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Beans, beans

The magical fruit

Beans, beans

The more you eat,

The more you...

...wonder,"Are beans really a fruit. They're not really sweet like apples, bananas, or grapes. They're definitely not sour like lemons or oranges. And you definitely wouldn't put them in any fruit salad. Sure, botanically they're a fruit, but nutritionally aren't they a vegetable, just like tomatoes?"

Unfortunately, we really don't know much about the nutritional values of fruits, so we'll leave that to nutritionalists, dietitians and health nuts. We tried solving this problem the only way we know how, with costumes! We brought together all the fruit costumes we could think of, from bananas, to blueberries and strawberries. We even tracked down some zombie banana costumes for good measure. We're not any closer to solving our bean dilemma, but we did learn that dressing up as fruit is pretty fun and you can't put a price on learning that life lesson.