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Enhance your dino vibe this Halloween with our dinosaur costume accessories! Check out our collection of dinosaur tails and claw accessories to add those finishing touches to your costume. Consider some makeup and face paint for the final details, and you will be totally ready to rock the Jurassic look!
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Velociraptor Jawesome Hat update
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Plush T-Rex Hat
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Tyrannosaur Jawesome Hat
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Stegosaurus Kit
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Stegosaurus Kit

Rex Jawesome Hat-main
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Dino Egg Treat Bag
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Child Dinosaur Hands & Feet Update Main
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Triceratops Kit Update
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Triceratops Kit

Dinosaur Makeup Kit
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Dilophosaurus Headband Tail Kit Update
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Green Body Paint
Light Pink Long Wavy Wig
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Kids Dinosaur Hands and Feet
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Rawr Want Candy Dino Treat Bag
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Kid's Dinosaur Bucket Hat
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Adult Black Webbed Gloves
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Womens Grey Nylon Opaque Tights
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Kid's Dinosaur Baseball Cap
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Child Dinosaur Sublimated Face Mask
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Adult Dinosaur Sublimated Face Mask
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Adult Dinosaur Costume Kit
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Child T-Rex Headpiece
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Graftobian Reptile Makeup Stencil Update Main
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Jurassic World T-Rex Mask Green Update
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Hey there, Jurassic adventurers and Cretaceous creatives! Are you ready to unleash the prehistoric party animal within? The dinosaur Halloween accessories on this page are a roar-some collection that promises to stomp the boredom out of any ordinary day. With tail-shaking, claw-rattling, and horn-touting goodies, you're set to transform any event from a silent gathering into a dino-mite explosion of fun!

Let's talk tails – not just any tails, but those that sway with a life of their own. Slip into a dinosaur tail accessory, and you're instantly the center of attention. Is it a dance-off at the local disco or a backyard BBQ where you want to leave a footprint? Either way, these tails are your ticket to becoming the most legendary creature on the dance floor or the grill master with a Mesozoic twist.

Now, let your fingers do the talking – or should we say, the roaring – with some ferociously fantastic dinosaur claws. Whether you're typing up a storm at a costume-friendly workspace or scratching up competition at a game night, these claw accessories add a touch of the wild to your gestures. Just remember, high-fives might be a little more... impactful.

Headbands, you say? If you'd like a prehistoric crown that roars with style, dinosaur headbands with ears and horns are the perfect way to spike up your everyday attire or top off a festive ensemble. They're office-approved for that quirky touch to your workday and absolutely essential for photobooth antics at your cousin's wedding.

We haven't forgotten the little hatchlings. Kid-friendly dino gear, like the Stegosaurus accessory kit and T-Rex costume hats, are ready to turn playtime into an epic saga of imagination. These pieces are tickets to an adventure in the playground jungle or the centerpiece for a story time that comes to life.

And for those looking to really sink their teeth into character, our assortment of dino-mite dinosaur makeup can transform your visage to match your prehistoric spirit. Why stop at dressing the part when you can look it, too? Carefully applied details can enhance your look and take your persona to the next level.

These accessories are perfect for Halloween, school plays, and yes, even for those brave enough to wear them to the grocery store. Why? Because life's too short to be boring! So, whether you're gearing up for trick-or-treat escapades or just want to add a splash of the Jurassic to your Tuesday, our Halloween dinosaur costume accessories are here to evolve your wardrobe into something spectacularly saurian. Shop now and let the good times roar! Monster