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Halloween reveler, come on down! You’ve been selected to play The Price is Right with our selection of Price is Right costumes! Show the studio audience you have what it takes to make it to the showcase round in a Price is Right contestant costume. Ensure the wheel is on your side with a Price is Right wheel costume. Or try your hand at hosting the show with a suit that’s as sharp as your wit!
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Hey you! Yes, you, come on down because you're the next lucky contestant in the Price is Right. 

If that sentence hits you right in the feels then chances are your childhood upbringing involved faking sick to stay home from school to watch Bob Barker host the Showcase Showdown where finalists could win cars, vacations, boats, and much much more. Maybe you record newer episodes of the addictive game show to watch after work? If watching Drew Carrey host is just as enjoyable as watching Bob Barker, then you're a Price is Right fan for life. We recommend being a contestant on the successful show to have the chance of becoming the Showcase Showdown winner, but if that's not in the cards right now then pretend by wearing our awesome Price is Right costumes for adults. 

Perfect for creating a complete group costume, this is a funny and contemporary idea for young adults who want to create buzz at a pub crawl or Halloween house party. Since this costume is easily identifiable on its own, a group of friends isn't exactly a requirement; you'll still be recognized if flying to the party solo is your plan. 

Each Price is Right costume comes with the same includes. You'll receive an adjustable podium accessory which conveniently fastens around the waist. The podium can either be green, yellow, blue, and red just like the popular game show. You'll also receive the iconic yellow tag name tag sticker. Write your name on the sticker in permanent marker then slap it on the colored shirt of your choosing. Every podium features a different popular bid like 1700, 801, 800, and everyone's favorite go-to answer, the number 1. 

Besides the exciting culmination at the end of the show, spinning the giant money wheel is one of the best highlights. (Remember, don't get more than a dollar or you won't be featured in the grand finale where winning it all is within reach.) Now there's a way for Price is Right fans to morph into the sparkly light-up wheel by wearing the adult wheel costume. This costume consists of a tunic that has an attached semi-circle made to look exactly like the wheel everyone longs to spin. Whoever wears this costume should get ready to be the life of the party. Tons of people, ones you know and ones you don't, will want to see if they can give the might wheel a spin. 

One of the most appreciated aspects of the Price is Right costumes allows is wearers get to wear the comfortable clothing they like best. You'll also have the option to add accessories if you want. Wear the podium costume and pick up a microphone as an ideal pop, but if you plan on transforming into the wheel keep some fake money in your pocket and throw it in the air at an opportune time. 

Once your whole crew is outfitted to look like a group of Price is Right contestants eager to win big bucks, take a picture to remember the night! Monster