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When you’re putting together a warrior costume, you might need something to defend yourself. Check out our selection of costume shields to find the perfect one for your outfit! Whether you prefer a wood-look Viking shield, a simple Spartan shield, or a decorative Roman shield, we have something you’ll like. We hope you’ll add one of these shields to your costume this year, but we hope you won’t have to use it!
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20" Gladiator Shield W/ 29" Sword
Made By Us Exclusive
Wooden Viking Shield
Made By Us Exclusive
Legend of Zelda Link Shield
Vikings Jarl Borg Shield
Sale - 25% Made By Us
Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok Red Shield
Made By Us Exclusive
Vikings Lagertha Lothbrok Shield
Made By Us Exclusive
Black Wood-Look Viking Shield
Sale - 41% Made By Us
18" Round Shield
Sale - 23% Made By Us
Woman's Sword & Shield
Made By Us Exclusive
Spartan Shield and Sword
Coming Soon
Viking Lord Shield & Sword
Coming Soon
Shield of Thrones Shield and Sword Set
Coming Soon
Barbarian Combat Shield and Sword
Coming Soon
SWAT Shield
Out of Stock

SWAT Shield


Maybe you've got arrows flying at you, or the ball of a mace, or maybe it's just a beer can your best friend hurled at you at the pool party when he'd had one too many... but all of these situations need one thing: a shield! We have shields of all kinds for Greek costumes, Native Americans, or Knights, and plenty from movies you love. If you think a shield isn't handy, just wait until you need a plate all of a sudden, or if you need to make your way through a busy club. Just push your way through and be on your merry way. These are just a few reasons you can really use a shield to go with your costume! Monster