Mean Girls Costumes

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On Wednesdays, we may wear pink. But, on Halloween, we are all looking for Mean Girls costume ideas! Shock everyone at the party when you show up in a Regina George bunny costume and steal all of her thunder. (You can let her off the hook with a different Mean Girls outfit, like a sexy mouse or cat.) Either way, we are sure to have the Mean Girls costume you're looking for to bring your favorite scenes to life. Take a look and make the book!
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Mean Girls Christmas Costume Update
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Mean Girls Regina George Halloween Costume
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Mean Girls Karen Smith I'm a Mouse, Duh!
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Mean Girls Regina George Costume
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Black Flapper Costume Gloves
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Mean Girls Burn Book Stretchy Book Cover
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Nude Spandex Sheer Pantyhose
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These costumes are totally fetch! If you know the whole Mean Girls script because you've watched the movie at least 100 times, then you'll love our officially licensed Mean Girls costumes. You'll look exactly like the Queen Bee, Regina George when you wear our exclusive costume. It comes with a pink pleated mini skirt and even a stretchy Burn Book cover so you can turn any one of your textbooks into a Burn Book. We even sell Regina George's Jingle Bell Rock ensemble, so just get the Christmas costume and perform for your whole school. You're bound to be the most popular girl by morning!