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Prince Costumes

Everyone dreams of being a member of royalty from time to time. You get to rule your kingdom as you see fit. You get to have servants who will wait on you hand and foot, if you so choose. You also get to valiantly jump to the rescue of many a princess in distress (you know, like in all those fairy tales). Unfortunately, most of us are just average guys, born into the life of peasantry. Well, through the power of costume, you can change all of that!

Our vast collection of prince costumes will help you transform into the royal figure you’ve always dreamed of becoming, even if you don’t come from a royal bloodline. We carry a wide variety of prince costumes, ranging from the classic Prince Charming type, to some of the dashing Disney Princes and even some more fringe prince types. With a look this regal, you might even be able to convince a few of your friends to become your royal retainers! Just make sure to remain a kind and gentle prince, lest you turn into one of those dastardly princes that ends up meeting an untimely end at the hands of some common rogue (just ask Prince John about his dealings with Robin Hood on that account).