important Hulk in the Marvel universe. And that'd be She-Hulk! She's got similar powers to Bruce Banner, since it was a blood transfusion from Bruce that gave her superhero abilities. And of course, she's a green heavyweight when she's Hulking out, too. Rumor has it that she'll be featured in a future Marvel television series, so now is as prime a time as ever to go as She-Hulk for Halloween. Our Women's She-Hulk Costume captures her iconic look from the comics, complete with a bodysuit styled to look like a tank suit over green arms and green legs.

Hulk Couples Costumes

The Incredible Hulk is more than capable of handling most situations on his own. But if he can team up with a friend, the fun might be even better! You don't need to "Avengers assemble" the whole crew, either. A couple or a costume duo would have more than enough superhero swagger to take on the average costume party or cosplay event. Check out these ideas for Hulk and Friends costume pairings!

Hulk and Black Widow

Hulk and Black Widow

Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff seemed to have a little romantic chemistry in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but they apparently didn't cement any relationship as their flirtation wasn't followed up on in Avengers: Endgame. But, for any guy and gal looking to suit up in Avengers couple's costumes, this costume pairing is still a top choice. Even if you're just friends with your costume partner, the brute strength of Hulk and cunning assassin skills of the Black Widow make for an epic superhero team-up.

Hulk and Captain America

Hulk and Captain America

Hulk and Captain America make for a great Avengers duo, particularly if your gal pal slips into our Women's Captain America Costume! The two of you are sure to bruise any bad guys you cross, and the one-two punch of a Hulk smash followed by Cap throwing her shield means the heroes are sure to come out on top. Even if you don't have to face off against Hydra or even Thanos at your costume party, we're sure you'll be in the running in the couple's costume contest. Because what combo could possibly be better than a muscled-out green goliath and a superhero super beauty!

Hulk Hands, Face Paint, and More

Hulk Accessories

So, you're stoked about going as Bruce Banner and his alter ego this Halloween. Awesome! We would be remiss, though, if we didn't get you all the gear you need to complete your costume transformation. And in the case of an Incredible Hulk costume, that means top-notch Hulk hands and a high-end Hulk mask. Because if anyone sees your human hands while you're wearing your Hulk suit, the costume effect might be ruined! Our top costume add-ons are our Hulk Avengers Gloves to match the movie licensed suit. Or for a serious upgrade, you'll want to consider our Deluxe Latex Hulk Hands. They're super-sized to have you looking like you can seriously Smash! Complete the look with our Deluxe Avengers Endgame Hulk mask for further costume enhancement. Then, consider some green body paint and maybe even a black wig to round out your cosplay costume. With a little extra attention to detail, you can take your costume from ordinary to extraordinary. And since the Hulk and the Avengers are pretty extraordinary, we think it's worth putting in the added effort! Monster