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So, you've got your costume. It's time to ask yourself an important question. Does it have a cape? If you're thinking it should but it doesn't, just shop right here for a cape to complete your costume theme to the fullest!

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Can you guess what one of the top phrases in the costume design biz is? It's "put a cape on it!" And that's the truth! When it comes to superheroes, villains, witches, and wizards, having a cape can make or break the costume. But that's not to say that every costume that could use a cape comes with one. Which is where we come in! As purveyors of all things costume, we've beefed up our costume catalog with the best costume capes from around the world. And they're ready to ship straight to you to complete your costume theme!

Calling all superheroes. So, you say you're in need of a cape to save the day? Well, let's get you ready to go out and do your duty! The most iconic cape in the superhero game would belong to none other than the Man of Steel. That's right, Superman almost always has a cape in every iteration, so we've got to get you set up with a premium Superman Cape. Chances are, the costume you picked up already came with one, but adding our Deluxe Superman Cape is an instant upgrade. And ladies dressing as Wonder Woman are definitely going to want to take a look at our Wonder Woman Cape. It's short, red, and features the Wonder Woman logo printed on the back!

Anyone dressing as a vampire, witch, or wizard is most certainly going to want a cape as well. And we've got plenty of choices just for them. A classic choice for a vampire costume is to go with a high collar cape, and we have a Made by Us version available with white or red accents! Or, a hooded cape might be more your style, so you can grab our Velvet hooded cloak or our Women's Velvet Cape. It features a red satin lining that goes with a ton of different costume combinations. Serious spellcasters might want to choose our Sheer Spiderweb Cape for a touch of the macabre, or our Deluxe Quilted Velvet Cape to help you pack some extra punch into your incantations!

Those going in princess, prince, and fantasy inspired costumes are surely going to want to add on a cape, too. And we've got several great options to customize your style with your signature taste and style preferences! Our Women's Starry Cape is an elegant selection for a regal costume theme. It features luxurious blue velvet with a glittery tulle layer over the top. Add it to a ball gown, and your style will be simply stunning! Fantasy fans might have their sights set on being a medieval warrior, and we've got capes just for them, too.  Our Wolf Clan Warrior Cape and Dragon Master Cape are the perfect selections for the genre, and will add a realistic touch to any medieval costume ensemble!