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2+ Person Costumes

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Like cookies and milk or rock, paper, and scissors, you and your best buds are meant to be together. And whether you’re looking for a dynamic duo costume for friends to share or a peanut butter and jelly costume that perfectly sums up your relationship, our 2+ person Halloween costumes have you covered. So, go classic with a 2 person horse costume, or spark conversation with a Couples' Halloween Costumes for 2 people!
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Adult Toy Story Slinky Dog Costume-update-2
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Plug and Socket Costume
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Two Person Camel Costume
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Child SMores Costume
Hot Dog and Bun Costume
Diver and Octopus Costume
Kids Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume Upd
Wine and Cheese Costume
Kraft Single Couples Costume
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Red Riding Hood and Baby Wolf Costume Update
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Womens Grey Nylon Opaque Tights
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Shark & Diver Carrier Costume
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Jamaican Bobsled Team Prop
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Infant Chef & Spaghetti Costume
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Chicken & Farmer Carrier Costume
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Child 2 Person Horse Costume
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2 Person Halloween Costume Ideas

The popularity of couples and group costumes isn’t fading anytime soon. With every new on-screen romance, bizarre meme, or pop culture moment another iconic costume is dreamed up. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one you’d rather wear. Not only do you have to pick a look, but you also need to make sure your costume partner agrees with your choice.

Then, you’ll need to get the actual ensemble. Does it exist as a ready-to-wear outfit already? Will you need to get in touch with your DIY side? It can all feel rather overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve got resources for your costume-deciding and planning needs! And should our group costume builder fail you, our classic collection of 2-person Halloween costumes is here to help you choose the perfect ready-to-go look for you and yours!

2 Person Halloween Costumes

When you type 2-person Halloween costume ideas into your search bar, the lists are endless! You’ll find superheroes to pair, hilarious puns that may or may not land in all audiences, and of course classic combos like macaroni and cheese. And we can help you make all your favorites come together! But if you’re looking for quick and easy costume options to wear with the macaroni to your cheese, you’ve come to the right place! Follow along while we break down our selection of 2-person costumes to see which easy-to-wear option suits you best!

Cute Halloween Costumes for Two People

Cute Halloween Costumes for Two People

Cuteness might be a matter of opinion, but it’s impossible to deny how inherently adorable some couple’s costumes really are. A Disney Princess and Prince make a perfect picture. You can’t tell us a mom dressed as a witch holding their kiddo in a cuddly cat costume isn’t the most saccharine thing either. But, when you and your ride-or-die are so in sync that you balance each other perfectly, this yin-yang duo costume takes cute to a whole new level! Without a word, you put your sweet friendship on display for everyone to aww with just a hint of jealousy.

Funny 2 Person Halloween Costumes

Funny 2 Person Costumes

Most costume pairs lend themselves nicely to humor. But like any comic, you’ll want to get a read on the room before choosing which jokes you want to perform with your funny 2-person Halloween costume. You and your costume pal are sure to tickle some funny bones as a hot dog and bun, but the suggestive humor may not be best for what was originally a family-friendly party. Equally (but for other reasons) silly, however, is this avocado toast ensemble! Make the tasteful wisecrack when you and yours stroll into the party dressed as the modern pair!

Classic 2 Person Halloween Costumes

Speaking of modernity… it doesn’t always have an impact on Halloween costume popularity. Why? Well, some costume ideas simply never go out of style! And when you’re looking for one of those timeless couple’s ensembles to wear, we’ve got you and yours covered! Try what might be the most iconic of all 2-person costumes, the plug-and-socket. The powerhouse of a costume has been around as long as anyone can remember. And with its flirt factor at your disposal, you and your partner are sure to spark conversation at any Halloween celebration!

Multiple Person Halloween Costumes

Did your couple become a trio? A four-man squad? Don’t fret! Most couple’s costumes offer lots of wiggle room. Seriously, have you met a Disney, DC, or Harry Potter costume that didn’t flirt with getting too big? You and yours may want to be Cho Chang and Cedric Diggory, but that doesn’t mean Hermione, Draco, and Luna can’t tag along. But if you’re looking to keep it simple, our 2-person costumes are here to help duos turned crews! Start a friendly rivalry with rock, paper, and scissors costumes. Or see how speedy you can adjust as a bobsled team!

2 Person Costume Ideas

Looking to hone in on a specific style of 2-person costumes? Perfect! Here we’ll dive even deeper into our collection in hopes of sharing and inspiring the 2-person costume ideas you need. In place of classics, you’ll learn a bit about some more modern ready-to-wear 2-person ensembles. However, we’ll discuss some icons too. And we’ll introduce 2-person costumes that cater to trick-or-treaters and first-time Halloween revelers as well! With everything from humorous to nostalgic options, we’re sure you’ll discover a winning Halloween look with us!

Baby Carrier Costumes

Baby Carrier Costume

Couple's costumes and family looks are great, but how about when you need an outfit that is more than just a matching pet costume or a complementary infant’s look to go with your own? Bring your baby on the go with an outfit that creates a perfect illusion. A one, two, punch of a costume for just you and your tiny! Take a gander at our baby carrier costumes! From deep-sea exploration to amazing Disney outfits, you'll find a ton of great parent and baby costume ideas.

2 Person Animal Costumes

2 Person Animal Costumes

We love a trending costume. Wearing something fresh can make you feel like the coolest person in the room. But there’s merit to dusting off a classic too. Especially if that timeless ensemble is comedic gold. Make your audience go wild with exclusive 2-person animal costumes! We may not be able to help you and your pal decide who’ll be the butt, however, our Made By Us camel costume promises to help both of you stand tall at the Halloween party.

2 Person Costumes for Kids

It might seem like 2-person costumes are only for adults. We get it. Most options fit romantic partners and best friend pairs best. But here you’ll see that kids are welcome too! Dressing twins, classroom buddies, or looking for a unique way to turn your couple’s costume idea into a mommy-and-me ensemble? Try peanut butter and jelly for kiddos that are happiest together. Cook up a classic as the chef responsible for the cutest pot of spaghetti. Or take inspiration from these kid-friendly options and watch your child’s imagination run wild with kid’s costumes!

2 Person Costumes for Couples

Now, if you’re not looking for a 2-person costume for you and your buddy to clown around in, it’s probably a dedicated couple’s costume you’re after. But you’ve already heard about that old stand-by the plug and socket. What more could we offer? Well, if you haven’t looked at the couple’s costume builder yet, plenty! And even if you have, we’ve got this Adam and Eve couple’s costume! We think this bare-bones look is a perfect choice for couples that are looking to get a little closer to each other and friends, without revealing too much. Monster