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Adult Fat Suit Costume

Adult Fat Suit Costume

Eye Black Stick
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Workout Video Star Kit
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Pipe Wrench

Prop Pipe Wrench

Adult Dodgeball Jersey Costume
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Red Bandana
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Sure, the now intensely famous Average Joes may have taken down Globo-Gym in the finals of the pro dodgeball tournament, but the team is always looking for new members to fill out their ranks. After all, Peter LeFleur can't be the team captain forever, can he? You've seen the movie, right? How hard could it be for you to slip into a uniform to become the team's new star player?

Well, now you can! We have tons of different Dodgeball costumes from the movie, so you can land yourself a role on the next dogdeball game. Of course, you can dress as Peter in one of our men's costumes, or you wear our women's costume to become Kate. Of course, if you love the style Steve “the Pirate,” then you can always head on over to our pirate section to become the pirate of the team.